Saturday, 12 December 2009

Our Last Weekend With Jen

Hi All,

Here's a few pictures of our last weekend with Jenni. Jack and I managed to arrive a little earlier than usual after getting away from work and school early and met Jen's sister's Liz and Caz at Palliative care to put up and decorate a small Christmas tree to put in Jen's room.

Jack had made a Christmas card for Jenni and I on the computer at school and here's Jack explaining it to Jenni. Her eyesight was beginning to fail so Jack pointed out all the important artwork!

Caz had got us all in the Christmas spirit by providing everyone with hats the we HAD to wear!

My final picture of Jen, near the end of the evening just before taking Jack home to bed. She really did have a great evening but she was exhausted by the end.

Liz and Jack decorating. Note Jack's heart which had to be facing Jen.

Peekaboo! Almost finished.

Caz puts on the final touch.
It was a lovely night and Jamie and his girlfriend, Makeo turned up too which was lovely for Jen. Jack and I had a long day the next day (Saturday) with her and then another couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. We didn't know then that Sunday's farewell would be Jack's last, but looking back at how she had deteriorated, I'm not surprised now. Jack's last words to Jen that Sunday evening was to yell, "I love you Mum" as we walked around the corner of the palliative care building. Jen would always be sitting outside when we left and Jack would always yell it out as we rounded the corner.
Jack's doing really well. Chatting often about Mum, that he misses her, about things they used to do, things Mum made for the Christmas tree, Christmas traditions of Mum's. He's coping well but I know there will be bad days ahead for him too. At the moment though, we are just aiming to get through Monday and then we'll move on from there.
Take care everyone.


  1. Hi David ~ sending warm hugs. Sounds as though things are right where they should be w/ Jack. It's good he's talking about his mum. Love to hear that!

    Maybe he can bring home some of the things she has made & put them on your tree - or a tree dedicated to his mum!?!

    Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy in Illinois

  2. Thinking of your family...

    Cindy in Canada

  3. Jen is an angel in heaven now, and a beautiful one!!!! I will miss you Jen...but I know that you are up there watching over each and every one of us. I'm so relieved to hear that Jack is well at the moment, that is a reflection of wonderful parenting. You and Jen are wonderful parents. He is a lucky boy! Hugs,

  4. Thank you for allowing us to share some of Jack's final moments with his Mama through pictures. I wish you strength to get through monday, I know it will be difficult, to say the least.

    Though weak and thin, Jen still looks so amazingly beautiful.
    God bless. xxoo

  5. lol... Oh, that pink sequined Santa hat is just perfect! I'm so glad she got to have such a lovely time for her last days.

    Thank you for posting these, David!!

  6. Oh David~! thank YOU~! altho so tiny, her sweet smile when she was with her Jack-boy still shines thru and thats what I will remember :) I know our timezones are different but I will be lifting you up Monday morning in prayer and keeping you and Jamie and Jack tucked in my heart.

    Sue in Spokane WA xoxooxo

  7. God bless you,David.
    Thank you.No words,just tears.

  8. What a precious boy you have. So sweet that his heart had to be facing her! That must have touched her deeply and I can just imagine she thought of how her heart will always be facing his.

  9. Thank you for the pictures, David. She was so lovely. And I love how Jack's heart had to be facing Jenni. You're all in my thoughts.

  10. Dear David,

    All you have shared is so bittersweet, and am so glad Jacks last words to his mum were what they were.... those moments are there forever to take out and treasure. As you say, you just have to get through tomorrow now which won't be a walk in the park but will be an important part of the healing process.... wishing you all peace, and strength as always.

    Kia Kaha,
    Sammi xx

  11. What beautiful photos and memories. How special that Jack's final words to his mom were what they were. And, that he put the heart to face her? Awesome.

    Hugs from Lisa in south Florida

  12. So beautiful! Thank you, David. It means so much to see Jenni. So glad Jack is talking about Mom. I know he and Jaimie will talk about her for the rest of their lives. So glad Jaimie and his girlfriend were there too.
    Sending good wishes for Monday. We will be thinking of you all. Love—Cat

  13. David, thank you.

    Jenni will be living in our hearts forever. she touched so many. these posts that you have left us has meant so much. we will all meet one day ... of this i am sure.

    take care,

  14. I so appreciate your keeping in touch, David. Jen was a part of my life for a long time; we donated a piece of artwork to the online auction so long ago. Keeping you in my thoughts, and holding you in my heart,
    debra from NE Ohio

  15. Thank you for the precious pictures David.
    Death is so very hard but at this time of the year just makes it that much sadder.Hugs and love to you all.

  16. David,

    I can't imagine what you are dealing with but you are coping wonderfully well. God bless you. And peace for Jack and Jamie.

  17. Thank you David for the lovely photos of Jenni. Sending love and prayers to you and Jamie and Jack. Suzanne. XO

  18. Thank you for posting these... I am in tears. God bless you and Jen's boys.

  19. Dear David,

    A very warm "Thank you", from Derek in Gloucestershire.

    Very best wishes to you all.

  20. Thank you so very much for letting us share your special last days with Jen.
    This is all so touching... I hope that you all feel just the tiniest bit of comfort from knowing that so many people throughout the world have shared this journey, and wish you so much happiness.
    Life is so precious, and I thank Jen, and you for sharing yours with us.

    Suzanne in SC

  21. all my love to you all. and it is a lot of love, believe me!

  22. Thanks David for sharing these precious last photos of Jen with us. They are beautiful.

    Thinking of you all today and sending love and hugs from Brisbane.

  23. Thank you David for sharing this precious time with us--these beautiful photos. Thanks for keeping us up to date with Jack. Sending love.

  24. Hi David

    Still so hard to believe! Thanks for sharing the photos and letting us know Jack is doing okay.


  25. Thank you David for sharing this with us.. Have been thinking of you all today.

    Love and hugs to you all
    Sarah Mulder

  26. Thank you for posting those pictures David. It looks like you all did a fantastic job at making some very special last moments together.
    You have not been far from my thoughts today.
    Much love as always

  27. Just sending blessings to you and Jack. I've been so out of the blog loop recently that I didn't hear of Jenni's death till just tonight. My heart to all of you. Lighting my candle here and honoring all Jenni's kindnesses during the times I was honored to exchange with her.
    Miracles to you...