Wednesday, 24 December 2008


MERRY CHRISTMAS MY DARLINGS...Here's wishing you such a very beautiful and peaceful, loving Christmas and start to the New Year. I truly hope that you, all of you whom I have come to love so much have a wonderful day filled with family and friends and love and care.

We are all together this Christmas which, as you could well imagine, means such a lot to me, we are going to mum's place for a typical Christmas Lunch. David, Jamie, Jack and I will all be going together which is lovely and hasn't happened since David and I split up years ago. For a family that is separated by divorce we are doing okay. I am still not thrilled that Jack has to leave after lunch for the long trip to Warragul to have dinner with Davids side of the family but I am trying to deal with that and not let it detract from the day. It won't be so bad, it's just that I know how tired Jack will be but his cousins will be there for a few days before moving to Asia and he hasn't seen them since the time he went to Broken Hill with Dave, so that part is lovely and Jack seems keen enough to go. Then I'll be on my own for a few days, till at least Sunday and then I will get Jack back and will have him for New Years Eve.

Health wise I am feeling okay, have some terrible pain in the mornings since chemo but it goes by lunch time which has allowed me to get things done then, David has also been a great help. I definitely overdid things yesterday as I went shopping like a mad woman and was still out shopping at midnight last night. I am paying for that today let me tell you, however today, the day before Christmas for us in Oz, I can afford to relax a little bit. I do have a boot full of gifts to wrap but I think that will have to happen tonight after Jack is asleep.

I want to say something wonderfully wise and meaningful, I had come to the belief somehow that this would quite possibly be my last Christmas, however, I have decided that this negative thought pattern is to be thrown out the window. I have been reading a very supportive and inspirational book where the point is made that every single cancer there is has been beaten by someone. Why not me? That is the way I am going to look at this from now on, very positive and why not me? I am going to do my darndest to beat this miserable illness and the battle will include me going to a retreat where they teach you methods on how to live. This is something wonderful to be going into the New Year with and it is my gift to myself. I deserve to live, I am needed, I still have work to be done on this planet. Jack needs me. So no more negative self talk, no more buying into this dying business, not until I have done everything possible to stay here. I hope and pray that you all give yourselves a wonderful gift, even if it's a long soak in a tub full of bubbles, that sounds good right about now actually. Anyway my dear, dear blog family, Merry Christmas to all of you and a Very Happy New Year.


  1. Merry Christmas to you too. You remain often in my thoughts and I am happy to hear a bit of peace there where you are. I wish you nothing but the happiest of holidays with your boys.
    Love to you...

  2. dearest Jen....Love the attitude :*) you go for it girlfriend~! there is no reason in the world why you cannot have your miracle~!

    I wish you the most wonderful of holidays and know that you are always in my heart and prayers***

    Sue in Spokane xo

  3. Dear Jen,

    Merry Christmas to you Jen! I am so glad that you will all be together for the holiday! I love your new attitude and think that it can do dothing but good. Of course, why not you?!
    Keep it going...
    Thinking of you always...

  4. Jen what an amazing attitude you have. Enjoy your holiday and do lots of nice little things for yourself. Hugs Lisa

    P.S. I think 2009 is going to be an awesome year for you!

  5. Jen,
    I believe in miracles!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


  6. Beautiful, meaningful words. Thank you, as always, for sharing a little bit of yourself. It means so much to hear from you. I wish the same for you ... a peaceful, joyous holiday. One filled with special memories, and definitely positive thoughts. Much love, Kristen in Roseville, California

  7. You are awesome! I hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year's Eve with your loved ones. Now go take that bubble bath, light a candle and enjoy time for Jen!

    Hugs from PA,

  8. Merry Christmas Jen! Wish you the best holiday with your boys!

  9. My dearest Jenni-
    There is nothing that makes me happier than this post. What a wonderful Christmas gift you have given me...given us all.
    Love you so much beautiful girl

  10. Merry Christmas my Dear Jen.
    Sending much love your way.

  11. Dearest Jen, enjoy your day with your family and I hope you are thoroughly spoiled! I know I have been this year.
    If you are 'home alone' let me know a good time to drop over - Santa left something here for you because you have been good this
    love and hugs
    Karen xx

  12. ABSOLUTELY you deserve to live! Blessings showering over you this Christmas and for many, many more to come. Immerse yourself in the positive and powerful belief system of being healthy and strong starting today and for the rest of your long life. God Bless xx

  13. Merry Christmas to you and your family, sweet Jen. I know you will savor every sweet moment.

  14. Merry Christmas Jen! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love!

  15. Merry Christmas dear Jen, your positive spirit is inspirational. Enjoy your time with your lovely boys!Thinking of you often,much love, Suzanne.

  16. that is true. no one knows the future. and i think having positivity in your life can be a great blessing and do wonders. the happier the better.

  17. Merry Christmas Jen to you and your family. Cherish this precious time together, and keep up with the positive attitude, I am happy to see that you are fighting like the trooper that you are. And you're right, you can beat this!!! Love and Hugs,

  18. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I LOVE the new outlook. That's right, why NOT you? You've already beaten the odds several times, so the deck is stacked in your favor. It may well be my last Christmas too, but the best way to enjoy life is to forget the bitter and just savor the sweet, whenever we can.

    I'm so proud of you I want to jump on the sofa cheering right now. DO IT!!! GO! FIGHT! WIN!

    (And, Merry Christmas!)

  19. Merry Christmas Jen... so glad you got out and were enjoying yourself with the shopping and holiday fun. Glad you're laying low today taking it easy!

    Why not you!! Absolutely. Of course you! Love the new perspective and that's it's all about living and living your best life now. That is beautiful.

    Bless you and may you and all your guys have a wonderful Christmas!
    Cate in California

  20. Happy Christmas Jen!

    And may the new year be the year when your wish comes true!!!

  21. Jen,
    A Merry Christmas to you darling. So good to know you've presented yourself with something powerful like going to a retreat. I gifted myself this Christmas with the book by Eckhart Tolle "A new Earth" which is changing many peolple's point of view about themselves and life in general. I'm needing it now and I'm enjoying reading it a lot.
    Love to you, your sons and David.
    Positive entering in 2009!

  22. Merry Christmas Jen - Happy New Year. Thanks for all of your wonderful writing on this blog. I look forward to reading you here for long long time to come.


  23. Merry Christmas, dear. Here's looking to the New Year with hope, courage, passion, and kindess.

  24. Yay You! Merry Christmas!!!!

  25. Jeni,
    Merry Christmas sweet friend :) i am so happy to see that you are throwing those thoughts away and focusing in on LIVING :)

    you of all people deserve a good life. you are just so beautiful.


  26. merry christmas darling. no more thinking, just happiness. I will if you will?! hugs to you.

  27. Jenni,
    We all pray that you will beat this beast and will be blogging and loving for years to come.

    Merry Christmas to you, too,
    Ruthie from California

  28. Merry Xmas Sweet one!!! Merry Xmas!!!!

    I adore this self love!!! And what a give to give yourself! Be sure to do this retreat early in the new that you can be geared for the rest of the year!

    I love you! and adore you! and wish I could come over to help you wrap all the presents over a cup of tea....and loads of giggles...a few tears*....but most of all...laughter!!! Until we wake Jamie up....just to jump in bed with him until he is sleeping that we can continue our giggles!

    i love you xx

  29. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you sweet Jen. Hope you enjoyed your bit of alone time - you need that to keep your mind healthy, to keep believing and stay strong.
    Was out of commission for several days as we had 8 extra family in our home - staying with us for the holidays, so a bit tired but lonely now that most of them have gone home.
    Blessings and Love
    Nicky From Canada

  30. Great attitude! I believe our thoughts and words are powerful. We must always think positively.

    Happy New Year! I wish for you a blessed 2009.


  31. Just popped by to wish you a happy new year Jen. May 2009 bring you lots of love, luck and happiness.
    Take care my friend ~ thinking of you XXXX