Thursday, 4 September 2008

What's In a Name...

Well, what is in a name - I am not sure but one thing I am sure of is that puppy doesn't have one. Well, didn't until a few hours ago! It's craziness, I know, but I just haven't been able to find one that suits. Oh we've tried some on for size, tried Charlie, Hamish, Henry, and a couple of others thrown in for good measure. Then, this evening when I was talking to Jamie about names and asking him for any ideas we started talking about movie dogs. You know, dogs that have been made famous for their role in a movie like Turner and Hooch, Benji, Lassie, so Jamie and I were saying them out loud like that and then Jamie said Milo and Otis (an old one I know). I tried Milo on for size, then I tried Otis on for size. When I said Otis, pup turned his head towards me immediately. I said it again and he came running and jumping madly all over me licking my hand. It was as though he was telling me he loved that name. Now I don't know if Otis was the dog or the cat in the movie but we now have a rather sweet little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Otis or for short (which he is particularly fond of) - Otie. You probably all think I'm finally going completely round the twist but I tell you, you had to be there, we had, said out loud, so many names and pup had just ignored us and then, as soon as I said that name, he turned and looked at me, just like it really was his name and I had called him and bounded over to me full of excitement. It was good enough for me. I have been having trouble finding just the right name and I like this one, I like the way it feels when I say it, I like the more relaxed and casual shortened version of Otie. So I have plagiarized the name made famous by a movie but I am sure that my little sweetie will be a movie star in his own backyard!!! By the way, I am so sorry that I don't have any cute photos up but the darn USB lead to the camera is not working for some reason so I can't upload all the photos I have onto my computer, so annoying that it would happen right when I get a new puppy who would look adorable in photos. Oh well, I have them in the camera so I'll just go get them printed out then scan them and upload them - don't hold your breath...


  1. Love it, Otie sounds perfect! Love that he looked up and answered to it right away!

  2. I especially love Otie. It sounds so sweet and personal. Sounds like Otie was glad you finally learned his name!

  3. Can't wait to see a photo of him! Otis is a cool name! I had the same experience with a pup I adopted from a shelter. We had no clue what her name was with her former owners (she was a runaway)and we kept calling out names until she responded. "Zoey" it was!
    I'm so glad you have a happy little distraction in your home. Dogs are so therapeutic. I have four!

  4. Otis is the dog in the movie. And if I had a dollar for every time the kids have played that movie I would be rich (and Bec just got it on DVD!)
    And if the neame fits - wear it! He seems to have decided that it belongs to him. Good boy Otie!

  5. Otie--that's a cute name!

    There's also the famous "Odie" dog that catches hell in Garfield comic strips. So that's befitting for a dog! ha.

    Looking forward to seeing your sweet pooch!

  6. I love it! Can't wait to see sweet Otis!


  7. Oh Jen ~ I love the name it is so sweet!!!
    Sorry I have not been over much ~ you have been in my thoughts
    love and hugs XXXXXX

  8. How cute - Otie; can't wait to see a pic of him. Hope you are feeling good - my thoughts and prayers are always with you.

    Nancy in North Carolina (USA)