Friday, 6 March 2009

Something To Say...

Yes, I have something I really feel I need to say and part of that of course is a huge big thank you! What I especially want to say though is that, I know that I haven't always gotten back to people that I should have, I know that I have been sent emails and I may not respond to some that really deserved a response, I feel so sad about that. I just want those that may feel neglected to know that it's not because I don't appreciate them so very much because I do and I need the support that you offer me in those ways but I just can't always respond. I will offer a couple of reasons and not as cop outs but I take a lot of different medications and I must admit (though I hate too) that I get confused quite easily and sometimes I can think that I've done something (like responded to an email or thanked someone for a card or even gift) when in actual fact I haven't or I can't remember whether I have or haven't! Anyway, I know there are reasons why I make these mistakes but I just want people to know that I am just so grateful and every little thing that is sent to me is precious, be it an actual physical object or comments on my blog, or emails. There is not a day goes by that I don't have something lovely and supportive to read on my blog thanks to you beautiful, kind, warm, loving friends. You have helped me in this battle with cancer by being so supportive and by praying for me as you do, honestly, it has made an enormous difference to my journey through this difficult time in my life, so if I have offended anybody or neglected anybody then please know that I am sorry and please consider forgiving me, that would make me very happy.


  1. I am a bit older than you are but honey, I also get confused and forgetful! At least you have a valid excuse.

    I send my good wishes freely and please do not feel obligated to respond. Remember, life is too short for guilt - be at peace knowing you have done your best.

  2. As long as you know I care about you and there if you need anything that's all that matters.
    love and hugs
    K xx

  3. Don't ever worry about that. You have enough on your plate! Just know that people care about you. Hugs Lisa L.

  4. Oh my Gosh Jen, don't go worrying about that! I am sure everyone will agree that we understand and you should never worry about what we think. You are so loved and so so supported..... Just bask in that love and take its light and strength to heal.
    I am sorry I don't email or post more often(I don't email because the puter died and with my hard drive went all my addy's) Just so that you know I am here for you!

  5. I'm sure the last thing on anyone's mind is feeling like you have in some way neglected them! We come here to check on you and to send you our good wishes, love and prayers. You have enough to worry about with your treatments, your medicine, your children...on and don't think another minute about that Jen!

    love you.

  6. Dear Jen
    You should not worry yourself with any of that - you need to understand the people that follow your blog, support you in whatever way that they are able to, do it for you!!! I always like to check in to see how you are feeling and wishing there was so much more that I could do for you. You need to keep strong, rest - soak up all the love you can from those boys of yours and get strength from all your supporters!! Rest, take care of yourself and just know that there are many of us out here who wish you happiness, strength, recovery and lots of love and laughter.
    Always blessings and hugs
    Nicky from Canada

  7. MMmmwwhaaa! You don't even have to kiss back :) Just rest easy

  8. You thank people all of the time in your posts!

    Take Care- Susie

  9. Good Lord woman! Do you think you could possibly be any more gorgeous? For me personally when I say something or send an email it does not require a response - however - I am still waiting for you to get your butt down here so that we can scrapbook together!
    Take care!

  10. Just say no to guilt and know that we love you just the way you are!

  11. hey there. just checking in to say hi and that i've been thinking of you. it's always nice to read your words. :)

  12. In my view we should be thanking you....I have learned so much from reading your blog. Your incredible strength, love determination and acceptance has been an inspiration to me.

    So thank you....truly...thank you!


  13. Jen,

    Glad to see your post. AS always you are gracious and brave. Blessings on you and lots of love today,


  14. Get back to us? There is no need! I think we all want you to just spend your days taking care of yourself and focusing your easier moments on your little family.

    Wishing you peace, comfort and love,

  15. My Dear Jen, there is simply NO NEED at all to apologize or feel badly or guilty or sad that you don't or can't respond to ANYONE. I think I speak for everyone who comes here when I say that we care about you and are wishing you peace and comfort. {{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}

  16. Oh, and I meant to add -- AND we expect NOTHING in return!

  17. Jen - You are totally bonkers!!! Apologise? Jeeze. It's been my daughter's 7th birthday recently - well back in January and I STILL haven't sent thank notes to people. Not that I don;t mean to, I mean to do it every day and then every day happens and I just about remember to put my knickers on...
    Give yourself a break old thing and chill...

  18. Jen,
    You don't need to apologize about anything. We love you and want the best for you, always.
    Love to you sweetie.