Monday, 19 October 2009

A little normality

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note. Jenni has improved quite a bit since the infection was controlled, however there is still just gradual deterioration. She came home Friday evening for dinner and then again on Saturday for the afternoon and evening but went back to hospice in a bit of pain unfortunately. Jenni's sister, Caz, looked after Jack and read to him while I took Jenni back to hospice, which was a help as Jamie was away at his Dad's. It took a little while for them to sort it out before she could sleep and she probably shouldn't have come home again on Sunday as she was exhausted but she likes to be there. Anyway, it was only for a few hours before Jack and I had to come home to Warragul. She seems in slightly better spirits at the moment, which is good.

Some good news! Jack is loving school and life generally. He's growing, making friends, loving swimming lessons and generally growing up. Jamie got his car licence on Friday and after some initial nerves about driving alone, you couldn't have dragged him out of his car on Sunday!

Jenni was going to try to post herself on the weekend while she was home but time and energy just ran out. She says "Hi" to everyone and thanks for the thoughts, wishes and prayers.

Enough for now, better get back to work.



  1. David, So wonderful that you are upadating on (and for) Jenni. So glad to hear that she had some time home with you and Jack! Jack sounds like he is settling right in...that is so good to hear. He is such a sweet and smart little boy....totally adorable too!! I'm sure it gave Jenni comfort to see him happy and thriving.

    Keeping you, Jenni, Jack and Jamie in my prayers.

  2. It's great that her spirits are better and that she was able to spend some time at home. You all remain in my prayers.

  3. Good to hear positive news about Jenni. The weekend of memories built by spending time with Jack will fill her heart till the next time. Praying for comfortable days ahead.
    Thanks for the update, David. Blessings to you and Jack and Jamie.
    Ruthie from California

  4. Thanks so much, David!! It's great to hear that she got to come home and that Jack's doing so well. That's fantastic!

    Really, I'd rather her spend the time with Jack, Jamie, you and her friends and enjoying her home, as much as I love her posts, than sitting on the computer ;-)

    Sending her my best wishes and plenty of prayers, as always.
    Cate from California

  5. thanks David, it is so good that Jack is growing fine and that Jenni can get some good time with him and you all!
    all my positive and vibrant thoughts from Italy

  6. Thank you David for your update,sending much love to Jenni. My thoughts are with all of you.Love Suzanne.

  7. So glad things have been better and that Jenni was able to have some precious time at home. Wishing her comfortable and pain free times ahead and sending you all love and positive thoughts from Brisbane.

  8. I think of Jen each day, pray for her too. Wondering how she's doing, checking in here in the hopes of news. I am thrilled this morning to come check and see that she was able to go home and enjoy her family and that the infection is healed. Praise God! I'm so glad to know she's not only improved some but also that she's had precious time with Jack this weekend. Thanks for keeping us updated David, and please tell Jen lots of love is being sent to her all the way from South Florida.

  9. Thank you for the your update David. Please let Jenni know that I am sending much love to her from Toronto.

  10. Thank you David for the update. Good to know that Jenni is in good spirits. Sending love to her and all of you.

  11. Thanks so much, David. So happy to hear that Jenni is feeling better and so great that Jack and Jaimie are doing so well. Love to Jenni and to all of you. Cat Bxx

  12. Love you all - so glad that the infection is under control - stay strong sweet Jen. Glad David is settling in - such bitter sweet relieve for Jen - so hard to let go of those mom things - she is a strong lady - I couldn't imagine.
    Congrats to Jamie - Jen must be excited but nervous (all us moms do that)
    All my love and blessing, hugs and only best wishes for you all
    Stay strong Jen
    Nicky from Canada

  13. Good for Jack and Jamie! Jen must be so proud.

    Thank you for the update. Love and hugs to Jen from Susie in Rhode Island USA

  14. Thank you, David.

    Lots of love and prayers for all of you with school, friends, driver's licenses (!), hospice, pain, and waffling energy.

    Peace and blessings from Colorado.

  15. i have been checking in daily to see any updates! i am so happy to read that Jenni is doing well! and what great news about Jack :) :) so wonderful that he is growing and thriving, which is just an answer to prayer...God is so good!

    thank you David for this wonderful update.

    Warmest hugs to all,

  16. I've been checking everyday for updates and was rewarded today. Thanks for letting us know how everyone is doing. Hope you are holding up as well. Thinking of you all and wishing you the best

  17. Thank you so much for updating us David. It's wonderful to read some more positive news.
    Congratulations to Jamie on getting his licence and I'm so pleased to see that Jack is actually loving school. what a relief!

    Love to all of you
    Wendy (from the Paper Doll Scrap Shop)

  18. Thanks for the update, David. I'm so happy to know that Jack is adjusting well to everything. Kids are very resilient, thankfully. Jenni is always in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

    ~ Wendy in New York

  19. thanks so much for keeping in touch, David. I continue to seen positive and healing energy from NE Ohio.

  20. Thank you David for updating again! Be all assured of my love and you are all in my prayers! Bless you all!

  21. Oh Jen, how I wish I could be there to tell you all that is on my heart and give you a great big hug, but all I can do is continue to pray and trust that you are resting in His grace and mercy. Love always, :Debbie

  22. Thank you, thank you. More love, more prayers, more of it all for you all.

  23. Thank you, David, for the update! As always, you all are never far from my thoughts...



  24. I've been afraid to check in, but I'm glad I did. Thank you for the update, David. I am sending Jenn my love and prayers from California. And the boys and you, too. My heart goes out to you all. Peace, Megan

  25. I too have been afraid to check's been a while but I do want to let Jenn know that my prayers have always been there for her. I pray for all of you, that God gives you the strenghth and love to endure the coming days.
    Again, hug lots and soak in every moment...
    there is peace!!!!

  26. I probably wouldn't want to blog either if I were in her shoes. Just give her a hug and a smootch for us, David. You're a real gem for taking this over--we appreciate you too! Hang in there!

  27. Just stopping by to check on all of you. Say hello to Jen and tell her how happy i am that she's been better these days. Love to all of you.
    Rose (Classic Charm)