Sunday, 8 August 2010

My usual tardiness! Sorry... Again!

Hi all,

Once again, sorry for the long break. Life as a single (only) parent gets fairly busy and I find that when I have time to update this late at night I'm not in the right frame of mind. Anyway, here I am for a relatively quick update (maybe!)

So much has happened since the last time I was here. Most importantly, Jack is doing spectacularly at school (most of the time! lol) I received his mid year report a few weeks ago and after being about 12 months behind in most areas a couple of years ago, he is now considered about 6 months ahead in half the areas of schooling and where he should be for the rest! He's a star! Lol. Jen would be very proud. Jen and I knew he was bright and had potential, he just needed stability and to get to school regularly. Nothing against Jen, she couldn't give those things. I'm just glad he didn't get too far behind so he couldn't catch up. Hi teachers are rapt with his development and Jack has one very proud Dad!

We had Jamie come down last friday night and he stayed the night. We all went to a place in Melbourne called Sidetracked on the saturday. They have Go Carts, ten pin bowling, Mini Golf, Laser Tag and many other things there and we had a ball. There were slow, electric go carts for Jack's first drive (and VERY fast one's for the two big kids, Jamie and I! lol) and we had a ball in our first go at laser tag. Great fun! Jamie is doing well. He lost his job a little while ago but within a few weeks had picked up another. Only part time at the moment but the boss says it will become full time. He's also being treated much better than where he was before.

Had a difficult moment the other night. Jack had a tooth pulled out by the dentist a couple of weeks ago (he had a super numerary tooth! An extra one for those who were slow like me at picking that up) and the dentist threw it out before I could ask for it! Not happy! So we wrote a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the situation. Jack requested the Tooth Fairy put blue glitter water in the glass with the water and money (Hmmm... yep, Jen and I started a precedent!) While I was searching through all the stuff I still haven't yet upacked and sorted from Jenni's, I came across a diary that Jack took with him when he and I went to Broken Hill a couple of years ago on a big holiday to see his cousins. Flicking through it (I helped him write some of the entries so I fugured it was ok) And the first one in the book made me cry. I hope Jenni never found it, it would have broken her heart but it showed some of the torment that Jack was feeling at times. It went something like this. "I cannot believe my Mum. My Mum is still sick. I like my Dad better, my Dad is never going to be sick. I cannot believe this. I went to Dad's and I went to Giggles." Giggles is an indoor playcentre where Jack always had a great time. I suppose it was a place where he could escape all the crap. I just so hope Jenni never saw this.

Anyway, this post started out positive and then went everywhere! Happy that those sort of thoughts for Jack seem to be well gone and we often chat about Mum, and all the good stuff about her. I need to head to bed and get some shut eye.

Interesting aside. Jack wanted and is having his 9th birthday party at Giggles. He still loves going there. As of yesterday he's been with me for a year now and this will be his first birthday without Mum, so will be a little bittersweet.

Take care everyone,


David. X


  1. David, I so appreciate your taking the time to fill us in on your life there. You are doing a bang-up job of raising Jack. So happy to hear how well he (and you and Jamie!) are doing.

  2. Yes, thank you David! It gives me a thrill every time I see there is an update from you in my Bloglines. Jack is an amazing young boy and so fortunate to have your unconditional love. Happy Birthday wishes to Jack :)

  3. Sorry, should have said, his birthday is 13th, September. We are in the planning stages. His first with out Mum so we wanted all the family and somewhere Jack really likes. I have told him, though, that we wont be having huge parties EVERY year! lol. Maybe just a friend or two for a sleep over in coming years other than the milestones! lol. Dx

  4. Wow a year - where has the time gone. You have done an amazing job! Hope you have lots of fun planning the big party. Hugs Lisa L.

  5. Thanks for the update. So glad to hear that Jack and Jaime are doing well. So heartbreaking at time when you find things that you didn't know at thet time - hope Jen never saw it - it would have broken her heart, even throught the amazing job she did with your little man. Life is sometimes bittersweet.

    Hope you have fun getting ready for the birthday - he has a very special angel looking over him this year!!
    Nicky from Canada

  6. Sounds like things are moving right along with Jack and his school work. He's a great kid. And you're a great daddy. I love all of your adventures, and you keep him well entertained...and I love the story of the tooth fairy. So sweet. I hope he has a great birthday party on the 13th. Having all the family and friends around him, I'm sure he will have an amazing time. The first year is always a hard one, with all the first time milestones. There surely will be more difficult times ahead, but he's a very lucky boy that God chose YOU to be his father.

  7. Thanks so much for the update, David! I know Jen always believed that Jack was so bright and gifted. So wonderful that he's doing so well in school. You are a fantastic dad— so responsible, loving and making time for lots of fun too.

    Jen probably would have told you if she'd seen the diary but I think she also would have known that little children say and write many things they don't really mean. I'm sure Jack loved Jen with all his heart but he didn't love her being sick and that's how we all would feel. But he's very lucky boy to have such a wonderful dad to care for him now.

    So happy to hear of Jaimie too and that you all get together.

    All good wishes to you all!


  8. Love the updates. Brings a smile to my face, for sure. Happy Early Birthday to Jack and so happy to hear you're all doing well.
    Kristen in California

  9. Hello! I love reading these updates. Must get the blog into my reader so I don't miss anything.

    Love to you guys!


  10. Yes, thanks for the update....I am sure that Jen would have understood. She was well aware of the fact that most of Jack's life was lived in the reality of her cancer. I am glad that Jack had a special place to vent and to express feelings that maybe he felt he
    couldn't tell his mum. You are doing a bang-up job.
    Ruthie from California

  11. Thank you so much for another great update, David. I'm so glad that you, Jack and Jamie are doing well. The journal entry you quoted was heartbreaking, but it's good that Jack had a place to write his thoughts down at the time. I'm sure it helped him much at the time, and at least now the resentment is out of his system and he can remember the wonderful things about his mum. Sending good thoughts to all of you from Canada, and I hope that Jamie finds a new job soon. All the best :)

    Amanda/The Maven

  12. Jen would have cried but understood how her precious child felt.Jen was a wonderful mother and person.My granddaughter's birthday is the 13th of September also.Hugs to you,Jack and Jamie.

  13. writing is good for the soul. it would have been hard for Jen to read that. makes me sad just thinking about a boy without his mom. do put up birthday pictures. i'm sure his mom will be blowing out the candles with him from above! all the best.

  14. so glad to hear about you all. thank you for updating! I wish Jack the best birthday and I hope it is a good day for him.
    Anna Katherine

  15. Thinking about you. Lisa L.