Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Twenty-One Today...----------

Well my first born baby has turned 21 today! I am having a hard time believing it I must admit. I used to talk about this day when Jamie was only a little guy. I'd say, 'well just think when he turns 21, I'll only be 39, still young enough to travel, to study...'. It actually never crossed my mind that I would have cancer and be quite ill. Anyway you know what, I am just so grateful to have had those 21 years with him, how lucky is that - if only I'd had Jack a lot younger as well ...sigh...hindsight, what a wonderful thing. These photos are a bit all over the place. I still cannot get blogger to do what i want it to in terms of photo placement, not that I have the most patience in the world for it I must say, if I can't do it quickly then I'm afraid I don't do it. Anyway, they are very higgledy piggledy but you can probably work out they are sweet little shots from when he was very young and then as he gets older over the years. The one where he is grabbing the little girl around the neck is so sweet. That little girl is my dear friend Lee's daughter, would you believe it now. They were both digging a vegetable plot for me that day and were covered in mud. So much fun and so cute. Gosh they are terrible quality some of them due to the old type of camera's and how old the actual photos are too. Anyway, he is 21 years old and I am amazed at
where the years have gone. We are celebrating this milestone on Saturday with a party, BBQ, etc which we're holding at his Nana's house which minimizes almost all the work for me which is just so wonderful as I have my third round of chemo on the
Friday beforehand and I'm not expecting to be very well this time as it is cumulative and last time I really had some problems. So that is a big problem solved for me and I am just so very grateful as I would have hated to overlook this birthday for him. Thank you for sharing with me in wishing my boy all the very best for his 21 st birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Jamie! Whoo-Hoo! 2-1!!!

    Good luck Jen with your chemo this week. As always I am thinking of you and praying for you. Love you!

  2. Wow 21! Happy Birthday Jamie. Enjoy your party.
    Jack so like Jamie when he was little.

    Hugs and prayers for Friday
    K xx

  3. WOW....I don't even remember being 21. What in the world? I actually really do. I was expecting my first child and on top of the world. My the years fly.....Happy Birthday Jamie....and Jen I hope you feel well enough to party with him.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Thinking of you, Jen, and both your boys.


  5. What a milestone for Jamie and you! Happy Birthday Jamie.

    Good luck with your treatment I will be thinking of you.

    Much Love, Susie


    Jen, wishing you smooth recovery from the next chemo. thinking tons of positive thoughts and prayers for you that you not only have a nice time at Jamie's 21st celebration but that you FEEL GREAT!

  7. Happy 21st Birthday woo hoo, yea!
    Well, look at it this way. I had my FIRST born when i was a few days shy of 32. wish i had him a good three or four years earlier bc we don't get any more energized, i tell you. so you were definitely a young hot mama! all the pictures are with his dog or an animal so it makes me think he must be a gentle soul to love animals like that. i hope he has a great birthday. and you've earned it so he better give you a bigger piece of cake my dear!

  8. Happy 21st B-day, Jamie. You are one special kid! Your mother loves you!
    Ruthie from California

  9. That's a special one. Happy Day to all of you!

  10. Happy 21st Birthday dearest Jamie! I'm sure that 18 is the legal age for imbibing though eh, so I doubt you'll be too hungover on Sunday morning as you've probably got binge drinking that out of your system - unlike British lads who start at 15 and carry on!
    Have a wonderful BBQ - it's on the news that you are having a freakily hot summer, so slip, slop, slap!!!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Jamie.

    Jen, they grow up so fast. My son turned 33 this week, and I can hardly believe it. I guess that means I'm old enough to be his momma.

  12. How exciting - Happy Birthday Jamie and enjoy the celebration Jen. It is hard to believe when they turn 21 - wow - it is a milestone.
    Lots of love and prayers.
    Nicky from Canada

  13. Happy Birthday, Jamie! I hope you have a lovely day of celebrating, Jen, despite the chemo. I'll pray that you feel well.

  14. Happy birthday Jamie!

    Big hugs for you and your brave Mum. I think of all of you often.

    Love from Canada,

  15. happy birthday jamie, happy labor day Jen.
    Always in my prayers.

  16. Happy Birthday Jamie! May you have many more full of joy

  17. Happy Birthday, Jamie...All the way from Colorado.

    And best wishes to you, Jen.

  18. Wow - happy birthday to your boy - and happy anniversary of motherhood. Lovely that you can enjoy his birthday without the organisational stress and clean up horror - good luck with the chemo.

  19. Happy Birthday, to Jamie!!

    Cindy in Canada

  20. Happy Birthday wishes to Jamie! And Jen I hope the chemo went OK for you....I hope you dont feel so poorly that you cannot enjoy the party tomorrow! Thinking of you as always...


  21. Happy Birthday to your boy!!
    Wow 21!!
    Hope that you are doing ok.
    Thinking of you ~ love and hugs Tabitha XXX

  22. How sweet! Love the photos.
    Take care, Jen.

  23. What a handsome young man! You must be so proud. My eldest is 12 and I can't believe how big he's getting... I simply can't imagine him as a 21-year-old, but I really hope to see it. Thank you for sharing all those special moments caught on film. I hope this round of chemo isn't as bad as you expect it to be. I'll be thinking of you here in Canada. Take care *hugs*

  24. Lovely photos!
    Wish the best for Jamie. He is a lovely young man. I remember myself when I was 21... a long time ago.
    Love to you all!

  25. Happy birthday to Jamie, and well done to you for bringing him to the world. Hope you'll all enjoy your day together.

    I've been away and distracted, but you're so often on my mind, in my thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping the chemo will go easy on you, and as always, standing in awe at your amazing spirit. Bless you, Imelda

  26. Birthday wishes and hugs from Australia. Hope the chemo goes well and that love keeps flooding through your veins and making you feel peaceful and well.