Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Few More Random Pics

Hi there All,

Here's just a few random pics from the last few weeks starting with one from about 6.30am on Christmas Morning with Jack testing out his new scooter from Santa in Jenni's kitchen/dining area. We have had quite a busy time since then with packing Jenni's house up, Jamie's birthday, my birthday, Jenni's birthday, a driving holiday a thousand kilometres north of here and back (up the coast and back through the mountains), several random days at the beach and go carting and now back to school/work! I'm tired just reading it. Here's just a few pics from it all, not really in order and certainly not covering all those events/dates, but just a sample of our past 7 or 8 weeks.

Jack managed about 3-4 hours sleep at this stage! (Much more than his Dad!)

Jack on the high ropes course we visited north of Sydney. Great for his confidence!

Me with Sir Donald Bradman at Bowral. Our greatest sporting hero!! A cricketer for all you non believers!!! The best the world has ever seen.

Jack on the banks of the Snowy River in our Great Dividing Range. An incredibly rugged, harsh and beautiful area or our country. This is on our last day, heading home after 11 days away.

Jack and Dad and the windswept look at Venus Bay, South Gippsland (an hour south of home here at Warragul). Had our swim, eaten our fish and chips and watching a storm roll in.

Jack and the same storm.

Sunset over South Head of Sydney Harbour from the ferry on our way back from Manly.

Jack on the same ferry ride. End of a long and exciting day in and around Sydney and Sydney Harbour for and 8 yo boy on his first trip to Sydney. (Tiring for his Dad too!)

Jack, Angela and Ted's right arm and leg, somewhere en route on our driving holiday. Ted's has slept with Jack every night since his first Christmas (a present from a work colleague of mine) and Angela was a present to Jack from all of his class when Jenni passed away. She now shares the bed along with Jack and Ted. Getting crowded seeing as he's in with me until I fix his bed!

Sorry these have been a long time coming and as I wrote before, it's certainly not a comprehensive record, more of a haphazard snapshot of our last 7-8 weeks.
Thank you for your continuing prayers. Jack is doing really well and I'm ok. I will be better soon as I'm hoping to get some time to myself to process some of the last year soon as my Wednesday's off from work become more relaxed. I have had so much to do around here after about 6 months of neglect and then moving a heap of Jack and Jenni's stuff up here. My time soon. Jack and I have settled into a reasonable routine and generally the house is a happy one. We planted the rose that Jack's class gave him after Jenni passed away (it's called Mother's Love and is beautiful with a beautiful fragrance). It's loving being out of the pot and into the ground and has heaps of new growth and some new buds forming.
Enough for now. Thanks again and take care everyone.
David. X


  1. Lovely photos David. It certainly looks like you both had a wonderful trip.
    It's nice you'll be having Wednesdays off from work and will have a chance to process things.
    Wishing you both all the best, always.

    Lisa in south Florida

  2. lovely pictures David - so nice to know things are going well for Jack. It is amazing what love will do. Enjoy your wednesdays - we all need that time, especially after what you have been thru over the past year.
    Many prayers and blessings
    Nicky from Canada

  3. Jack looks so happy and relaxed, David! I'm glad the two of you are establishing a sort of routine--Jenni would be so proud!

    I'm sure you never imagined having to raise a child on your own (well, you're never really alone with family and loving friends to help). Still, it's a physical and emotional adjustment for the both of you. God has His hand on you and will get you through the toughest of emotional times!

    I chuckle when I hear you talk about the weather. We're just as fed up with the COLD as you are with the HOT!!! You know it's time to change seasons when that happens!

    Take care and thanks for keeping the pics coming. We're all relieved Jack has such a great dad to care about him and give him a great rest of his life! (I hope Jamie will fare as well as Jack in the emotion department.) Don't worry too much about Jack not remembering Jenni--I think God has a way of protecting children from trajedy and memory plays a big part in it. (Or else we'd never be able to get on with our lives.) Just keep her beautiful pics around to help jog his memory and give him a sense of peace!

    Peace Out! <3

  4. Jack looks awesome. He seems happy and healthy - you must be doing a good job! I'm sure Jenni is very pleased. I can't wait to see the rose in bloom. Lisa L.

  5. You both look wonderful!
    Enjoy your time together.

  6. wonderful trip, thank you for sharing. a rose plant sounds so beautiful. am sure you will share some pictures. every day we have each other matters. enjoy. don't stress, go with the flow of just being together. my prayers are always for love and good times to surround you always.

  7. Kat in Texas always has such a great way of wording things...I love what she said about God protecting our children. From now on I will just let Kat leave a comment and I will follow with a "ditto"!! haha!!

    Thanks for posting the pictures!! It's always fun to see your adventures!! Take care David...and keep up the good work, you are doing GREAT!!!!!!

  8. David, I would warm Jen's heart to see the smile on both your faces. She finished her job here....making sure that Jack and Jamie continue to have a parent's love, guidance, and protection as they navigate this world without her. The pictures show how comfortable Jack is with his dad. You are doing a wonderful job.

    Ruthie from California

  9. It is so good to know that you're both finding healing.

  10. It's extraordinary how alike you two are. Another thing I noticed is how grown up Jack suddenly seems. Not in a sad way, but he has definatley losy his baby looks, which I am sure he'd be thrilled to hear! You are doing a grand job David, I hope that you have someone with whom you can share a beer and say stuff to x

  11. thanks so much for are doing an awesome job w/Jack~! cant you just feel Jenni smiling down on you?

    much love...Sue in Spokane xoox

  12. I am so glad to hear that Jack has settled into a happy routine..he certainly looks very happy in these photos. I have a son the same age as Jack, and I know how quickly they adjust to things changing at this age, which is a blessing. You certainly are doing a marvellous job. xox

  13. I got teary-eyed just going through your are doing such a wonderful job with Jack. He is sooooo lucky to have you!