Monday, 20 September 2010

Jack's Birthday....among other things!

Hi All,

I'm going to stop apologising for my tardiness at blogging as I will just have to apologise every time otherwise! This is me and this is how often I seem to be able to get here with work, Jack and life filling most of the space in my life most of the time! Lol. It is what it is.

Well, it's school holidays here again, another two weeks off and my main aim is to give this house an enema! A little bit of a hoarder but was trying to work through that and was doing ok until heaps of Jen's stuff came my way when she passed away. So, now I have to start again and try to reclaim my front (spare - store?) room again! But I have to work through all Jen's stuff and think carefully, sensibly, sensitively about what to keep and what has to go. Jack had way too much stuff too (toys, clothes, STUFF!!! Lol) between his two homes, so now I aim to find a way to condense all the STUFF into , well, not so much STUFF!

It has been a very busy term here. Jack has started Cubs (Scouts for kids between about 8 and 11 years old), he has been doing basketball coaching twice most weeks and has had youth group every second Friday night! I have had precious little social life! lol. The lot of any parent methinks!

Jack also had his 9th birthday last week on the 13th of September. We went down to Jenni's Mum's last Sunday and had a family gathering there for him then went to my parents the next night (his actual birthday) and then yesterday (Sunday, 19th) had a party at an indoor play centre (wet, miserable weather here lately) with his school mates, a couple of old school mates from when he was with Jen and some young cousins from both sides of the family. About 14 kids in all, aged between 4 and 9. And Dad was exhausted afterwards! lol. My parents put on afternoon tea at their place for Jenni's family and a family with Jack's old school friends, who all travelled about an hour and a half to get here for the party so it was a busy but lovely day. And most importantly, Jack had a ball and was often seen to be organising the whole crowd of kids at the play centre! (Must be something he got from Jen!)

It has been a tough week though, as Jack has had a tummy bug (gastro) since Sunday night (the night before his birthday. Started getting crook (sick) down at Sandra's and only finally came good on Saturday, the day before his party. The worst part was he was supposed to go on his first school camp from the Wednesday to the Friday so he had to miss that! He was shattered (and I was looking forward to a couple of free nights! lol), but there was nothing we could have done. His best friend at school, Steph, was also sick but with the flu, so she also couldn't go, so her parents and I are planning to take them to Phillip Island (where the camp was - about an hour away) next week and do some of the activities they were going to do on camp. Things like see some koalas and the penguins. I also have contacts at other school camps where I can take them to do things like the flying fox, etc. It's not the same but the best we can do and then look forward to the grade 4 camp next year!

We are still muddling through the year of firsts without Jenni. This was Jack's first birthday without her and I wondered how he would go but he was fine. I think it may have been in the mind of everyone else but as I said, Jack had a great time. We still chat about Jen from time to time and he misses her but he is managing really well. His mid year school report was fantastic, he is now ahead of most other students in his grade and Jen's best friend commented after his party yesterday that she noticed his social skills are so much better now. Last year he was just playing alongside the kids whereas this year he was a part of it all. He just needed time with others and getting to school every day. I'm so proud of him and so would Jen be.

A question for you all. And I don't know if I can deliver if you say yes, but I will try. Jen's Mum gave me the DVD of Jenni's funeral. It was a simple service, no photos and only about 24 minutes long. Jenni wanted it that way so Sandra honoured her wishes. My question is: would you like me to post it here? I don't know if it's possible or even if I have the ability to do so. If you want to see it, I'm sure we can work out a way of posting it either here or in some other place so you all could view it.

I'm still trying to learn how to download pictures from my new phone/camera (the old one was so easy!) and when I do I will post some new ones of Jack and his birthday.

There always seems to be so much to tell, even though I start off wondering what I will write. One last thing. Jenni's two sisters are both due to give birth in the next month so some exciting days ahead. It reminds us that there are always new beginnings. We will always remember and honour Jenni but we will also move forward into new beginnings.

Take care All,


David. XOX


  1. I love that you update us, no matter how often. Lovely sounding festivities for Jack's birthday!

    You trying to make up for missing the camp is perfect! You guys should have a fabulous time next week!


  2. Hi David

    I'm so thankful you're continuing to update us. So many of us cared for Jen and Jack. It does my heart good to know he's doing so well. I know Jen is smiling down from heaven knowing her boy is happy and thriving...thanks to YOU.


  3. Thanks for the need to apologize for not doing it more often. We love to hear but spending your "free" time with Jack is more important.
    So glad things are going along both would make Jenni proud.
    Hugs from the USA,

  4. Hi David
    So happy to hear your updates, it is good to see that Jack is doing so well. He has a very special angel watching over him.
    God Bless - many hugs and blessings
    Nicky from Canada

  5. David thank you for this great update.Happy belated birthday to Jack.Jen is looking down and smiling because you are doing such a wonderful job with your son.Always make Jen a part of Jack's special days because Jen is with him in Spirit.You are a wonderful Dad.
    I would like to see the DVD - in a way it would be like getting to say farewell to precious Jen.Hugs and love

  6. Happy Birthday Jack!!! Our youngest will be 9 this November...busy year here too!!!

    Makes my heart light to know Jack is adjusting to life without his mommy. Dad's are the best too! So thankful he has you, David!!!

    I would love to be able to see Jen's funeral...that's sweet of you to offer it. A bit of closure for the rest of us who "knew" and cared about her! :)

    Thanks for the updates whenever you get a chance...we appreciate and love your storytelling!!! Have a great two weeks off!!!

  7. Thanks for all you do to remember and honor Jen. If you decide to share the DVD I would certainly watch it.

    You are so right that we must move on to new beginnings. When the time comes that you no longer feel the need, or have the desire to "keep us posted," I will find comfort in knowing that Jack is safe in the hands of his loving father, family, and friends. God bless you all.

  8. Thank you so much for the update! I know how busy life can be, and you're right: you need to stop apologizing! Jen's blog is still on my blog roll and I still check in from time to time to read updates from you when I can. Happy birthday to Jack! 9 years old... Where does the time go!?

    Amanda from Canada

  9. Happy Birthday Jack! Thank you for the update David. It is really wonderful to hear how Jack is doing so well. :)

  10. Thank you for the update. Happy birthday dear Jack! So glad you all had an awesome time together. Lisa L.

  11. Just a wonderful post, David! Thank you for the updates, as we all care about you and your boy!
    Shelley in Saskatchewan, Canada

  12. Happy Birthday Jack - I can't believe he is 9 now. I am so happy to hear how well he is doing - parenting, especially single, is hard work and you are doing a great job. I remember talking to Jenni when she was worried he wasn't do well at school. I would love to see the service - I was unable to get the time off to be there.
    Take care, Karen

  13. It's always nice to get updates from you and Jack. Take care, Ileana

  14. Glad to know you and Jack are both well!! I'd love to see the service if you can post it.


  15. Hi David,
    I'd like to see the service too. The family is getting bigger, 2 babies arriving, spite dear Jenni - she will be always remembered here too.
    A huge kiss to Jack and a hug to you David.
    Bete (in Portugal)

  16. Happy Birthday, Jack!

    I'm glad to see updates whenever you can and so happy to see you all doing so well.

    Cindy in Canada

  17. happy happy birthday, may he have many more splendid ones. glad he is feeling better.
    as for your question, you post what you feel is right. you and jack are her family and know best and how she would feel about it. i do check in time to time to see how everyone is doing. sounds great. exciting about the babies.

  18. Thinking of you! Lisa L.

  19. Thanks Lisa and everyone for your comments. Am going to try to post this weeken, looks like I might have some Jack free time. He's doing really well! It might be long post with lots of pics, been busy her! Thanks again.

    David. XOX

  20. it is always good to come here and find this place alive, and beautiful thoughts fly over to you all the time, believe me!

  21. Hi David, I am Meg Casey's cousin and my husband is currently battling cancer. Jen's blogs were beautiful to me before but your updates, however infrequent, continue to inspire me. Thank you

  22. Thank you for that, but you didn't leave your name. My thoughts and prayers to you and your husband at this difficult time. Dxox