Friday, 7 August 2009

Best Laid Plans...

Well my very dear friends, so far all is well but before I go into the details about that I want to take a moment to say thank you all so very much for your support and love through what is a very emotional time for me. David and I sat down with Jack and told him yesterday that he would be starting a new school on Monday and staying at dad's house through the week and coming to be with mum from Friday night till Sunday. He took it really well. He was enthusiastic about the new school. Obviously we prepared him as best we could and we had talked about how we wanted to present this to Jack. We decided not to use a lot of words that sounded permanent like 'living with', 'moving into' etc. We chose 'staying with' and 'visiting' and as he settles into life in Warragul he will find himself naturally busy and involved and, fingers crossed, happy! I have much more I would like to tell you about but I am thinking that it might be best to get this post out there to you and then I can continue on in the next one. So that is what I will do. I'll leave this as is, just here and pick up and continue in the next post.


  1. I'm so glad he's taking it well. You and David are working this out in a way that is best for Jack!

    Cindy in Canada

  2. Dearest Jenni— You and David have approached this in such a wise and loving way. I'm so glad Jack is excited about his school. It will be fun to talk with him on the phone when he's in Warrugul and hear all about his day. Sending love to you, Jenni. As always I'm humbled by your wisdom and generous loving spirit.
    Cathy In Boston

  3. Jen,
    I am so glad to hear that Jack is taking the move well.
    You are such a loving mother.

  4. Jack has excellent and lovely parents!
    A sweet weekend to you darling Friend. You're always in my hear & mind :)
    Love <3

  5. Yay! He's well loved and that in itself is a blessing. I'll be praying for sweet Jack boy on Monday (and for you, because I know you'll be a nervous wreck until you hear from him)! It' going to be a good move for him--God is already paving the way for Jack and that will give you peace. Can't wait to hear the rest of your post! Thanks for giving us this tidbit!
    Hug & a Smootch

  6. Peace to you and David and Jack as you embark on this new phase of your family journey. May it all go far better than you have even imagined.

  7. Elizabeth from the Gold CoastSaturday, August 08, 2009 8:39:00 am

    I have been following your blog for but a few short weeks, I'm so pleased to read that Jack took the news of his new school well.
    What great parents you are.
    Good Luck on Monday Jack!

  8. Thanks for the update, you've been on my mind a lot lately. A few nights ago I was praying for you guys and even though it was 1:30am I got out of bed to see if there was a new post from you. I was certain there would be, but no. So much for my intuition, lol!

  9. Dear Jen,
    I am glad that Jack is enthusiastic about the new school...that must be a relief! I have been thinking about you lots and lots and all that you are going have amazing strength Jen!



  10. I'm so thrilled for Jack. You obviously handled this transition well and presented it well to him Jen. You are an awesome mother - don't every forget that. Hugs

  11. Jen,

    I am so glad that Jack took it all well! What a lovely spirit he has.

    you should write about what you do and are doing for Jack in light of your illness. I know you are following your instinct and heart but I think that your experience could help other parents that find themselves in a similar position.

    Love to you! Susie

  12. Jen-
    I am always here sending you loving white light and never failing to be inspired by your courage and love.