Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Some randon pics for you

Some random pics from the last few months. Jack's eighth birthday parties, some shots of Jenni, Jamie and Jack around the palliative care unit. Sorry if it seems a little messy, still trying to work out how to make it look like I wanted it to!

Jack trying out Jenni's new wheels!

Jack and Jenni playing games on my computer at hospice (palliative care).

Jack showing me his "Hannah Montanna, Hoedown Throwdown" routine just before we headed to his school concert.

Doctor Jack at work on Jenni! I'm sure it was a great help!

Jamie and Jenni's Nana at Jack's birthday party at palliative care.

Jack, Jenni, Lee and Melinda (a friend of mine from Warragul where Jack and I now live) at Jack's birthday party at Warragul. Melinda and John's (her husband) son, Paddy, is a mate of Jack's.

Jen and Jack at one of Jack's birthday parties this year. This one at palliative care.

Jenni and Jack at palliative care on Melbourne Cup Day. Jen's sisters came and Caz made some hats for all the girls.

Not sure how old this is of Jenni, but it's not the last 6 months, I know that.
I have heaps more pics but this was just a trial run to see how it worked. Sorry I'm not up to Jenni's standard but I'll work at it!


  1. You have done a brilliant job getting the photos up David - its not easy in blogger. It is so nice to see them. I love that last photo of Jen, I have seen it before and a glad you have put it here. I cannot believe how much Jack has grown!
    Love to Jen as always
    Karen xxx

  2. David, You did a great job with the photos.
    Thank You so much !!!!

    Jen, you are in my prayers

  3. Thanks for posting the photos and keeping us up to date on how Jenni is doing. What a journey this has been for your entire family. I hope you know that you all are thought of and prayed for daily.

    Peace to you all.

  4. Love the photos David! Keep up the good work! Much love to you all, Suzanne.

  5. wow. Thank you for those pictures. They really pull on the heartstrings. But, it was wonderful seeing them.
    Love to all...Vicki

  6. Heartbreaking, but so nice to have you share them with us. Thank you ...

    Thinking of you all each and every day.
    Kristen in Roseville, California

  7. Jenni still as beautiful as always. Hugs to you all. Peggy x

  8. Thank you so much for the photos David! They give us a more real image of Jen 's happiness with Jack by her side. They are hearbreaking as well bur Jenni looks so beautiful. Dominique xx
    Huhs to you all!

  9. Such beautiful pictures! Continuing to think of you all daily.

    Cindy in Canada

  10. Yah we love pictures - Jen looks so beautiful and these are memories that you will have forever. You are giving both Jack & Jamie such a wonderful gift - the gift of caring and coming together, showing how important it is to be there for each other. Nothing is more important.
    Love ya all - hugs and prayers and peaceful moment.
    Nicky from Canada

  11. how beautiful you all are!!!
    THANKS SO MUCH for all the energy you put in sharing all your beauty with us!

  12. Thanks! I love seeing photos...love reading words too, but to actually see some faces is great. Thanks for the time you took to figure it out. Jack really is growing! Well, of course he is, but when you don't see a pic for awhile it's so noticeable.

    I've been wondering something, David. If some of us out here wanted to send a little money periodically for Jack and his future, how would we do it? I don't know if paypal would work without a billing, but we should check into that.

  13. Jenni is so beautiful. Thanks for the photos.

  14. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family - thank you David, love as aways, Judi.
    PS: Cannot believe how much Jack has grown!

  15. Thank you very much David for posting... please post more. I'm still trying to figure out what all of this means to me - her suffering. What I can do with my life...

  16. thanks soo much...faces to go w/names....awesome....~!

    love you all xoxox

    Sue in Spokane

  17. David,
    Thanks for the pics. Jack is looking so grown up!

    Jenni, You are beautiful!

    Ruthie from California

  18. Great job David! Loved seeing all these pics today!!! I didn't expect Jen to look so good--she looks healthy and beautiful!!! And Jack is hilarious (and getting so big)!!! We have an 8 year old son too. My heart breaks for you and Jen-girl...God love you and bless you with many blessings!!!
    Hugs and Smootches

  19. Thanks David. Jenni, you are so beautiful, I mean, I knew that from some previous pictures, but you are just glowing. I can't believe how big Jack got since last postings. A gorgeous boy and Jamie as well!

    Love to you all - Susie

  20. Well done, David! Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them. Jack has grown so much!

  21. Wow Jenni you look beautiful! Thank you David for sharing these pics with us. The boys are getting big. Jenni your eyes shine with beauty and grace. Hugs Lisa L.

  22. I loved seeing these photos. Please keep posting and give Jenni my love.

  23. So much better than you can possibly know. Wish I could hug you all in person, or at least smile at you.

  24. What beautiful boys Jamie and Jack are...and they've grown so much since the last posting of photos!
    Jenni you are as beautiful as ever. Your spirit glows in each photo I've ever seen of you. I've never met you, yet I can tell you are one of those people who just exude that "something special", it just shows within your face.
    Thanks for posting these David.
    With love from south Florida,

  25. Thank you so much, David, for taking the time to share a visual glimpse of your lives. Everyone looks beautiful and it's great to see the happy rituals of life like birthdays and Melbourne Cup going on in the midst of such a difficult time. Another inspiration for those of us who are touched by Jen's spirit.

    sending love and peace from Brisbane

  26. David thank you for sharing the photos they are great.Jen is so beautiful.Hugs to you all.

  27. Well done David and thank you for sharing. It's so wonderful to see photos with so many smiling faces in them. What beautiful memories.
    Much love to you all, as ever.

  28. Jenni is so beautiful.
    Love to her, to you and those sweet boys.

  29. Jenni

    I knew your heart and soul and mind was beautiful, but now I know how beautiful your smile is too! I hope you're having some painfree days and that you're able to spend lots of time with your boys. I hope you can feel the virtual hugs I'm sending your way.


    Great job! So thankful you're keeping us updated and it's wonderful to see some photos.

    Hugs to you both,

  30. So wonderful to see photos of everyone...David I guess you are behind the camera!!

    Jenni you look just beautiful....you look so happy with your Jack. He is getting to be such a big boy!

    Thinking of you always..



  31. I love the photos--reminds me so much of when Jen was healthy and posting photos--of the house, of her scrapbooking of her adventures with Jack! She looks every bit as beautiful as ever. Please give her a great big messy hug from me. Love to you all xoxo Meg

  32. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures!

  33. So good to see Jenni, she shines no matter what, and Jack and Jamie. Love and hugs to you all.