Monday, 30 November 2009

A Better Week

Hi All,

David here. Ok, this is getting me frustrated at nearly 1 am!

I Just posted a comment at the bottom of all your comments on the last post I wrote and then decided I would just copy it and post it here so everyone would find it.

Sounds simple enough, but no! It wouldn't paste into here! So my lack of computer skills is finally out there! Sorry.

Sorry, but you will have to go back to the bottom of the comments of the last blog to read it! lol.

Basically, it's just a big thank you and to let you know that Jenni had a slightly better week painwise although she continues to grow weaker. But please read the comment as there are a few special comments there.

Thanks again everyone.



  1. David this is for you and Jack. Jenni will be without pain and I pray that happens soon for her but then that will mean a huge loss for you and Jack. I'm praying God gives you both the strength to move on by keeping Jenni alive in your hearts but knowing she would be sad if your lives ended because hers has.

    You don't know me but I've followed this blog for a long time and I've prayed that God comfort all of you. Please give Jenni a big hug from someone who cares and then you and Jack hug knowing that people care for all of you.


  2. Courage, grace, and dignity are the closest words but seem very inadequate to describe Jen's demeanor in the face of illness.

    Jen lives in not just the immediate family but in all of us that she has touched through this blog. God bless her and you.

  3. You're doing a great job with the computer David...even though I know it can get frustrating! We all appreciate it so much. I check every day...usually 3 or 4 times a day for an update, and I'm just so thankful everytime there is more news from you. I'm glad to hear Jenni is in less pain this week. Please let her know, as I've said before, I will never stop praying for her...and you, along with the boys. I can't imagine how difficult this is for you, spending every weekend taking Jack to see his Mama...and watching Jenni get weaker with each visit. I pray her pain stays under control, and she is able to enjoy her visits with all of you. You're always in my thoughts. Love to all.

  4. David,

    Thanks for finding a way to keep us posted in the midst of all you are going through. It means so much to each and everyone of us who have come to love Jen, Jack, and Jamie through her blog. Now we have come to love you as well :) Love & prayers alway, :Debbie

  5. David - Jen knows that I am not a very religious person but I have found her tenacity and courage divine like, so, who knows? SHe is made of a mettle not many people could ever contemplate. Give her a gentle hug from me and my family in Cornwall, UK xxxx

  6. Dear David, you're really a special person. I've just read your comment in the last blog. I have to say: thank you. Your soul shines with the rainbow colors. The most important thing 2 persons can have between them is friendship, no matter what kind of relationship we have developed through the years_ only friendship matters, it's the true love.
    Jenni is giving us a huge lesson of courage, dignity, loyalty and love. She has my love for the eternity.
    The truth is that the only thing that dies is the physical body because we are more than that, we are spirit, and we meet each other, always, in a peaceful place. Love unites us all, we were all made to love and respect each other. You and Jenni have approached this important part of life, good and faithful friends. Sometimes reading you is feeling Jenni's thoughts and energy.
    Jack is a lovely boy with lovely parents.
    It's good to come here and read the comments of these caring, lovely and faithful people from other parts the world. The world is small after all.
    Love to you all, you're in my heart and mind, always.
    Bete in Portugal

  7. WHEW!!! (I'll give it a rest--and Jen some peace!!!) ha.

    Thinking of y'all throughout the day and sometimes in the middle of the night (must be when she needs prayer over there!) Hope Jen finds peace in the midst of the storm and pain relief in any way possible.

    David, you are like Peter in the bible, a rock. It can't be easy juggling everything in between two towns--how many hours apart? Yet you're doing it and may God give you the energy and strength to carry on for as long as Jen-girl (and Jack-boy) need you!!!

    Thanks for thinking about her blog people--we wish we could do more for y'all. Praying is a big one, though! We can do that all day long. So let us know how we can pray for y'all this week. Much love.

  8. So much I wish I could say, hoping that peace is coming.

  9. My sweet Jen, you touched my heart,
    and I'll never forget you...
    Thanks to you I fell in love with scrapbooking,
    I'll never be able to make such wonderful layouts as you did, but I'll try
    and will always think of you...
    God bless you all. Luisa from Italy

  10. David, Thank you so much for all the updates.
    I think of Jen daily and she is always in my prayers.
    She has been so strong throughout this battle.
    I have so much admiration for that sweet lady.

    Hugs to Jen & her family

  11. David~! I check here daily also,...often :*) thanks ever sooo much for keeping all of us updated on our dear Jenni....I can't imagine what all of you are going thru and I can only offer my love and prayers....You are doing an awesome job as a friend/partner to Jenni and a dad to little Jack :*)

    please tell Jenn I am sending many good thoughts and I will see her on the other side of the rainbow~!

    all the way from Washington State,
    Sue in Spokane xoxooxo

  12. Dear Jenni, Your journey has been such an inspiration to so many people. Most of our lives will never have an impact like yours has had to SO MANY PEOPLE ALL ACROSS THE WORLD. In fact, there may be no other life's struggle in the history of the planet with the international effect that yours has had. Honestly, you are on the cutting edge of the new technology. God bless you and your family. We all love you are are SO indebted to you.

    Rest well, sweetness, you've done a horrific job amazingly well. Your life's impact will be felt for a very long time.

  13. Oh Jenni - I'm so glad you had a better week. I continue to pray that you have more time with those amazing boys of yours. You are on my mind every single day. I am so grateful for you. Hugs Lisa L., Ontario, Canada

  14. Hi David, thank you again for your wonderful updates. I also check many times a day to see if there are any new posts! Sending all of you much love and prayers.To dear Jenni, I wish you peace sweet girl. Suzanne.XO

  15. David & Jen - so deep in my thoughts and prayers - Jen you have such a special place in my heart, you are amazing. Stay strong David for Jack and Jen - they all need you right now and you are an angel.
    In my thoughts & prayers every day-Love, hugs & peace to you all.
    Nicky from Canada

  16. Dearest Jenni and David--- my sister Connie and I are both the daughters of a cancer fighter---and the baby will be Jenni Graciela-for the finest of lovers and fighters both. Give her a smooch from our family---she is getting love from a lot of people---as well as admiration. Love that beautiful boy of yours for all of us. xoxo---dina

  17. Prayers and love always. Thanks David for the updates on our dear girl. Jenni darling stay strong. I am dreaming of you and know that such amazing and wonderful miracles await you on the next leg of your journey. You are in my heart always. In the chaos and the quiet I am holding your hand from all the way over here. love you meg

  18. David here,

    Thanks fort that Dina. I shouldn't ask before I try to work it out but how do I load photos on here? I will try to load some of Jenni, Jack and Jamie on the next few days.

    Thanks everyone.


  19. Dear Jen and David,
    Thank you so much for giving us news. I think of Jeni and you David and Jack every day! All my prayers and love are with you! Dominique from France! I admire you so much for the love and way you are handling everything! xx

  20. Thank you David for posting these updates, they are so precious. Jen, I truly admire you, you are an inspiration, my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, sending you lots of hugs...all the way from the other side of Melbourne! :) xxx Linda (Girl About Town)

  21. Jenni, you truly have inspired so many people around the world with your grace and strength and your honesty. Well done, dear heart, well done.

  22. David—It's so kind of you to keep us posted and we really appreciate it. Your compassion is an inspiration. Really glad that Jenni had a good week. I'm so moved by Jenni's gratitude, even now, for small things. Thank you, dear, sweet Jenni, for the huge gifts of spirit you have given us. May peace be with you. Love to you all.
    Cathy B in Boston

  23. Thanks David for even trying to keep us all updated. Believe me, we ALL truly appreciate updates in any form we can get. I'll go now and read what you left as a comment, but before I do, I just wanted to thank you.


  24. David - Blessings to you for taking such good care of Jenni and Jack. And thank you for keeping us updated. Sending you all love and peace and strength. -Alesia

  25. David! Thank you so much for this post as I had not read the comments and thus was getting a tad worried!What can be said that others have not I wonder!? But I shall also add my voice - typing - to them all and tell you how moving and wonderful you both are, thank you for being you! Lots of love and pinkness from Sophie in London!