Saturday, 21 November 2009

New wheels but more speed bumps.

Hi All,

David here again. Jenni didn't actually directly ask me to post but I'm unsure whether or not she will get the chance to post again or not. She has surprised us all a few times in the past few weeks, months and years and maybe she will again.

Jenni has lost the use of her legs completely now as of Thursday and requires a lifting machine to get transfer her from her recliner (where she spends nearly 24 hours a day) to her new electric wheelchair. Her sister, Caz, organised it, I'm not sure on the details how, but it seems she has a contact and it's all for free as far as I can understand. Jack and I arrived on Friday night after our week at work and school and here was Jenni meeting us at the door on her new wheels! lol. She was loving the freedom to easily get outside and back again but unfortunately the getting in and out of it takes some time and effort. I don't think she even got into it today as she was feeling so tired, sore and sick that we just wheeled her recliner outside. She hasn't had the time or energy to even look at her computer to check her blog, however I have the feeling her eyesight may be deteriorating too. I set the laptop up for her to read your comments and it was just too much for her so i read them out to her (unfortunately we only made it through half of them today). She was so appreciative of all your love and support and we both were reduced to tears before too many comments were read. Thank you all so much. All the time Jack was buzzing around on her new electric wheelchair! lol. "Hey Mum and Dad, look how fast it goes in second! Dad, can I put it in third?" "No!!" says dad as Jack nearly takes out the table and chairs under the gazebo! Someone was having fun!

Jenni's Mum, sisters (Caz and Liz) and her brother Greg have been with Jenni a lot these past few weeks which has been great for Jenni and they have had some wonderful reminiscing conversations. Caz, Liz and their Grandma, Nana Jo, came down on Melbourne Cup Day, complete with hats (sorry, fascinators!) and platters of yummy food. Lucky for Jack and I we turned up to help eat it! Lee continues to be a tower of strength for her too and looked after Jack for a few hours for me today so I could get a start on some school work and writing school reports.

All in all though it hasn't been a great week. Jenni continues to grow weaker and at times she feels she has just had enough (as she told me this morning). She had several "bad" day this week, including today. The pain continues to break through every few hours and she is just so tired. sorry to have to publish mush of this post but it is what it is. Once again, she is so grateful for all of your support (as am I) and I will try to read her some more comments tomorrow.

Take care and thank you all again.



  1. Praying for you all and wishing you peace. Jenni,it has been an absolute honor "knowing" you here on your blog. You are an amazing person and I will not forget you & your example of bravery, beauty, and love for life.
    Much love from south Florida,

  2. Ah, you guys. Thinking of you and sending love.

    Cindy in Canada

  3. Dear Jenni
    God's blessings on you and your beautiful family for always.
    Hugs from Peggy x

  4. So sorry to read this. I will hold you all in my heart.

    Love, Susie

  5. Dear David— Thank you so much for letting us know how our beloved Jenni is doing. I'm so happy her mom, sisters, brother and nana are by her side as well as the amazing Lee. And you and the boys too. We are with her too in spirit and she will always be with us. I know I will always be able to hear her sweet voice and feel her love. I'm so glad she feels our love and please know that it extends to you as well. What amazing people you all are. May peace be with you all in this time and may Jenni be free of all pain. Love, Cathy in Boston

  6. We love you, Jenni, and wish you peace. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  7. Jenni I love you and I'm praying that you will have as little pain as possible - none would be best. Wishing you lots of love. Lisa L.

  8. I just read some lines about the beauty of restoration. I can't even quite fathom how difficult this all must be for all of you. As I read this post of David's, I am hanging on to the hope of ultimate restoration for you, Jenni. New body, pain-free. We'll get there too, though it looks like you get to try on the new body before us. I hope you'll test-drive it just like Jack's doing with the wheel chair.

    Much love + prayers

  9. Dear, dear Jenni. Please know how much we all love you. You are a very special gift that God has given the world. He surely will rejoice to have you with him throughout eternity.

    You are surrounded by love. I pray that your pain is controlled, and that you feel peace in your heart. I am holding you very close in my heart.

    And David, thank you for being such a special man.

  10. i am praying for her and all of your family that everyone can find peace. cindy

  11. In the beginning, through it all, and at the end; family and friends are what it's all about. God bless you all!

  12. God bless you all. And thanks, Jenni, for making our lives richer.

  13. With love to you all. Thinking of you xxx

  14. Thank you for the update, David. God bless you all. XOXOXO

    ~ Wendy in New York

  15. Thanks for the update David
    Dear sweet Jen - may you be at peace - your world is full of love - enjoy the warmth and strength that you need from this.
    So much love and blessings from CAnada

  16. Hi're a wonderful inspiration in your focus on your little "Zoom Zoom" electric chair racing son. I wish all parents could be as attentive and understanding towards their children as you are. Thanks for sharing your prespective and thoughtfulness.
    love to you.

  17. Thanks again David for keeping us all informed.
    Thinking of you all the time and wishing you all love.
    Leeanne x

  18. Judi in Stratford on AvonSunday, November 22, 2009 10:08:00 am

    My Sweet Girl, my life is better because of you - thank you for everything. My love always, Judi

  19. jenni,

    i love are a beautiful soul and i am praying you through this girl. hang in there and feel all the love surrounding have been with me in my thoughts every single day.

    i pray for you and lift you up to God, asking Him to give you all that you need every moment of the day, and to take away your pain and discomfort.

    you have touched so many lives through this blog....your a beautiful, courageous, brave, amazing, woman of such strength, grace and dignity in the face of a brutal adversity. thank you for your inspiration...

    God bless and your family...

    always in my heart dear girl,
    i love you,

  20. so much love and beauty have come through your life and blog, Jenni. We participated in the auction and donated a piece and have felt connected all this time. The love never stope or goes away. It is there, always.
    debra in Ohio

  21. thank you again Dear David....we wait for word on our Jenni....sending you soooo much love and all my heart full of prayers for pain free days and nites and of course, always that miracle!~!

    Sue in Spokane

  22. David, thanks for posting - like so many others, I am thinking of you guys and praying for you. I'm at a loss for words.....

  23. Dear David...thanks so much for taking time from what I am sure is a very busy schedule to update us.

    Dearest are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us here on your blog.

    Your spirit shines through does your love for yoru boys. They will always know how very much they mean to you.

    Lots of Love and Hugs from Canada,

  24. Thanks for the update David - and hide the keys from Jack! Time is so important for you all so I am glad Jen is getting to reminisce with family and friends - if will give you all good memories. Send my love and prayers. Peace be with you Jen.
    love Karen xx

  25. Thanks for updating us, David! I'm so happy to hear that Jenni's family, you and the boys and Lee are by her side. That is just lovely as is hearing about her new wheels both for her and for Jack - too funny! :-)

    Jenni, I'm sorry to hear that the pain's not being well controlled and that everything is so tiring, that doesn't sound like it suits your spirit at all. I wish you much love and send prayers for peace and joy every day. Many thanks Jenni, for your years of beautiful insight into life. No one can describe their garden and setting and life like you can!
    I'll sign off now so you can read the other beautiful notes... please remember, you are so loved!
    Cate in California

  26. Dear Jen, I remember a hospice nurse who was with my family when my grandfather passed telling us that she thought of herself as a midwife - helping birth each patient she cared for into new life. That image helped me a little in trying to reconcile the pain and the hope. She knew what she was doing was a holy thing. Thank you for sharing this very sacred time with us. I will never forget your courage, your love for your boys and for life. I am praying for you - that your pain will be small and your hope very very large! Much love to you, Amber (Colorado)

  27. Jenni,

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and want you to know that I am praying for you, that God will give you peace, and that you will feel His love. You have been such a blessing to me, and I just wanted you to know that!

    God Bless,

    Amiee in Michigan <3

  28. Thank you David for your kind updates on Jenni. Dear Jenni, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Much love, Suzanne.

  29. thank you jenni, thank you david. you are brave and beautiful. you have touched and inspired so many people all over the world, what a gift.

  30. Thank you for posting...I pray for her release from this pain.
    Love and prayers
    Janet Doherty

  31. Dear Jenni and David,

    I’ve never written here before, but have visited so very often. My wife Sally used to blog, when time allowed this, and was one of your regulars. Sally’s pace of life has now stepped up a gear or two, and her posts are very few and far between. But we still follow her friends.

    Your story, as told here by both of you, is such a wonderful account of courage and dignity. You’re a beautiful lady, Jenni, and a beacon: whatever happens your light will shine on.

    With love and respect to both of you,
    Derek in Gloucestershire, England

  32. Love and peace to you, Jenny from Paris, France where I have you in my thoughts.
    Love and hugs,

  33. Thank you David, again. It's wonderful to know the entire family is around Jenni at this time. Reading you is like crossing a bridge to you all. Love to you all. God bless you all.

  34. Thanks for the update David.Please give Jenni a big hug for me,my prayers are with you all.

  35. God gives us family for times like this--so glad everyone is there for her and these fleeting precious moments. I'll miss Jen's blog--she's been a great "friend" to all on here (I've never had an Austrailian friend before...sorry if I'm misspelling your country's name)! HOpe you'll decide to have one, David, to keep us posted on your sweet life with Jack. That would be so cool!

    David, in all your future endeavors with Jack, Godspeed. Hope you'll find someone who loves Jack and Jamie as much as you and sweet Jen do. They deserve a great life even though their mom won't be here to share the rest of it with them. But God will never leave them or foresake them and He'll be able to fill that void--they need to know that!!!

    Praying for peace and hope for your family--and a big hug and a smootch from her blog family. Loving y'all from Texas.

    p.s. Jack-boy cracks me up!!! Go Jack!!! :D

  36. Dearest Jenni, I am a long time reader and first time poster. I have just three words for you (I am singing them to you from my heart and out loud from the top of my voice).

    Y-O-U-R... S-I-M-P-L-Y.... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    Y-O-U-R... S-I-M-P-L-Y .. A--M--A--Z--I--N--G

    Jenni, you are a wonderful amazing person and
    I admire you very much.

    David and Jack and Jaimie, in times of grief allow your tears to flow and when you can, gather your strength and smile at what a wonderful Wife/Mother/Friend Jenni is to you all. To all Jenni's extended family, my thoughts are with you all too.

    Much Love, Mum of 5 - New Zealand

  37. You are a beautiful soul and I wish you had more time to spend with your boys. I'm going to miss your posts, Jenn. Have a peaceful journey to the other side. Sending love and prayers from across the pond.

  38. Thanks, David, for this update, and all the others you've given. You do a great job.

    Jenni - You are the fighter! You've been fighting so hard and for a very long time. It takes so much energy to fight this kind of battle and you have dug deep. You have set a good example of how to fight this fight and still have a positive, honest attitude. Some of us who have read your blog will remember your journey as we will have to go through the same one. Others of us will remember you as we go through other battles and try hard to be strong for the others in our lives. You have set us a good example, and you are loved by people in many countries. What a thing this internet is!

    I want to make a date with you over on the other side when we both get there. There are no guarantees in life, so I may get there before you do. I'm hoping you love the beach like I do and we could go hunting for shells. I totally believe this will be possible, and somehow we will find each other.

    Please, just please realize that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven because of what he did for us on the cross. No amount of good living is good enough for God's perfection, but Jesus was perfect and it's his gift to us. Know that he is telling us the truth when he says that. He is wise, good, loving, and the always completely truthful. I've tested that and proved it to myself over the years. He's alive, he's real, and he can't wait to see you and hug you tightly. He's very much looking forward to that.

    David, I admire you for your attention to Jack and to Jenni. You are putting out a lot of energy , both physical and emotional. I pray for you to have God's energy and strength to keep you going.

    (I'm finding it difficult to end this comment.) You have the prayers of so many. I think about you every day, Jenni, and pray that you can feel deep in your heart how much you are loved.

  39. Oh David, thank you so much for updating!! I can't even imagine the pain that all of you are going through. So sad. sounds like you and Jack are doing quite well, considering the circumstances. It sounds like he still a twinkle in his eye..and spunk in his soul!! So important. Glad Jen's family is able to be with her..and her friend Lee is absolutely wonderful!!! So sorry to hear that Jenni is not doing as well these days. Thinking about all of you and keeping you in my prayers. So very nice of you to be spending time with Jen..bringing Jack to see her...supporting her..It really sounds like the 2 of you are a great team as parents!! Jack and Jamie are blessed.

  40. David, You have risen to a very difficult task. I know it means the world to Jenni, and will someday mean the world to Jack, that you have continued to foster their relationship.

    Keep an eye on that boy now that he knows how to drive Jenni's wheels!

    I'm holding all of you in my heart, wishing you peace and love.

    From a friend in Texas, Kathleen

  41. I'm thinking of each of you. Sending you love, peace, and strength.

  42. Jen,

    I have loved you from your first word. You hooked me, entranced me, and oh, how you have taught me. I wish that you could know that in the moments when you feel your weakest, we all see such strength. I so admire how you have carried yourself with grace and lived in love. I wish you freedom from pain and relief from fighting in this life and ever after. You are simply extraordinary.

  43. Jen,
    I have nothing to say that hasn't been beautifully said in the comments above. I will continue to pray for you, and I will never, ever forget you. You are a shining light, and I will think of you so often. You will always be in my heart until we can actually meet one day in heaven Jen. I love you so.
    David, if you have it in you to do it, please continue the blog. Please let us know how Jack and Jaime are doing. We have all come to know and care about those boys. Thank you for your updates. No one on the outside looking in would ever guess that you are Jen's EX husband. You are wonderful in so many ways...with Jen, and with the boys. Thank you for recognizing the importance of keeping us up to date during this terrible time in all of your lives.
    May God continue to be with all of you. All my love.

  44. It is Thanksgiving this week in the states, and you, dear Jen, are on my list of gratitude. What a light you have been for me since I found your blog a year and a half ago. You are an inspiration, a reminder of God's great grace. Please know that I will think of you always and pray for your Jack and Jamie and for David and for Lee, always.

    Thank you, sweet Jen, for all you have taught me, for your grace, for your truth. You are beautiful and brave.

    With love,
    Emily from Colorado.

  45. Jenni,
    Rest, Rest, my sweet girl. You are doing all you can, you have done all you can do. Rest, and soak in the warm sunshine on your face. Rest, and enjoy the sound of Jack's laughter. Rest, and allow others to totally carry and care for you now. Your work is done. Your love lives on and on and on in the lives of your family and in the lives of those you have changed....forever. Love to you, Jenni.

    Thank you David.

    Ruthie from California

  46. My dear sweet Jenni-I am holding you in my heart. I am with you in the chaos and the quiet. Nothing but love, my dear sister. Nothing but love. Holding you hand and sending you my heart

  47. Thinking of you all ....sending you love.


  48. You have been through so much... and carried on with grace and dignity through it all.
    Of course we are all sorry that you don't have more time here with us, but relief from suffering is such a blessing.
    We are all thinking of you and sending prayers of love your way... All this love will buoy you up and I know your spirit will be so happy to be free.
    There is nothing to fear, nothing to regret. Just peace and love.

  49. Oh, Jen... what an amazing and wise soul you are. Of course you must have incredibly dark and despairing moments--dying gracefully doesn't mean being joyful about it--but your courage and hope and, above all, love for your family are so beautiful and so inspiring. You will be remembered.

  50. Am thinking of you here in New Zealand... xxx

  51. Hiya Cutie. I hear you are having a rough time of it. Love, love, love to you dearest. I think of you often.


  52. All my love and strenght to you, as well as my admiration. We are on the same road Jen, you're showing the way with such grace, thank you and thanks david to keeping us posted, i guess it is not exactly "easy". many lovely hugs to you all!

  53. David here,

    Thank you everyone, for you love, support and prayers. I'm over whelmed by it all, as is Jenni. I didn't get to read anymore comments to her on sunday as she had a bad night saturday night and slept until sunday afternoon. We only spent a short time with her. I will print off all you comments in extra large print this week at work for her so her deteriorating sight wont prevent her from reading them herself.

    I want to go back over all you comments and reply to them individually but I just don't have the time or energy. But know that each and every one of them is read, re-read and hugely appreciated by myself and passed on to Jenni as soon as possible. When I read them out to her on saturday she had lovely, specific comments for all of you and for those who were new to commenting she knew from the name before I read the comment! She is taking it all in and feels you presence with her.

    I will post again probably on the weekend unless Jenni has the time and energy to post herself.

    Some of you had commented about me being Jenni's ex. Yes I am and it wasn't always an easy relationship between us for various reasons, however over the last year or so (and especially the last four to six months) we have developed a close friendship. Not a husband/wife relationship but a special bond with Jack as our central focus. I have also come ro realise the courage of Jenni through all this and it is a privilage to be able to care for her during the times I have over these recent months. I have never witnessed such emotional, mental and physical pain before and never wish to again, but she has given me this wonderful gift of the opportunity to assist her to retain her dignity through these times. It has been incredibly humbling at times to witness her ability to put others, especially Jack ahead of herself during these last months. I hope I have been able to comfort her on many fronts but especially about Jack's future and the love, security, support and guidance he will receive. Not to mention the constant reminders to him of his Mother's love for him.

    This started out as a short thank you! Guess I got carried away, but, Thank you!


  54. Jenni, Jack and David--
    You three have been on my mind. You have given us, as readers, a wonderful gift of the opportunity to watch you on your journey. I wish you all peace and much love.

    In Washington, D.C.

  55. David ~ what a beautiful tribute to both Jen & yourself.

    It shows that you can get past the hurt feelings that divorce can cause & you can still care as a friend. I wish more people understood that! Life is too short, anger just holds us back - but you my friend, are the prime example of what God wants us to do for each other.

    Nancy in Illinois

  56. Exactly as Nancy said, i feel such an admiration for the way you all are behaving, and such comfort to think that love and life are stronger than anger. Thank you, once again

  57. David
    I thank you for your update and keep praying for you all. Jen is a tower of strength for you all - Jack and Jamie will live with her strength forever, how can they not, she is amazing. I am so glad that you have become good friends through this passage of time, people all cross our paths for specific reasons - yours is a gift to Jen and the boys and you were brought to Jen for that reason. We all have angels in our lifes and you and Lee have been given that distinction.

    I can't say enough prayers for you all - but if you could pass on a gift that we have just received for Jen, I know she would be thankful and excited to know, our little guy Brody (whom I have spoken to her about before) will be receiving his service dog in January and we are hoping that it will help him so much with his autism and transitions (we were still two years out in getting the dog for him so had not updated her in a while - another provider just came into play unexpectedly this summer)

    Please pass along my love, blessings, hugs and kisses and much peace in your time together - all of you.
    Nicky from Canada

  58. You quoted this Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once:

    "When we have done all the work we were sent to Earth to do, we are allowed to shed our body, which imprisons our soul like a cocoon encloses the future butterfly. And when the time is right, we can let go of it and we will be free of pain, free of fears and worries-free as a very beautiful butterfly, returning home to God... "

    Good luck on your Journey.

  59. Peace to all of you.

  60. Derek in Gloucestershire here again...

    David, thank you for keeping us in the picture. Picking up on your own comments, irrespective of how things may have been between Jenni and you in other times, what is shining through here is only the deepest love.

    For us to look into this small window on your lives, which Jenni and you give to us, is a humbling and poignant experience. I'm so very grateful to you for sharing this with us all.

    With love,

  61. Jenn

    I hope you know how very much you have touched so many of us with your fighting spirit because you most certainly have. As a survivor myself, I know how hard it can be at times, but having a fighting spirit is so important. I have treasured getting to know you. I will continue to pray for you sweet friend and for your family.

    Thank you David for stepping in and keeping us updated.


  62. Hey there beautiful girl,

    You are an amazing woman..You are an are loved by so many, You have touched the lives of all of us... Through knowing you and this blog u have changed me..You have made me a better person and i thank you for that.. I wish you no more pain. xxxxx

    David I have no words. Your last comment here has bought me to tears..I am so very thankful you have come back to be a tower of support and strength.. Hugs to you..I know it is not easy for you.. xx You are an amazing father and i am sure Jenny knows her Jack will be very well loved and raised..Her memory will be kept alive because of you xx

    Although i do not comment often i think of u all everyday and the amazing Family you are..

    I wish you courage and Strength

    Love and hugs always
    Sarah Mulder
    (Scrapbooking Dolly)

  63. Dear David, to say that you are a wonderful man seems inadequate - you are so much more, and your last post has moved me to tears. Jen and I have spent months and months talking about gardening and in particular, our favourite flowers - I always call her my gardening twin as our choices are identical! Please tell her that finally, my garden here has been re-landscaped, and in the centre I have a huge pot which has been planted with deep pink and apricot 'David Austin' roses that we both so love. Whichever window I look out of from the back, Jen's roses (as they are now known) take centre stage. A forever tribute to a truly beautiful friend. With so much love to you all, Judi.

  64. Jenni,

    You've shown us all that when everything is stripped away, love remains. Thank you, sweet girl, for granting us the opportunity to learn from your life and your journey.


    You honor Jenni and your sons with your selfless service. I have been awestruck with the humanity you've shown and shared.

    Overwhelming love to you both.


  65. Jenni--

    Thank you for sharing your incredibly difficult journey. You've showed us what it's like to be brave and strong and human. You've also reminded us what is truly important in life--family and friends. Without them, we have nothing. If nothing else, I'm happy that you have been surrounded by caring people who truly love you. God Bless you Jenni.

  66. Dearest Jen,
    I am sending you lots of love and big hugs and thinking of you all the time.
    Take care my dear friend.
    Much love, Tabitha XXXXXXXXXXXX

  67. Dearest Jenni—For every kind comment one of us has made you gave more back, even in your uncertainty and suffering. For every fear you had, you found courage. For every hurt, forgiveness. I love you with all my heart. May peace be with you, dear friend, and may we meet in heaven one day.

    And dearest David—You too have such sweet, deep honesty and compassion. Your words brought tears as I thought of your love for Jenni, Jack and Jaimie. The loving and wise care you give to Jack is a gift beyond measure to Jenni and I know she is resting in that peace. Thank you.

    Love always, Cathy in Boston xxxxxxxxxxxx

  68. David and Jenni,

    In some ways I'm heartbroken for all of you, because the time seems to be near from what you write. I think of how life will be for all of you without Jenni - who's light shines brightly even from way over here in Canada.

    In another way, I wish for the pain to leave you soon, Jenni, so that you don't have to suffer like you have been. You're so strong, and so brave, and such a good mom. Jack is in excellent hands from what I can tell, and you have laid all the groundwork for your boys to have a wonderful life.

    A life well-lived, dear Jenni. There are those who are twice your age and haven't accomplished nearly as much; a testament to the amazing woman you are.

    Much love from Canada,

  69. Deep in my thoughts and prayers
    Love & hugs
    Nicky from Canada

  70. Jen

    Lots of gentle hugs to you and your loved ones.

    I am so glad David has come through and been such a great support and you know that Jack is in a good place with lots of love.

  71. Dear jen and david,
    i don't think i have ever commented before, but it seems wrong not to let you know that you are loved, jack is loved, that you are being read and loved by even more people than the ones who are already leaving comments.
    Jen, peace to you, to your heart, in your soul- is my dearest wish for you. David, that you are assuring Jen that you will authentically care for Jack is certainly the very foundation of this peace. Thank you for stepping into this role with so much grace.
    love to you all.

  72. Praying for y'all and the joy you will come to know if Jen-girl gives her heart an soul to Jesus. What a weight that will be lifted from your hearts and minds knowing she'll pass from LIFE on this pitiful earth, to LIFE with CHRIST in perfect heaven. No darkness or solitude in between!!! No scary or foreboding places...only LIGHT and LIFE and EXTREME HAPPINESS awaits Jen in the arms of The One who created us all. Just like that--in a blink of an eye!!! So praying for y'all and sweet Jen-girl's eternity. Don't let another second pass--He is waiting for her decision to follow HIM before she goes. She is loved here--can you IMAGINE how she is loved by the Lord? David, thanks for relaying our are loved too! Many hugs and kisses from her blog family!!!

  73. Just sending you love and support. Enjoy what you can!

  74. Hi All,

    David here. Will post again for Jenni in a day or so. Flat out with school reports this week but will get more to you soon.

    Jenni has had a good week, relatively speaking. Although she continues to get weaker, she has had less pain, slept relatively well and been in slightly better spirits generally. Having said that she had a pretty fragile day today.

    I printed off all your comments in large print and she has loved reading them. She said to tell you that she wishes she could respond individually to all of you but she just can't anymore. Her eyesight is failing at the moment and we are unsure if it's the drugs orr what. She is hopeful that she will get it sorted out this week as her regular doctor is back from holidays. She also just doesn't have the strength but is sooooooo grateful to you all for you love, support and beautiful words.

    I just can't respond to everyone either at the moment but Jenni asked me to send a couple of messages.

    Firstly, Cathy in Boston (although I think Jenni said Cate or Kate in Boston - hope this makes sense!) Thank you so much for the beautiful letter.

    Second, Judi in Stratford on Avon. Thank you so much for the message re "Jen's roses". She misses your talks and loved your message.

    Thirdly, Nicky in Canada. She's so happy for you and Brody re the service dog.

    Fourth, to the person who didn't leave a name when they told us about their sister having a baby and that they are going to call her Jenni, in honour of Jen. She is blown away. Thank you.

    Finally, as I scrolled through everyone's comments tonight as I prepared this little comment, I was so blown away myself and it seems unfair to single out a few. Just know everyone out there that each and every comment is read, re-read, smiled at, cried at, appreciated and loved, time and time again. Jenni gains so much from all of your love and prayers (and yes, kat-in-texas, Jenni believes, she just goes about it quietly - she does some things in her life quietly! lol. But thank you for you encouragement. She will meet you "up there" I'm sure.)

    As I said, Jenni has had a relatively good week and sometimes you think she might go on for a while yet but then you look at her objectively and you can see how weak she is getting. She has "plateaued" (is that the right spelling?) this week but we have been told by some of the nurses that she will deteriorate in "steps", so we hold our collective breaths.

    Thanks again.


  75. Just a short note to Jenni, David, and family. You continue in my prayers and much love and peace your way my friends. You are just incredible people...what a blessing to know you...

  76. Jenni

    You will never know the impact that your fighting spirit and love for your child has meant to me. Your positive attitude. Your honesty. Thank you sweet friend. Please know I care and I'm praying for you.

    I'm so thankful David is there for you and is keeping us updated.

    Sending you hugs!