Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A better week!

Hi All,

Thanks again for all your wonderful support and love on here. Just a quick note this time. Sorry if I sounded a little angry last time over a couple of things. Probably stuff that was more in my head than anything else but things are going better now. Felt I had to get some stuff out and went to get some counselling and now feel like I'm starting to deal with all that has happened. More to do and deal with but progress has been made. I feel it's the same with Jack. I think he had a bit of a reality check a few weekends ago and it all came back to him but we have had some chats about it and he spends some time each week with the counsellor/Chaplain at his school and is travelling really well.

He's taken it upon himself to be more helpful around home and twice this week I have got out of bed to my breakfast being made! The jug boiled, coffee on the way, cereal in the bowl and his toast being cooked!!!! I could get used to this! Jack is just an amazing boy! For all he had to deal with in his short life so far, and how far behind he had become with school and social development, he is dealing with it all, has caught up and passed where he should be academically and is well on the way socially! He just amazes his Dad! On top of all that is the way he handles losing his Mum. The chats we have about her and how he feels. He's a very perceptive boy and just blows me away with his insights at times! (Sorry the pathetic, doting Dad doing a pride rave here! lol) Jen would be so proud. He just needed a fair go at life and some opportunities to be a boy and experience life. I often worried enormously about his development in so many ways when he was with his Mum but just prayed that he would have the ability to catch up when "it was all over", as I just could not take him away from her when that was all the time they were going to have together in his life. A rock and a hard place but he has blossomed and has proved all my fears wrong!

We had Jamie and his girlfriend up here on Saturday night and Sunday and Jack was bouncing off the walls with excitement with them coming to our place! It was fantastic as I have been worried about Jamie and the lack of contact that he and Jack have had but Jamie seems to be doing ok and they will come another weekend soon.

For those interested, we lost our semi final in cricket so the season is over, no grand final this weekend! But the 46 year old body has said loud and clearly that it needs a rest and isn't all that disappointed about not having to front up again this year! Need to have an operation on the right shoulder and left knee so will hopefully get those done in the next 12 months and we'll see whether or not my sporting career may be over! lol. I might just be a taxi and coach/parent on the sidelines for Jack's sporting career now as it begins. And love it!

Some have asked for some old pics of Jen to be posted and I'm looking back trying to find some. I'm not yet sure how to scan our old pics on this machine I have so I will learn and see what I can do. Jen's sisters will also have some so I will get them to email me some. Stay tuned for them.

Thanks again and I hope all is well in your world,


David. X


  1. Thank you for the update. It all sounds wonderful. SO glad Jack and Jamie are maintaining their ties. You are doing an awesome job!!!! Lisa L.

  2. David you don't sound angry at is a lot to deal with and I think that you are doing an amazing job. Grief will come and go in waves and that is to be expected. You never know what will trigger it and I speak from experience. Hang in there

  3. Thinking of you all and good to hear news of Jamie too. You are doing a fine job xxx

  4. Hi again, David! I didn't think you sounded angry either! It's totally understandable that you would have worried about Jack and so good that he got to stay with Jenni as long as he did. She loved him so much and I'm sure that love is a big part of his success and strength. Well done, all! xxx Cat

  5. David, you are such a dear one! I am so happy that you haven't tired of keeping us posted. I hope it is helpful for you to have a safe place to share. No need to apologize for anything here! God bless...

  6. You seem to be doing an amazing job of keeping it together, healing and moving forward for you and Jack. Jack is very lucky to have you. Thank you for keeping us updated. Anna Katherine

  7. Can't imagine how any of us would act or react given the same circumstances...probably alot worse on this end!!! :)

    Glad to hear you have sought help for dealing with stuff and Jack's getting counseling too--it can't be easy and that's what counselors are trained to do! (Pull the stuff out!!!)

    Thanks for sharing, David...and sorry your cricket season has been cut short. Not that 46 is old (I'll be 45 on Sunday), but you're doing good to be playing without injuries at 46!!! Hopefully, you'll survive another season once the knee and shoulder have been repaired, but listen to the doctor! Jack's gonna keep you on your toes for the next 10 years and you have to keep up!!! ha.

  8. Good to hear from you again friend. Things are sounding great on your end, and that's good to hear. So wise of you to go talk it out with someone who knows how to help. It's not always easy to recognize when it's time to get help. Your doing great, and both of you have come so far. Glad to hear Jamie came for a visit, and you are keeping in touch.

    Sorry about your cricket season being over. I still have NO IDEA what cricket is, beyond it being a sport. I guess I should google it so I can get a clue?! :o)

    Thanks for the update!!

  9. David,I admire you and bless you for doing such a great job.I know Jen is looking down on her precious family with a smile on her beautiful face.

  10. Okay...I just re-read this post and it apparently didn't register the first time either: "The jug boiled"...translate that in American. ha. Love it.