Sunday, 20 June 2010

Put me in the naughty corner!!!

Hi All,

So sorry I have left this for so long. There are numerous reasons why it has happened but there is no excuse. Please forgive me everyone, as I know you all like to hear how we are going, Jack and Jamie in particular.

I think my last blog was just before the Easter holidays when Jack and I were about to head to Tasmania for a holiday and now here we are a week away from our mid year holiday!!!

Jack and I had a fantastic time in Tasmania and I will try to post some photos soon, however we have a new camera and I'm struggling to download from it. Will hopefully sort the kinks out soon. My father is from Tasmania so Jack met a heap of "new" cousins. Almost all my cousins over there have children around Jack's age and he had a fabulous time! Lots more to tell there but will add it to the pics when I sort them out.

Jack has had a great year at school this year. I get his mid year report in a couple of weeks but his teacher tells me is now well and truly amongst the brightest in the class! Jen would be proud and it just shows you what our boy is capably of, all things being equal. He still has nights when he's tired that he really misses Jen and it ahs been a little more often in the last week or two but I think that's just because it's nearing the end of a long school term and we are all tired. During the term I organised some counselling for Jack with a Psychologist (as I promised Jen I would - I also spent a few sessions with her which was hugely helpful) and after two sessions she said he didn't need any more at the moment. She says he is a bright young boy who is very well aware of how he feels and his emotions and only needs to go back to her if he feels the need to. All very comforting for me.

We have settled into a pretty good routine and as we enter winter here we are just chugging along and trying to make a comfortable life for the two of us here. Jen's two sisters became pregnant withing a week or so of each other in the month following Jen's passing so Jack is very much looking forward to meeting his two new cousins when they arrive in the coming months. Jack spent a weekend with Jamie and his girlfriend, Makeo, at Jamie's Dad's place and had a great time. Unfortunately we don't see much of Jamie but will make an effort over the holidays coming up to catch up. He seems to be doing ok and has a new job, one that seems much better for him than the last one. His former boss seemed to take advantage of him a bit and this new boss appears to look after him a lot more which is good.

Jack has also spent a couple of nights on separate weekends at Jen's best friend, Lee's place which has been great. They love each other and it gives Jack and I a break from living in each other's pockets! lol. We have also kept in touch with Jen's family and are off to Liz's on saturday for a birthday party for two of her boys.

Part of the reason why I have taken so long to post here has been that I am trying to decide what to do here. I have always felt this was Jen's Blog and I was updating it for her and then for as long as it serves a purpose for me to vent/chat as well as keep all of you up to date with Jack and Jamie's happenings. I still haven't decided but realise that unless I keep posting until I work out what I want to do here, I will slowly lose some of Jen's friends from following as you get frustrated with me thinking we have just "moved on". Phew, does that make sense? As I said ages ago, I have set up another Blog as my own in order to carry on into the future and would probably feel more comfortable with that but may stay here for the first 12 months from Jen's death.

Will get some pics organised over the coming holidays and make sure I am more disciplined with posting! Thanks again for all your support! I am blown away by it and was just re reading an email I got from Jen's brother, Greg, back in January. He asked me to pass on his gratitude for all your love and support for Jen over her difficult journey. I can't believe that I still received so many comments of support months after Jen's death.

Thank you all so much. Will be back here withing a week or so. I PROMISE!!!

Love to all,

David. X


  1. Thank you so much for the update. It warms my heart to know that everyone is doing well. Jen would definitely be proud, especially of you! Hoping you continue to find peace. Hugs Lisa L.

  2. So happy to get your update, glad the boys are doing good and that your routine is coming. So glad to hear that the family connection is being held tight for everyone, Jen would love that and I am sure she is watching you from heaven above and happy to see the boys doing well.

    Many prayers to you all
    Nicky from Canada

  3. Life is crazy and hectic, isn't it? I've resorted to checking in just weekly or so, and was so happy to see this update. I'm glad to hear you're all doing well. Take care! Kristen in California

  4. Thanks for posting this update David. I have it setup so I get notices when you do post something new. That way I don't have to keep checking in all the time. It sounds like you are all establishing new normals for lives. That's great. Jen would be so happy for you all, and so grateful to you, David. Big hugs for Jack from the west coast of the USA :D (Do what's best for you regarding where and when to post.)

  5. I also pop in every now and then, and am happy to see your updates, infrequent or not.

    I think that everyone has taken Jack under their collective wings, and feel like aunties and uncles to him. We are all so happy that he is thriving, and are proud of you both, as I'm sure Jeni is.

    Update whenever you like, and we will be happy with that.

    Suzanne in SC

  6. YAY! Update! I just happened to check today and voila! there is was. That was a LONG dry spell:o) But, completely understandable. It's difficult sometimes to just sit down and organized thoughts. As always, wonderful to hear you are all doing so well. Jack is such a strong little guy. God bless him. It's hard to think about you being in winter when my thermometer is reading 95 right now. Take care David, and I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures when you get a chance. Oh, and wherever you choose to write your blog, I'm sure we will all follow you there. Love and hugs to you!! :o)

  7. Hi great to hear from you and especially that our Jack is doing splendidly :) I am sure Jen is just beaming~!~!!

    keep in touch as we all love and support you as always....

    many hugs and warm wishes xoxo

    Sue in Spokane

  8. Thank you for the update David..I think of Jen so often and glad to hear Jamie and Jack are doing good.Jen is looking down and smiling on her precious loved ones.

  9. Good to see everything going so well, David!

    You are obviously working very hard to help Jack and Jamie and the proof is in the pudding! You all are moving forward in a very healthy way. So awesome. Jen would be so proud of you all!

    Cindy in Canada

  10. good to hear you are all doing well

  11. I can only pray that if anything happens to me, my husband will make sure my kids have contact with my family. I think its awesome that you have not excluded them. So many people do that. I hope things continue to improve for you all. Thank you for updating the blog.

    Donna, Columbus Ohio

  12. Yay! I'm glad you guys are doing well. Jenni would be proud at how you are getting on, I'll bet. Love to you, Jack and Jamie.


  13. So glad to hear you boys are doing so well. What a fantastic job you are doing looking after Jack.

    I'm sure there's no pressure from anyone for you to update the blog. It can feel like one more thing on the "to do" list sometimes. But none of us will forget Jen or you and will always think of you and send our love.

    Heather in Brisbane

  14. Like old friends, time doesn't change the way we feel about y'all! We just pick up wherever you leave off!!!

    Hope all is well. Can't wait to see pics. Funny to hear you're about to go into winter--we are averaging 100 degrees here in Big D!!!

    YUCK!!! :)

  15. Judi in Stratford Upon AvonFriday, June 25, 2010 6:54:00 am

    So wonderful to hear from you and know that you're all doing so well! You're a terrific Dad you prove that time and again - whatever you're doing, keep doing it!! Love as always, Judi.
    PS Jen's roses are doing great - we've got a new camera too, and once I've found the instruction manual I'll email you some photos, but don't hold your breath on that being soon!!!!

  16. Great to see a post and find such rich updates. Hoping the coming weeks and months are filled with happiness.

  17. Thanks for the update! I still come by frequently to hear about Jack.

  18. On holidays so will get some pics up in the next few days.


    David. X

  19. So nice to hear that you all are doing well! Thanks for the update David....

  20. Thanks for the update, David, and so glad you are all doing well. Hugs all around from across the pond. Cat xx

  21. So lovely to get an update on how you are all going. So pleased Jack is doing so well. Much love to you all, Suzanne.

  22. Continue in whatever way works best for you and Jack! I think we're all grateful for the updates, but I think we'd all agree that we want to be an encouragement to you and not a burden.

  23. you do what you think feels right and comfortable. starting up with your own thing may be a way to start new and i am sure we'll gladly follow. so great to hear he is doing well and i can imagine it still is tough. it doesn't seem fair at times for a young child to lose his or her mom. yet it happens and all we can do is let him know he's still loved v. much by a whole lot of people. take care of yourselves, good to hear from you.

  24. thank you David. It is so good to get an update and see how well you are both doing.

    Anna Katherine

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