Monday, 4 January 2010

Sorry - I forgot the pics!

Sorry, I forgot to add the pics from our time away these last three days. Here's a few and I will add some of Jenni when she was healthier soon, as requested by some.



Jack in Tidal River, Wilson's Promontory.

Tidal River again. The colour is just the tannin leached out of the rotting vegetation, mainly the tea trees.

Heading for a swim at Norman Beach.

Darby River trickling into Darby Beach!

The beautiful Darby Beach. I had never been there before. Darby was Jenni's maiden name. Funny how things happen, isn't it?

I want this one Dad!!!!

Just a big kid I was.

The next Mark Webber!

The cart Jack and I raced. It was so much fun!

As I said, more pics soon, then Jack and I will be away for a week or two from the 10th, January.
Take care,


  1. Love the pictures and glad you and Jack are having this daddy-son time together.

  2. David,

    Happy New Year...

    It is nice to read that you are keeping busy with lots of fun things and that you seem to be coping. Your hot weather sounds very nice...we are freezing here in NE USA.

    Thinking of you,

  3. Judi in Stratford Upon AvonMonday, January 04, 2010 4:41:00 am

    Just trying to imagine what it's like to be too hot as it's freezing here!!! Looks like you're having a blast, and Lord knows you deserve it - I think Jen will be loving what you're doing! Happy Birthday to Jamie for next week (is he really 22 already?!!). Much love as always, Judi x

  4. Lovely photos David!! Jack looks wonderful! Enjoy your time together, much love Suzanne.

  5. So lovely to see, thank you for sharing!

    Anna Katherine

  6. Wishing Jamie an early birthday this week -- hoping all his birthday wishes come true for him.
    Great photos David. It certainly looks like you and Jack had a wonderful time. I'm so glad!

    Lisa in south Florida

  7. Have a wonderful week - hope that jamie has a great birthday. Enjoy your week.
    Nicky from Canada

  8. Loved the pictures! Happy birthday to Jamie!! I hope you have a wonderful time next week!! You all deserve it. Enjoy the's freezing here :o)

  9. great photos, David
    Jack's eyes are like yours!

  10. beautiful beach, so makes me want to visit, i like beaches with large rocks to stand or sit on. v. nice, thank you for showing us a glimpse of Australia that i probably won't get to see bc i'm too chicken to make such a long trip, ha.

  11. Great photos. So glad to see that you and Jack are thriving together. Peace to you both and traveling mercies.

  12. I loved seeing the photos. Jenni would be so happy to know that Jack is happy.


  13. Great to see you enjoying such a lovely break together and lovely to read in your last post the beautiful way Jack can feel his Mum's presence. What an amazing job you are doing.

  14. Good holidays and a Happy New Year. Wish you the best in life. Good to see you both in the pictures :)

  15. What a handsome guy you have there! Blessings to you and Jack and Jamie and to all who loved and lent such support to Jenni.
    Ruthie from California

  16. LOL, the ones of you guys in the helmets is awesome. :)


  17. Looks like so much fun! Love the pictures of the two of you in the helmets.