Thursday, 4 September 2008

A Sweet Award...

Thank you dear Kat from Just a Beach Kat blog for the lovely 'blogging friends forever' visa award, it was so sweet of you to think of me. I will pass it on to 5 friends and one from overseas lol!! all of my blogging friends are overseas (except for a very few special ones that are here in Oz) but mostly overseas. Here goes, of course lovely Meg will be getting one, of course Mama DB, the delightful Shelbi from Keeper of the Chocolates, the beautiful Cathy Bennett from Artwala Road blog and last but certainly not least is Karen at Kaz's Scraps. There we go, all five, that was too difficult to pick, I could give away so many of these and maybe I will, just give one out here and there when I want to! Okay the rules are to give 5 people this Blogging Friends Forever visa, one from a new blog from overseas! Oh I can't say that any of mine are new blogs, they are from overseas you think it matters that there is not a new blog on there? Probably, I've cheated now haven't I? Oh well, Kat - I hate to point this out but when you put me for the new, overseas blog, I am not really new, shshsh I've been blogging for about 18 months lol! See, it doesn't matter too much so I say just do what you can.


  1. Oh, Jenni, you're so kind and I'm so honored! I know that all of us who come here love you so much. The way you write touches our hearts and so often makes us smile. Isn't it great how we can connect over so many miles! Thank you again, dear, sweet Jenni!

  2. Too funny Jen! I'm a rule breaker...this is true. But you DO live overseas and you DO deserve this award!


  3. Thanks Jen - I'm honoured. What's a rule or two broken amongst

  4. Oh girl, thanks! I do love bloggy bling. Much love to you.