Friday, 2 July 2010

Three months late but here's Tasmania!

Hi All,

Sorry but the text is again at the bottom! One day I just may work out how to do all this the right way round! The pictures may make more sense if you read the text first. Then again, maybe they wont! lol.

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David. X

About to sail from Melbourne as we head off on our Tasmania adventure (complete with the Formula 1 cars buzzing around as background noise at Albert Park for the Australian Grand Prix. Boy, are they LOUD!!!

Meeting the other ferry, halfway to Tasmania after 5 hours sailing.

Cousins Daniel (I think), Matthew and Jack (I think! lol).

Cousins Matthew, Daniel (I think, oops!) and Jack.

Town of Stanley as we descend the chairlift from The Nut. (Is that the Nut on the left? Nah, the right!!)

Township of Stanley in the background. View from the lookout at The Nut.

Interesting rock formations everywhere!

And again!

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet Peninsula.

Wineglass Bay. After an hour walk up to the lookout, but well worth it.

Found a native monkey at the lookout at Wineglass Bay, Freycinet Peninsula!

On the way down from the lookout at Wineglass Bay, Freycinet Peninsula. Beautiful place!

Statue of a guard dog at the "Dog Line" at a place called The Neck, where a line of vicious dogs was the last line of security to stop escapes from Port Arthur.

The Church at Port Arthur during the daytime.

On the harbour tour to the Isle of the Dead at Port Arthur. All the prisoners who died here were buried there (including from the boys prison - down to about 7-8 year olds) Hundreds of prisoners died at Port Arthur.

Got him where I want him!

The main Church at night during the ghost tour!

The main prison at Port Arthur.

Jack as a Solitary Prisoner (just see his head just right of centre in the 2nd row). Prisoners were never allowed to see each other or talk at all. They wore sacks on their heads when around others and each of these cubicles in "church" were separated from one another. They were in their tiny cells 23 hours a day for months and months. Only time they were allowed to make a noise was singing hymns in "church"! Most went mad and ended in the asylum next door.

Jack giving the prisoners in the Solitary Prison their sermon!

The old hospital at Port Arthur.

Port Arthur.

Got him where I want him again!

Jack and cousin Jack and ........ can't remember the little one! Oops! At the Great Lakes.

Great Western Tiers in the background.

With the Great Western Tiers in the background.

Our cabin on the way home.

Asleep on the boat after a long, tiring holiday!

Hi all,

Thanks again for all the beautiful messages of support. This is just a quick post to show you some pics of Jack and my holiday in Tasmania during the Easter Holiday break.

We went by ferry (10-11 hour trip during the day on the way over and came home on a night sail). The main purpose of the trip was for Jack to meet a heap of relatives he had never met. My Dad is from Tasmania and I have quite a few cousins over there and many of them seem to have children around Jack's age. He had a ball meeting all his "new" cousins! We also took a few days to travel around some of the beautiful sights of "Tasie", like The Nut, Wineglass Bay and the notorious convict penal settlement of Port Arthur. If you haven't heard the history of the place I will give you more details in the future. it's truly gruesome and unfortunately it also has a sad recent history with Australia's worst mass murder occurring there back in 1996. We spent a day there and it was fascinating and Jack also talked me into taking him on the ghost tour run at night there! It goes for and hour and a half walking around the crumbling ruins and old houses in a small group with a guide telling us all about the plethora of ghosts that inhabit the ruins! Lit only with 4 lanterns (one of which Jack volunteered to carry!) and we loved it! Jack was so scared and loved it all the same! Wasts to go back in the summer and do the other ghost tour they run in the other half of the settlement only in summer! lol.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our adventure!


David. X


  1. Amazing adventure - looks like you had fun. Always good for the soul!!! How was the ghost tour? That would have probably been one of my highlights - the buildings and history look incredible.
    So glad that you had a good break!!
    Nicky from Canada

  2. Looks like tons of fun and very educational too! Glad that Jack has lots to do to keep him busy. Thanks for the update. Lisa L.

  3. Thank you David for the's great to see you and Jack having a great time together. Tassie looks fabulous, I've never been there but have distant relatives there. Maybe one day I will get there...

  4. How fun! That first picture of the church is stunning. I love these.

  5. Thanks for the update and pics, David! The notes under the pics work well, btw. What a great time you and Jack had together - it really shows and I'm so happy he's doing well. I think of Jen often and was just reading that her sisters are pregnant within a month of her passing - that's wild and eerily coincidental - pretty cool really. Sending you and the boys lots of love across the miles...
    Cate in California

  6. Thank you for updating us. I'm so glad you're both doing well.

  7. Ok, what is going on here? There were 6 comments? It's telling me there's 6 comments! But one has disappeared! Oh well. Thanks again for the wishes and comments. More posts will come soon. We have been very busy with my sister and her 13 yo twin boys (and their Dad) who are back from Indonesia for a month. Jack loves his cousins and has spent a few days away from me with them. A good break but boy was it good to see him home tonight! I missed him so much! A great cuddle and tickle on th couch before dinner! lol.

    Thanks again,

    David. X

  8. Hmmm... made me look like a fool! As soon as I commented the last (6th comment) came back! Sorry!


  9. Wow! Some great pictures of an amazing adventure. Looks like you're both creating some very special memories together. Thanks for sharing! Kristen in California

  10. You aren't crazy David...I left a comment a few days ago...but it's something is going on with the comments! great pics! I googled Port Arthur and read about it...very interesting. Looks like you and Jack (and the cousins) had a great time.

  11. So glad you're continuing to blog David. It's wonderful to see that Jack is doing so well.


  12. adored your photos your very talented!

  13. Jen would be happy to see you and Jack enjoying life! I think of Jen often, though I never met her, her story was very moving.

    Susan from Rhode Island

  14. Dear David, I've been a longtime follower of Jen's blog (infrequent commenter) but hadn't checked it in months and months. I'm just now reading about your lives post-Jen and want to say how amazing of a man and a father you seem to be. Your support of Jen during the last months of her life were nothing but outstanding and unconditional, and your love of that little boy just shines through. What a joy to see Jen's family living and loving. I know she would want nothing less for you all.
    Sarah from NYC

  15. Tasmania is a beautiful area David! I love how it seems your country's life is centered around water and bodies of water. You're an outdoorsy nation. Very cool!

    Those are some interesting places you visited too--would love to hear all about them sometime. And oh so glad to see Jack happy and your relationship blossoming! :)

  16. Thinking about you both! Lisa L.

  17. these pictures make me smile!