Thursday, 17 December 2009

Amazing Support

Hi All,

I keep saying it but, just a quick note as I should be at work now but not much happening (tomorrow the last day before holidays) and Jack is busily finishing off Christmas cards for everyone in his grade.

Just wanted to let you know about the amazing support Jack and I have been receiving (not only on here!) Jack's class mates all wrote and decorated cards of support for him and the teachers gave him a small teddy bear angel, complete with halo and wings. They also gave Jack and I a standard rose called "Mother's Love". There were a few tears shed as I read through the packet of cards from Jack's class, then again when one of his teachers gave me the rose outside his class. She also shed a few and I had to steady her so she could go back into teach her class. Jack also brought his school report home which has improved out of sight! Over the last two years Jack has missed quite a lot of school as Jenni could not get him there very often. Consequently, he fell quite a bit behind. I less than one semester Jack has caught up in just about every area and his reading is actually ahead of where he should be for grade two! A testament to Jack's wonderful teachers.

The teacher's, office staff, School Chaplain and the school community as a whole have been wonderfully supportive and I thank them for caring for our son in his time of need. Jen would be so grateful for their gentle care of Jack and also so proud of his achievements this semester (all while his Mum was fading.) He is an amazing boy and I know that with the support his school shows he will blossom in the coming years there.

Take care everyone and thanks for the emails I have received from many of you. I will get back to you all as things slow down in the coming week or so.




  1. Things will probably not slow down, haha! Glad to see so much love and support being shown to your family. How awesome.

    Cindy in Canada

  2. As always, my thoughts are with you, Jack and of course Jen's family and friends.

  3. so proud of our Jack~! and of course, you are a great Dad :*)

    Sue in Spokane xo

  4. Congratulations Jack! What an amazing achievement. xoxo

  5. Hi David,

    It sounds like you are doing very well, and it's so good to hear that Jack is faring well also. It's also good to hear of your community support.

    Thanks so much for including us strangers/friends in the details.

    It's like losing an in-person friend. I miss Jen very much, then wonder how that can be since we never met.

    It's quite interesting to think about how people can become friends, support each other, and sort of "know" each other, when it's only the soul part of us, not the physical part of us that's doing the communicating. It's not our "whole" being, as in real life. Online we can hide parts of ourselves because we have total control over what people know about us. In person, we are more exposed to people knowing and seeing the more complete picture of us. Yet it does feel like we really do know people we have met online. So I miss Jen and her entries.

    A couple of posts ago or so, I asked if you would copy and paste a paragraph (if you didn't feel comfortable about writing this yourself - but please don't feel uncomfortable because I think many of us want to do this) to a blog entry about you setting up a paypal account so those of us who desire can donate to a fund in memory of Jen for Jack's education and Jamie also. If you do this and set up your paypal account, then this is how it would work (to the best of my knowledge... If I'm wrong about any of this, I hope those in the know will jump in and correct me.)

    I would like to add the following info to that paragraph:

    1. To those who are interested in donating, you first need to set up a paypal account if you don't already have one.

    2. Second, go to the tab that says Send Money.

    3. Third, type in the email address that David gives us and enter the amount you want to send.

    4. At the bottom of that box there is a tab that says 'purchase' or 'personal'.

    5. Click personal, then below that, click on 'gift'.

    You've got an awful lot of things to handle now, but whenever you have the time, I hope you think about doing this,.

    Thanks, David.

    We are not forgetting to pray for you and Jack and Jamie. God knows what it is like to grieve and He grieves with you. And at the same time, He gives strength and hope going forward.

    (Sorry this is so long.)

  6. What a wonderful post. Thanks for letting us know David. Tory in Canada

  7. YAY! David, I'm so proud of all of you!! This was a very uplifting all have so much love surrounding you. I'm so happy for you, during such a time of great heartache.

  8. Judi in Stratford Upon AvonThursday, December 17, 2009 8:52:00 pm

    Wonderful news that soothes the soul! Thinking of you so very often and sending you, Jack and Jamie much love as always, Judi.

  9. I'm so thankful for the support that you are receiving. Being encircled in love and compassion will help a lot. Thank you for the update. Lisa L.

  10. God bless - in my thoughts and prayers. So glad that Jack and you have had that extra support - so needed during this time. Glad that Jack has improved in the schooling - I am sure that Jen is smiling down on him and very proud.
    Thank you so much for the update.
    Nicky from Canada

  11. Hi David! So happy to hear this news. People are wonderful and kind mostly and Jack will thrive with this kind of support and love. I'm so impressed byt the way you and Jenni made her journey an open and natural one for Jack. You told him the truth when it was necessary to do so and surrounded him with support. I really want to thank you, David, for being so wise as to leave jack with Jenni even when she couldn't always get him to school. As a teacher it must have concerned you that he was falling behind but you had the wisdom to know how incredibly important and precious his time with Jen was and what it meant to her. She was living for that time, I know, so that Jack would be hold enough to have real memories of her when he grows up.
    And now he's caught up already! What an amazing boy! Love to all—
    Cat in Boston xx

  12. Thank you for all you've done with your posts. Love and peace to you, Jack and your family. Jenni is with you all in spirit.

  13. David,

    It is wonderful news about Jack's progress...I know you must feel so proud! I am so glad you are getting supported all around...


  14. How heartwarming to hear that you and Jack are being supported so lovingly. Yes, Jen would have been so thankful and so very proud of her Jack. I feel almost at a loss, now, coming here to Jenni's blog and not being able to send her words of encouragement. I will pray that Jack's progress continues to soar.....and that your hearts will be healed.
    Ruthie from california

  15. Wahoo Jack! So proud of you!
    And yes...Jen's heart would be burtsting with joy

  16. So proud you Jack! way to go...your mama is looking down from Heaven upon you with big smiles.

    hugs little guy,
    Shelbi (from California)

  17. Lovely news about Jack! Jen would be very pleased!

  18. Awe, I'm thrilled about Jack's grades, what a bright boy!!! You are such a great dad, Jen is smiling down on you I am sure....keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. What a lovely post. My big girl just finished Grade 1 and I understand how wonderful it is for you that Jack has thrived at his school and been so supported by the school community while he was going through losing his special mum. He's amazing and you are amazing.

    love from Brisbane

  20. Hi David,
    How lovely that the school community have gathered around to support you both. I'm so proud of Jack. All of these events are shaping him for the future and he is handling everything so beautifully and sensitively. Jen must be smiling so brightly down on you both!
    Take care and love as always
    Wendy x

  21. What a testament to the power of love.

  22. Amazing support indeed! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work, Jack!

  23. So proud of you Jack!! Well done!! Jen would have been so proud. Much love to all of you, Suzanne.