Friday, 19 September 2008

The Gift...

I had been praying...hard. Praying that just for this one special day I would be well enough and pain free enough to take my boy, on his seventh birthday, to Luna Park with a friend of his choice. This felt like a big ask because I have not been well enough for something like that in quite a while now. It felt a bit like I was asking to win Tattslotto or something similar, extremely unlikely to happen. Well, guess what? It did happen! I was able to spend the day at the theme park with Jack, his friend and his Dad, right up until the end of the day. I went on the bumper cars with him. I went on the roller coaster with him - 5 times!!! I laughed and cheered him on as he went on the scarier rides with his friend Alex. As if all that wasn't enough, the sun shone brilliantly all day long. Also, the friend he really wanted to bring was able to come. I am just so glad I was able to do this with Jack. These are the things for which I've been fighting. These are the days that make it worthwhile somehow. I know everyday is a bonus with Jack but it is also measured somehow by the milestones and we reached another one on the 13th September 2008, we reached one that marked Jacks mum being with him for the day, and what a day, on his seventh birthday. I have now managed to spend seven birthdays with him and that is wonderful. I am greedy though, I want another seven at least. Still I am able to be grateful that I am here for this one and able bodied enough to share in the fun with him rather that just observe the fun, there is a very big difference. Oh yeah, almost forgot, he (Jack) also got the present he has been longing for. The Nintendo Wii! Yes, it has long been coveted in this house but as we have every other type of gaming console known to man (well almost), I just didn't feel like spending a bundle of money on the Wii, not to mention how extremely difficult it was to actually lay your hands on. They seem to be rather thin on the ground here in Oz, which I think may have added to the appeal. Anyway, I was in a gaming shop a while back looking for a game for Jack that I had promised him and I heard the guys behind the counter talking about the Nintendo Wii, they were raving on about how great it was and I must admit what I was hearing was having an effect on me - I started thinking that maybe it was not such a bad idea to purchase a Wii. In fact I would be able to exercise to it, do yoga, play sports and...... ahem and of course the kids, yes I include Jamie in that, the kids would love it and I do like the way you get up off the couch and use movement to play most of the sports games, unlike previous consoles where you are virtually a couch potato! Anyhoo, to cut a rather long story short the guys behind the counter turned out to have had a delivery of 6 Wii's that morning - so I bought one! I knew that both my boys would absolutely love it and I new it would be a great surprise for Jack on his birthday. Fast forward to birthday morning, presents wrapped on the table, Jamie and I standing by watching Jack open gifts and he opened one smallish one that turned out to be a Wii game! He looks at the game and gasps (because he's wanted that game) and then turns to me in disappointment and says 'but mum, it's for the Nintendo Wii!' He has not got an inkling. I say 'oh darn it, sorry honey I must have grabbed the wrong one I meant to get Playstation, never mind I'll take it back and swap it later.' Okay, he's a tad disappointed but not too bad as he knows we'll get the correct one that day. Next comes the big gift, he still does not have a clue. I guess I should inform you too that every time a TV commercial came on advertising the Nintendo Wii both Jamie and Jack would start yabbering excitedly about it (I guess I did join in a little) and then when the ad finished I would sit back and sigh and say 'sorry boys but they are so expensive, we just can't afford one.' This happened regularly so Jack would never in his wildest dreams have expected me to turn around and get him one for his birthday. Anyway he starts to rip the paper off the big gift (and this is where I wish I had captured a photo shot of his face to show you) as the paper came away he could only see a bit of white, another piece ripped away and he could see the picture of the Wii on the box. The disbelief on his face was just gorgeous and then a great big piece off and pull, out comes the box and he finally see's that it is a Nintendo Wii....his face was just priceless. I tell you what I would pay the amount of money the Wii cost me just to see that look on his face again, it was awesome, I was so very glad I got it and one little boy was absolutely thrilled and so surprised too! I will just add that Jamie was quite excited about it too even though he is twenty - I think this one appeals to adults as well because of the variety of things you can do on it.

So all in all it was a brilliant day for Jack and for us being able to be a part of it. Jack's dad arrived not long after the present opening (he unfortunately missed the grand unveiling as he lost his wallet and was running extremely late) however, he got a good look at Jack playing the game and yelling out joyfully when he discovered something else brilliant on it.


  1. How fabulous that you were able to spend that day at Luna Park (I work just near there so I see it every day!) and being able to go the rides with Jack was such a bonus. I wish you had got photos of Jacks face when he opened the Wii - how priceless. And something you can all play together too.
    Happy birthday for the 13th, Jack - 7 is so big!
    love and hugs

  2. What a wonderful day together. It was truly another one of God's gifts.

    And, a Wii. My grandson would flip out!

  3. So pleased for you and for Jack that you were able to share such a special day with each other.


    leeanne x

  4. What a perfectly wonderful, lovely day. Happy Birthday, Jack.

    So so glad you were able to enjoy the day with Jack! Bet you slept good that night!!

    Cindy in Canada

  5. Lovely! It sounds like one of those birthdays you remember always! Susie

  6. How wonderful for you and Jack! I am so happy that you spent a beautiful day together!

    My kids want a Wii so badly too....


  7. You made some beautiful memories! I'm so happy for you all :D

  8. What a beautiful tale! You will always remember that moment and so will Jack! Happy birthday to him and many, many more happy days to you, dear Jenni!

  9. here's to seven more! what a great mom and son trip.
    happy birthday jack.

  10. The very best kind of gift... when it's a gift for all of you (and I'm not talking about the wii :)

  11. Sounds like Jack had an awesome day and I'm so glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy the park too!


  12. Love the pic!

    Glad you had the ability to spend the day at Luna Park with sweet Jack.

    Great memory for both of you! God is so great, Jen!!!

    The story of the Wii is classic--we can almost see his face from your description.

    I'd like Wii Fit!
    But I'm sacrificing for my children by buying them their favorites...... ha.ha. Just too lazy!!!

    Y'all have fun with that. Were you sore the day after playing that for the first time?

    Man! I was!!! ha.ha.

  13. I am smiling as I read your post. I have three boys and they play the wii constantly. I have been reading your blog for some time and I know what this must have meant for you. It pleases me to read this!

  14. what a fabulous birthday...for all of you! thinking of you and praying for many, many more days just like that one.
    love you!

  15. Thanks darling Karen, wow what a great place to work, do you wander over to the beach on your lunch break? Jack says thanks for the birthday wishes. Hugs darling J xx

    It certainly was a gift Beverley and thanks for your comments. Hugs Jen xx

    Thanks Leeanne it was really special and I am just so very glad, it's amazing how things work out sometimes isn't it? Hugs to you and take care Jxx

    Cindy I slept like a baby lol! Actually it took it out of me for the next two days! xx

    It was one of those special birthdays that you do remember always I think which is why I'm so appreciative of it. Thanks Susie xx

    Annie, just get them one, maybe for Xmas coming up...if you get the Wii Fit it is great for you to use as well xx

    Thanks Debbie, I hope you're keeping well honey xx

    Dear Cathy, thank you so much sweetheart. I hope I have many many more days too, from your mouth to God's ear. xxx

    Thanks honey, it was a great mother and son trip. xx

    It was the very best kind of gift Erin and the Wii is good too! hugs Jen xxx

    Thanks Rebecca, I was very lucky wasn't I? I really did enjoy it. xx

    I was a bit sore, it's amazing how involved you get Kat isn't it? I haven't got the Wii Fit yet but we will be getting it as it's such a great way to exercise, you can even do yoga with it! Hugs xxx

    Hi to 'the curtis boys blog' I am not sure of your name but thanks for your lovely comment, I appreciate it so much. Take good care xx Jen

    Dear Vicki, thank you darling I appreciate all the prayers people say for me so very much. Take care honey xx J

  16. I am so glad you got to spend the day making sweet memories with your son. The bonus of having written it all down will be another gift for him to open one day.

  17. Oh Happy Day!!!! That's what it is all about. Glad you had a great day and the outing went well!!! So happy for you all.
    Nicky from Canada

  18. i am so happy to see that my prayers are being answered over you :) this post brought tears to my eyes my sweet friend. i have missed you and been so concerned. so happy to see that you are enjoying this season in your life and that Jack had you all day long! what a treasure.

    love to you today jen

  19. I am so happy for you; glad you had that special day - May God supply you with many more.

    Nancy in North Carolina

  20. I read this with eyes brimming with tears of joy in sharing the bliss of all that you have, so generously, allowed us to be part of. Thank you for your magnificent "You-ness!"

    I do love you (Ya know)

  21. Hi Jen,

    My name is Kim, aka 'the Curtis Boys Blog." When I signed in to leave a comment that is how it posted. Anyway, I didn't want to leave you with a perpetual mystery.

    I live in the US but have friends in Adelaide. Is that anywhere near you?