Saturday, 31 October 2009

Stormy times

Hi All,

David again. Although it is possible you might get a post from Jen soon as her sister has organised a laptop and internet access for her at hospice, so if she is up to it she will do one herself. However, if not, she will at least be able to easily read your comments so keep them coming.

The stormy times heading is regarding both the periodic pain Jenni has had and the incredible storms we have been having here. Friday night as I took Jen back to hospice she was going into pain again so I stayed with her for a couple of hours and as she had some relief from it around midnight we had a huge storm with lightning, thunder and heavy rain. We both love storms, so I opened her curtain and the door of her room that goes outside and we watched for a while, rapt by the show. I put on a silly little dance in the rain for her for a few seconds which she laughed at but it was a beautiful, wild storm to watch.

Jen has had a mixed week. It started out pretty ordinary but she had 2-3 fairly pain free days wednesday to friday. However, friday night was a bad one for pain for her and she was too exhausted today to come home so Jack and I spent a few hours with her before she needed a sleep. Then Jen's friend Lee had Jack for a few hours so I could relax for a bit. She's a gem.

It has been a mixed week all round really. Jack had a bit of a virus/cold last weekend and we had monday off school and now I think he may have shared with me, so we have to be a little careful about seeing Jenni. Think we were both just a little rundown. Having said that, Jack is still doing really well at school and enjoying it. Jaimie is also doing really well and loving the freedom that having a licence and car bring.

Jenni is going to try to make it to Jack's school concert on thursday night but it's only really a faint possibility. But here's hoping. He's been showing her the song and dance routine his class is going to do and last night we brought down his new check shirt he's going to wear on the night and he looks so grown up all dressed up. I will have to ask Jen how to put pics up here for you as I have taken a few of Jack and Jenni at various times in the past couple of months.

Anyway, off to bed here. We are hoping Jenni has a good night tonight so she and Jack can spend some quality time together tomorrow.

Take care everyone. Am contemplating whether I keep Jenni's blog going afterwards or post a link to one I started to keep those interested in how Jack and Jamie are going in the future. I sort of feel that this one is Jenni's and I should leave it but then it might be easier for people to access this one. Dunno. Your thoughts?

Thanks again for all your wishes and prayers.



  1. Thanks for the update David.
    It's good to hear Jack & Jamie are doing well.

    Big hugs to Jen. You are in my prayers daily.

    David, I think it would be nice if you continue on with this thread. Jack & Jamie will treasure all of this someday.


  2. Wow. All that comes to mind David, is wow! Just imagining you dancing for Jen ~ that IS love. No matter the differences, you are a stand-up guy! Bless you for everything & espec keeping Jamie in your life as well.

    This is a long, hard journey for everyone.. but in the end, Jen will of won the fight - as she will have the ulitmate glory.

    As for the blog - it's totally up to you. We will follow you, just send us the link. But for sure, you'll want to save this blog for Jack & Jamie to be able to come to, to see the words their mum wrote of them.

    Take care.


  3. Dear Jen and David,

    I am really hoping you can keep the pain away. David thank you so much for updating glad that Jack is doing well in school...and Jaime too with his new license. Your story of the storm is touching, especially you out in it dancing for Jen! You all have touched the hearts of so many people...I hope you know that.

    I am thinking of you and sending you love,


    p.s. David ... dont mind either way about the blog. If you start your own...just send the link

  4. Wishing you prayers and blessings and hope that Jen will be well enough to spend quality with the boys and you. Many blessings and hugs - whatever you decide to do with the blog is your choice just please keep us posted. You may want to one day make Jen's blog into a book for the boys which would be an amazing story for them as life goes on.

    Wishing you all love, peace and laughter as life carrys you forward. Jen the warmest hugs you could imagine for you all.
    Nicky from CAnada

  5. Thanks, David, for the great update. With all you have to do, this is one more thing, but I really think it's great - especially for the boys to read down the road. We think we'll remember things, but the details float away so fast.

    Jenni- I'm praying that you will be up to going to Jack's program. What a treat that would be, wouldn't it.

    I love storms also. We have some good ones in Kansas...there's something about booms of thunder and streaks of lightning and pellets of rain that remind me that someone bigger than all of us created this planet and the weather patterns. Someone bigger than us can boom louder, streak lightning faster, and refresh the earth with rain. And that someone has a name, and his name is Jesus.

    And He loves me and He loves YOU.

    Love you, Jen, and think about and pray for you every day.

  6. David,
    Echoing the rest, whatever you choose is fine. Leaves are swirling here as the wind gathers strength to push in a Halloween storm. I'll think of Jenni as the water rat-a-tat-tats against the crimson and gold leaves.

  7. Jen, I'm glad to read that you will be able to access your blog. We all love you dearly, and are praying for pain free days and peace.

    David, I think it would be great for you to continue this blog. By doing that you would have a continuing history here for the boys. Jen has created a love story here, and love stories never end.

  8. dancing for our Jenni~how wonderful~!

    Jenni I am wishing all of us in blogland could hop a flight to you and gather you in our arms and give you strength...

    whatever you decide on the blog, I am there...thank you so much and I send much love and prayers to you all...

    Sue from Spokane WA xo

  9. Hi Jenni - gosh, you are so loved! I am thinking about you and your family, hope you have pain-free and happy times with your boys.


  10. Hi Jen (waving)!!! Thinking of you every day. Your David is a sweetheart for keeping us posted.

  11. Hi Jenni. I happened upon your blog via the blog of a friend (RivkA) here in Israel. Your words and strength have inspired me, a total stranger. I am in awe. Perhaps someone can figure out a way for you to see the concert via a couple of computer cams -- one at the school concert, you at the hospice, unless you feel well enough to go. God bless you. Michele

  12. Judi in Stratford Upon AvonSunday, November 01, 2009 8:57:00 am

    My Darling Girl, thinking of you morning, noon and night and sending you more love than you can shake a stick at! David, you're doing a great job, love to you and the gorgeous boys, and of course Lee.
    By the way Jen, next time it rains I'm going to see if Chris will dance for me......not holding my breath Sweetie!
    Love as ever, Judi

  13. David here again,

    Just to put it in perspective, I wasn't Fred Astaire doing "Singing in the Rain" (was that him?), I just did a little jig for a couple of seconds! lol. It was wet and cold and fun! I'll practice my steps for next time!

    And thanks, Michelle. Thats something I can look into, maybe skyped to Jenni could be an option. I'm sure they will be filming it anyway, so worst case scenario Jenni will see it the next night. But we'll try the other options first.

  14. Hi Jen and David:

    Thanks for the update, and glad that Jenni had a few pain free days.

    Would love to continue hearing how all of you are doing in whatever means you choose.

    Big hugs and lots of love from Canada. are an amazing Mom, and your boys will always know how much you love them.


  15. After the storms, a rainbow. Hope Jen i painfree and enjoying her visits. Rest must be a wonderful thing for her. Keep up the blog.

  16. Hi. Thinking of you Jenni. Love that you enjoyed the rain storm. So glad that loving people are around you too. Enjoy the boys. I pray you get to see the concert. Hugs Lisa L.

  17. I love rain myself, thunder lightning everything.
    give Jen a hug from us and that we're sending warm thoughts through this great Internet.
    Life isn't anything without being surrounded by family, and I am sure glad she is surrounded by love. I hope you make it to the concert!
    love and wishes. MN.
    as for the blog question, hmmm, seems so personal, i feel strange even commenting on it. it would be quite hard to continue reading on this, but really up to you. either way it's your decision.

  18. Dear David—Cannot thank you enough for writing to us and sharing news of Jenni, and also Jack and Jaimie. Also for being such a loving, caring presence in Jenni's life. I'm sure it did her a world of good to laugh when you danced in the rain!

  19. Wishing you all strength and peace, David. I'm an infrequent commentor but do read about Jenni's journey.

    Wether you keep this blog or start another, it will be welcome to hear how your family will be doing in the future.

  20. I've had a busy week and didn't check in until now, and I see I've missed a few posts (so went back to this first missed one to comment forward). Anyway, thank you David for the updates and for being there for Jen and Jack and Jamie. I wish you peace in your days. As far as the blog, I think all of us who come here feel an inexplicable connection to Jen and will continue to go for updates on how you all are doing no matter where it's being posted from.
    Lisa in Florida

  21. Ha! That's funny, David! Glad you're trying to pep up our girl over there.

    We would love to be able to check-in on Jackboy and Jamie to see what's going on in the future no matter where you post. They're going to make it fine, David. And so will you. As Nancy in KS says, Jesus is bigger than the storm...He calms the storm! Saying prayers for you all.
    Much love with a hug and a smootch,