Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sorry for the break!

Hi All,

Sorry for the break, life has been hectic going back to work and school and I haven't had the headspace to get on here and blog. This is only very short but I promise I will get back in a day or two.

Jack is doing really well, both at school and with coping with things re Jenni. When we are having fun doing something or going somewhere, he often says, I wish Mum could see us doing this. He's not upset, just thoughtful and a little melancholy at times. But we have a little chat about it and I tell him Mum would love to see us and hear about it and it's ok to miss her. It's actually normal to miss her. He broke my heart the other day when we were out and he turned to me in the car and said, "Dad, I'm having trouble remembering what Mum looked like". It just really upset me and I was a little lost for words, but we were on the way home and I just said, "Well, when we get home we will get some pictures out and there's that big one on the piano". That seemed to help him and all has been ok since.

It's been bloody hot and humid here for ages it seems. More humid than normal and we are hanging out for some cooler, less humid days that are forecast in a couple of days. So we are all trying not to get grumpy with each other. It seems that every day has either been 30 deg Celsius or more (35 today, 33 tomorrow) and humid or when we get a break from the temp, the humidity stays! Had enough now!!!!!

Ok, must go to bed. Will add more here tomorrow I think. I have Wednesdays off at the moment to try to gather my life together a little.

Take care.

David. X


  1. Thanks for the update David. I'm happy to hear Jack is coping so well. It sounds like overall he is adjusting as well as can be expected. He's an amazing little guy :o) He's so lucky to have you David. It's because of you that he is able to make these adjustments so smoothly. That was a sad little story you told about him not remembering what Jen looked like. Keep all of those pictures around...he will always have a vision of Jen so young, and so beautiful.

    Here's hoping for cooler temperatures for's 8 degrees (F) here I guess we are in opposite world when it comes to weather!

    Hang in there. Hugs to you all.

  2. I'll trade you some of that humidity for my snow? We are awaiting our 2nd storm in 4 days - this one to bring about 20+ inches!!! that's on top of the 20 we already got! WooHoo!


  3. Thanks for the update David and I hope that life's road becomes a little bit easier for you, as heartbreaking as it can be when we deal with a loss. You are doing an amazing job with Jack and this shows the importance of the pictures and the scrapbook to carry us forward on lifes journey.
    Hang in there.

    Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that we have finally received Brody's service dog, a black lab called Eli - he will be amazing as life carries us forward. Brody just turned 8 so it is a perfect time for this new venture is life and ours.

    God Bless
    Nicky From Canada

  4. David,
    So nice to hear you all are doing so well. Try to stay cool!



  5. Hi All,

    Thanks for the comments. Glad to hear that Brody has finally received Eli the service dog! Should make a big change in life for you all, Nicky. That snow is amazing, Laura. We could do with that in winter here so we can get some good skiing in but the local mountain is a little unreliable for good skiing. And Vicky, I don't think we have had 8 degrees (F) here since the last Ice Age ended here about 15,000 years ago! lol. It's 11.38 am here and it's already over 30 deg C here and high humidity again. Storms forecast for this arvo and the same again tomorrow! I'm off outside to finish mowing the lawns now and then will drink a litre of water!

    Take care,

    David. X

  6. Sounds like everything is going well - Jack's comments are to be expected but I am amazed sometimes how well kids cope. I am over this humid weather too - we had thick fog in Frankston today then by the time I got to Tulla it was hot and sunny.
    Take care.

  7. It's wonderful to hear that Jack is doing so well. I know Jenni would be so happy as that was what worried her the most about leaving. You're doing a wonderful job David! Thanks for keeping us all updated.


  8. Ah, you just made me think of this: My boyfriend is a widower with a 12 year old son who was only two when his mom passed. Of course he doesn't remember her, but he does know her from pictures and video. A couple of months ago they were looking through a box of photos that they had found in the attic and my SO mentioned that he didn't know who was in a particular photograph. Christopher, his boy, said (with much exasperation) "Gosh, Dad, you don't even recognize mom?" We all laughed because he'd never seen that photo before, but he knew it was his mother.
    You are doing a great job, David. I'm so glad that you and Jack are managing so well. It's such an adjustment for you both, and you are handling it very well.

    Suzanne in SC

  9. Hi David,
    Here in Europe it's been terribly cold! We are all wishing spring to arrive ;)

  10. Good to see you both, father and son, beautiful faces and tx for the photos, great :)
    Don't worry too much if Jack momentanly forgot Jennis' face cause it has happened to me several times with my brother's face when he lived far away from us and we weren't able to see each other that much and we forget the face of someone we love very much. It's a natural thing.
    Love to you all <3<3