Thursday, 20 November 2008

You are all just so gorgeous, so very generous with the compliments you gave me that you brought me to tears. Honestly, I felt so special and so beautiful reading what you thought of me on my Wedding Day. Thank you all very much, it's amazing how much good it did me to read what you wrote and also the comments regarding my family touched my heart, I felt very loved and special reading your comments to me and I want to thank you all for your generosity of spirit, you truly are the loveliest people anyone could ever come across and I am so lucky that you all come here to meet and share a little of yourselves with me, that is what makes this blog so special, it is the love you all pour out unstintingly - just beautiful....thank you!

Now, a few of you want to know when my Wedding Day was, it was July 15Th 2000. Gosh eight years ago, somehow that feels like a lifetime ago and yet in other ways just a few months ago, so much has happened in between. It truly was a wonderful day, the two girls you see with me as my bridesmaids are actually not my sisters but dear friends instead. I couldn't have my two sisters as they were so competitive with each other back then that I couldn't have stood the carry on, I really felt the ugliness of that and didn't want it a part of my day so instead I chose two beautiful friends who I knew would help make the day special and sure enough that is exactly what they did. It was one of the first times, since issues with my Dad, that I have taken a stand and gone against what 'the family' would have deemed the 'right thing to do'. Rest assured that I was made to pay for that choice, I won't go into how and all the gory details right now, suffice to say it was heartbreaking, still, when the actual day arrived, all went well and I had a lovely time, I felt like a princess and David loved me and that was all that mattered. I have so many beautiful photos and I do love them still which I guess is a little strange but water under the bridge and all that, plus they remind me of a happy time, not only with David but with dear friends also. Don't get me wrong, there were parts of it, that looking back, I would change but all in all it was a good day!

I have decided to add photos to this blog more often as I think they can make a post more interesting and also help to get to know someone better, so you may have to put up with an odd mix of photos coming through the blog with no rhyme or reason, just what I fancy putting there that particular day! I hope you don't mind, somehow I just don't think you will though.

What news this week....ah Jack has been ill with a nasty cold, bordering on turning into a flu of some sort. David and I took him to the doctors today and she basically told us what we knew (I should change that to say what I knew, lol) anyway which was that he had a nasty cough, a bit of a red throat, no ear infection so not too bad at this stage but not to say in a couple days he could be worse. She was a sensible and considerate doctor and gave us a script for antibiotics anyway and just said only go and use it if he gets worse but it saves us going back to her which is wonderful. Anyway Jack has already had two days off school and Dave is having apoplexy (grin) but Jack really isn't quite well enough to go, almost but not quite which he is quite pleased about much to Davids chagrin.

In other news this week my pain levels have been much less. I'm not sure why although I suspect the fact that I went back on antibiotics. Every time I go on strong antibiotics, two different kinds taken together, the pain seems to get less, I say seems to because there have been a couple of times when it hasn't got better so I do wonder whether it is just coincidence but I can't seem to find any other explanation, it is the only thing I do differently from time to time.

Now just when I tell you I'm going to add photos, blogger won't let me for some reason, who knows - oh well next time! Anyway, take care my dear blog family, until next time.

Oh I almost forgot, I had a CT scan last week, this time it included a brain scan and I am getting the results tomorrow afternoon. Please say a few prayers although I suppose it's too late as the scan is done already, I don't know why I forgot to mention it last week. Anyway I have a bad feeling this time, it could just be fear but I am terrified that it will have spread somewhere really bad, although they say anywhere it spreads from now on spells the end so here's really hoping that it hasn't gone any further at this stage. Love to you all and I will let you know as soon as I can.


  1. Jen, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones during this time.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics too!!

    A friend from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  2. Jen,
    I hope you do post more pictures for us to enjoy.

    Hopefully Jack will get better soon and you won't catch whatever he has.

    You are in my prayers as you wait for the results of your cat scan. Your fear is totally understandable.
    Think positive and everything will be just fine.

    Love, Prayers & Hugs,

  3. Hugs!!! I am thinking of you and praying for your continued comfort. Love you girl!!

  4. Thanks for always being honest, sincere and for sharing yourself here.

    I am sending love and hugs and positive hope your way. And get well wishes for Jack too!

  5. I'm thinking of you too... Good luck!

  6. Hi Jen, just letting you know that I am sending you much love and postive thoughts as you wait for your CT. results tomorrow. Hope that Jack gets better soon! Love, Suzanne:)

  7. I'm praying Jen. Give Jack a big hug too. Lisa L.

  8. Dearest Jen, I wish a poxy old paracetamol would do the trick for you. God, remember life back then?! Much love to you and here's to a good night's sleep for Jack and especially David!!! Slap the Vicks on their chests xxx

  9. I too am thinking of you Jen and praying that the scan results come back ok!!
    Love and hugs my friend XXXXXXX

  10. Hi Jen,
    Sorry to hear about Jack being sick, but I'm glad you got the meds just in case! I'm also saying a prayer for you that everything will be ok with the scan. I know sweetie how terrifying it must be. Try not to focus too much on it. Enjoy your baby.

  11. Praying for good news tomorrow... Can't wait to see more pictures :D

  12. good thoughts for you!

    Much love,

  13. Postive thoughts your way. I have yoga in the morning and the instructor always asks us to name someone to send out collective good vibes to - so I will be thinking of you.

  14. No matter the outcome, Jen, God has you and your loved ones right in the palm of His hand and is not letting go....God is great and listens to our prayers. Jesus is our gateway to God. Here's my prayer for you...

    Thank You, God, for our sweet Jenni and her adorable family we have come to love. We ask in Your Name, to show her a miracle only You can perform in order to give You all the glory You deserve. She's so special to us and needs Your Healing Hand. Give her a peaceful and hopeful heart in You. Renew her spirit and bless her with a long life. Take this terrible cancer out of her body! We ask all of this and more in Jesus Name. Amen!

  15. i can't wait for more pictures!

    i'll continue to pray for you and the results of the CT scan tomorrow. please post right away and let us know what you found out. don't be terrified. we are all there with you, as always jen.

    i hope jack is better soon. i'm so glad david is there to help you out.

    ...waiting to hear tomorrow. i love you.

  16. Peace to you and hope your feeling that the cancer has spread somewhere bad is hus fear.

  17. You just keep thinking happy thoughts and remembering happy futures and that will get you through any worrying about that nasty old test result tomorrow. Hope Jack is better soon. I can't ever post right on your page but prayers still coming from Lynn in Texas....

  18. Praying for good news. Sending great love. Meg

  19. Some antibiotics (the tetracycline and the macrolides) have anti-inflammatory properties, so it is well possible that they are acting to alleviate pain.