Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ok, I lied. Last update from me now.... I think!

Hi there,

David here for I think the last time.......maybe.......I think. Received a text from Jenni tonight that she was coming home sometime tomorrow by ambulance. Mixed feelings. Concerned whether she is well enough to be home. When I took Jack to see her Tuesday night she seemed far from being ready to come home. In pain and hardly able to move it seemed and needing to "press the button" to get pain relief from the machine every minutes. She was wanting to come home the next day, Wednesday (yesterday) and I understand why. I wont go into details, will let her relate it to you soon, but the care for her was atrocious. She hadn't been fed for about three days at one stage, they let her "bag" burst and didn't wash her properly and the general care had been very "off-hand", I believe. Anyway, her Mum and sister had a say and I believe the care has improved out of sight but you should have to go through that or have to complain to be treated humanely! Jenni and I may not often agree or be close at all these days but she deserves to be treated humanely and with dignity and care by so called nurses. I don't really know the details so will let her get it all off her chest as she no doubt will want to.

Jack, Jamie and I have been plodding on fine and Jack has generally been enjoying school and loving swimming lessons. Thanks again for all your support. I passed on the general message from you all on Tuesday night (sorry printer still not working or I would have taken it all in to her) and she expressed her gratitude to you all.

Take care.



  1. It just never ends for horrible a way to be treated after all she has gone through. I continue to pray for her. Please give her a big hug for me. Lisa L.

  2. I cannot understand how anyone can be treated like that - you would think that simple food and hygiene would be possible in a hospital of that calibre. Makes my blood boil.
    Sending lots of love and hugs

  3. It makes me so angry to hear that she was neglected. Hope she will be home soon. Love & hugs & prayers.

  4. It really makes me angry too! Why on earth was she treated like that? Why would anyone be? Jenni had so much faith in that place and that is how they treat her? I hope her family files a complaint.

    Thanks to you for updating us. I do send Jenni love and well wishes.

  5. Peter Mac wouldn't happen to be a "teaching" hospital would it? I swear I have had the very worst treatment from those places! Give her my best and I'll pray for a quick return home.


  6. Thanks David for the update. It brings me great grief to hear about the way she has been treated. Sending love and hopes that healing can be found when she returns home to all that she love.
    much love to Jenni

  7. Prayers & Hugs for Jen and sending my love.


  8. I am so sorry to hear that Jen was treated like that ~ she deserves nothing but the best.
    Thanks for the update.
    look forward to hearing from Jen again soon.
    love and hugs to you all XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. David,

    Thank you for informing us again. This whole thing sounds like a dreadful nightmare continued. :(

  10. Lighting a candle for you here, Jenni luv. I think we need a little Light to press back the darkness.


  11. I just cant believe it...after all she has been through. It is an outrage that she would not be given top notch care! I wish there was something I could do...feeling helpless over here.

  12. So sorry to hear that for our sweet girl, Jen.

    Does hospice do a better job and can she go there from the hospital?

    The horror is unimaginable on this end. I'd seriously contemplate getting some legal advice.

    Thanks again, David. You really are showing your concern for Jen (even though you're not close, don't agree, etc.) by taking care of the kids, the house, her dog, and her blog.

    You both deserve a second chance at being friends again. Forgiving is the first step and it helps to have your humble heart and to be of service to her as good friends do.

    Just my observation from across the world. Don't mean to intrude in any way. God bless you, Jen, the boys and her recovery.

  13. I agree with wilsonian, we need a little light to press back the darkness. Praying your days will soon be filled with light and pain free.

  14. You know the sad thing? I'm not even shocked by the treatment Jen received. Nothing surprises me. I remember my poor mother's drip coming out of her arm and pouring onto her bed and she lay there all night, wet and freezing cold in a ward in England with MRSA. Dearest, dearest Jen, my thoughts are with you xxx

  15. Thanks David! I hope she can come home and get the care she needs and the rest she deserves. I am still keeping Jenni and your in my parays

  16. Thanks for the updates - hopes she is well enough to come home soon and they have some tricks up thier sleeves!!
    Lots of prayers and blessings.
    Nicky from Canada

  17. Jenni,
    Sending love your way. I pray that you are able to come home soon and that you will feel loved and comforted. I am desperately sorry that the surgery didn't go your way. I am shocked that the hospital is not taking better care of you and pray that you get better treatment and that you are showered with assistance when you return home to Jack and Jamie. I am praying for you right now. Love to all of you. David, keep pluggin away. Thank you for taking care of Jack and for being there for the boys and for Jenni.
    Love Ruthie from California

  18. As a nurse, I feel ill to think about the lack of care Jenni received. It is a disgrace. God bless you Jenny. My thoughts and prayers are with you.