Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Better Than Chemo...

Hello friends, I know it's been a while again this time, however, some good news! I'm feeling better. I won't get too carried away and excited yet because it's only been a couple of days but a definite shift has happened and I do feel a lot happier. Still a long way to go till I feel 100% but it's a start. I owe this improvement to my new little furry, four legged friend, who is so cute you could just eat him up. Yes, we have a new addition to the family, a most gorgeous and handsome Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! I don't have any photos to show you just yet, I have taken some but my camera battery is dead so I can't upload them yet, I will soon though because you just have to see him, he's very beautiful. The reason I have called this post 'Better than Chemo' is because animals are very healing, that has been proven time and time again and ever since I've had him I have felt lighter somehow. I was meant to have this little guy because the way it all happened was just sort of strange. I'll try and explain to you what I mean by that. Well David had arrived here on Saturday morning and I was sitting here tooling about on the computer. I had been having these strong yearnings for a dog for quite sometime now but was trying to be sensible and think about how I'm sick and they are a lot of work etc, etc. Anyway, I was playing on the internet looking at dogs as I do from time to time. I had previously done a compatibility test online where you type in your information and they come up with the perfect dog breed for you, mine was the Cavalier! I hadn't ever taken much notice of these little guys before I must admit, so I looked up some info on them and found that they were wonderful family pets, affectionate, energetic enough that you can walk and run etc, also inside dogs who love cuddles. Perfect! Jamie had already assured me that if I couldn't walk him, he would and he would also clean up the backyard! So I am sitting there at the computer and something made me call out to Dave and say, Dave let's take Jack and go look at some puppies today. Now Dave was in the lounge room with Jack and we couldn't see each other as I was in the kitchen and I literally cringed expecting some dry, very stern kind of 'Jeni, don't be ridiculous, that's the last thing you need at the moment,' etc, etc. But, and this is the start of strange happenings, he didn't say that, he said 'oh yeah, okay, sounds good'. What The!!!!! So, cutting it short we all got ready and left, off we went to a huge pet shop not far from us. We walked in and I really didn't think we'd see any Cavaliers, but there was one left, one cavalier and one spaniel. So the pet shop owner put them both in the pen with us and left us to play with them and see what we thought. After much deliberating we decided we much preferred the Cavalier but I wasn't sure and hadn't 'clicked' with the dogs at all, I thought they were very cute but I didn't feel that something special where I know I've found the dog for me. We decided to go home and have some lunch and think about it.

Anyway, such a long story, cutting it short, we decided to ring a breeder when we got home and found one not too far from us, she had one pup left so we decided to take a look. By this time I was really having second thoughts, I had started thinking about the work involved and was getting worried, puppies are a lot of work. These ones were also quite expensive. So that was an issue too. Next minute David is offering to pay half...I could hardly believe my ears but he meant it and it was lovely of him so between him and Jack, who wanted the puppy so much he couldn't stop talking about it, I kind of felt swept along and as though it was getting more and more out of my control. So next we're off to the breeder to check out this little pup, I had said to David and Jack that it didn't mean we were taking it home, just having a look and that in fact we would probably think about it overnight even if we do like the puppy. So we are on our way, we had to drive through some lovely country area and as we're going along the most amazing rainbow appeared. It was stunning. I have seen rainbows before, but nothing like this, the colors were so rich and bright, you felt like you could touch it. It was a perfect arc, oh my goodness it was just such a wonderful sight, Jack was amazed and so was David. After that I felt very calm for the remainder of the trip and we finally arrived with me feeling a little more 'into' it all. So we all trooped in and there was a wire pen on the kitchen/family room floor, one end with bedding and toys and one end with food, water and newspaper down. As I looked I suddenly saw this gorgeous little bundle wake up and toddle over to the edge of his cage to get a better look at us. Then the breeder opened the lid and brought him out, took him for a wee and then brought him back in for us to have a look at. I thought he was just gorgeous. I 'clicked' with this one, I felt a connection and that is what was missing with the others and that is why I felt a bit confused. This one there was none of that doubt there at all. So we said, 'lets take him', we paid the lady, got his papers and some food and some good information on raising Cavaliers and off we went out to the car where we had a box waiting with a blanket in it (just in case). The lady told us not to put him in the box that he would sit on someone's knee, of course Jack and I both happily volunteered. So Jack and I ended up sitting in the back seat with a towel over our legs just in case he did a wee and we headed home. Well, if I had any doubts left at all they were completely erased by that trip home. We bonded on that trip he and I. He was nervous but still brave, he wanted to check things out but was scared but he did it anyway very cautiously. Just so gorgeous and brave and funny to watch. Then he'd get a little fright over something and scamper up to my chest and cling to me, oh he won me heart and soul on that trip home and he has continued to win me over ever since. He is smart and is learning very quickly with the toilet training, he doesn't bite your clothes or fingers, all you have to do is say 'no' in a firm, deep voice. He doesn't leave my side. He sleeps on his bed beside my bed and I give him a few pats before I go to sleep and off he drifts too. He only gets up when I do. I have to get up most nights because the nerve pain gets bad in the night for some reason, so I get up and take pain meds so I can get back to sleep but they take about 40 mins to an hour to work so I often sit at the computer and keep my mind occupied whilst waiting for the pain to stop. Well guess who has a blanket and pillow right beside me at the computer desk now?? Yes, he's there right now as I type this and he sits there every time I'm here at my desk.

The next morning came along without any drama, straight outside for a wee and then lots of praise. I played with him most of the day and then when it was time for me to go and pick Jack up from school so I took puppy with me as I want him to get used to the car ride and also Jack's school is surrounded by bush so I have to walk up some bush tracks and then across the oval and up to his classroom so I thought pup might enjoy a bit of a walk which he did, he loved it, I carried him a lot of the way because he is very small afterall. Anyway he loved all the kids, not one bit nervous just loved all the pats and attention - I think he's going to be a very friendly and affectionate dog. So that's my news for this week and I will be sure to post photos as soon as I can. Take care everyone. More soon.


  1. Jen,
    Ah, just the loveliest little thing you and Jack needed! So healing, so wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures and live vicariously. CKCSpaniels are so cute and I've always wondered about them - when my twin toddlers get older, well, maybe then!
    Cheers... glad you're feeling better :-)
    Cate in Cal

  2. Thanks beautiful Catherine, you know it is exactly what Jack and I needed (Jamie is a bit smitten too just quietly) they are just so affectionate and not a nasty bone in their bodies apparently, certainly is the case with this little fella. Hugs to you my friend J xxxx

  3. Oh, Jeni, what great news! Aren't dogs the most amazing souls? Well, he will bring such happiness and fun to you all! Sooooo healing!! Does he have a name yet?

    Big hugs and a pat on the head for that wee dog!!


  4. So, what is your lovely pup's name?

    I got my own pup 2 years ago after years of getting pets for the kids. This puppy was mine from the beginning and she's just the best thing for my heart as my kids start to leave home.

    Enjoy your sweet puppy!!

    Cindy in Canada

  5. Dear Jen,

    I completely agree with the healing powers of animals! We have a bunch and they really do lift your spirits when you are down. What a great idea for you and Jack!! So glad you are feeling better! I cant wait to see pics.


  6. I am defintely coming over to play! I have always had dogs and you do know when you find the "right" one. They give so much love and he will be perfect for you and Jack. You won't be sitting up on your own at night any more.
    Welcome to your new home little one!

  7. He sounds just adorable! Can't wait to see pictures!

    Lots of love


  8. So exciting for all of you with th new addition in your family. Dogs are amazing little creatures!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!
    Nicky from Canada

  9. How great! Dogs are the best medicine. I've had them all my life. My mother still takes hers in to see some of her patients (she's a physical therapist) and it does wonders in just a few short hours for people. Dogs rule.

  10. Congrats on the new addition! I've been thinking about getting a dog again (we haven't had one in years), and a Cavalier is right at the top of our list :-)

  11. I'm so happy for you! I can feel your joy coming through the post. He sounds like such a sweet amazing little guy. How old is he? Can't wait to see some pics. What's his name?

  12. You are so right! Dogs are the best medicine. I'm so happy you found another source of love and healing, dear Jen.

  13. Yay!! Hurrah! Puppies can make almost anything feel better. I am so glad for you! Can't wait to see pictures.

  14. So happy you got a puppy; hurry with the pictures. Sounds like you are feeling good which is great news.

    I pray for you daily.

    Nancy in North Carolina USA

  15. Awwwe he sounds like the most perfect little puppy, and will be such a companion for you. I'm happy Jen that you are feeling happy.

  16. Jen,

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.

    The puppy sounds adorable. I can't wait to see some pictures of him.

    Hugs to you & Jack,

  17. I'm so happy to read of your new friend! I am with a Westie, Gaely GoLightly, almost 24/7 and she is the light of my life.

    What are you naming this new Pup?

  18. What great news, Jen - I LOVE cavalier's - my Dad's got one - he's called Nelson - and everybody just loves him to bits.

  19. Congratulations on feeling better and on your new family member. I have a little cavalier girl and she is a lovely, sweet dog. They truly love their people and are happy to sit on your lap or cuddle up with you anytime. Puppies are a lot of work but he will reward you with great companionship.

  20. Hi Cath, yes dogs are the most amazing souls. I agree 100% and I do already feel better, that awful depressed feeling has lifted, better than medicine...also NO he doesn't have a name. That was going to be my next post, I'm going to ask everyone for ideas on names. Should be fun! Hugs Jxx

    Oh Cindy I am so glad you have a dog at this stage then, when kids are leaving for college and moving on with their lives, it can be so tough, bless dogs huh, where would be without our little 4 legged people??? big hugs darl, Jxx PS: No name as yet...

    Dear Annie, I would love an entire menagerie if I had room but for now pup will do the job nicely and I have a lot of lovely birds too (hopefully pup won't chase them away to often) You are right they do lift the spirits, in fact I think it might be darn near impossible not to at least smile around a puppy, no matter how bad you feel inside. Hugs Jxxx

    Hi Karen, I know, isn't it lovely, I have a little night time companion, he is going to be such a lovely little friend to me, he already is actually, I have had him for three nights now and he follows me out to my kitchen every night when I get up and back again when I'm ready to sleep again. Just an angel. You're very welcome to come and have a play with him. Hugs to you sweetie, xxx

    Thanks Meredith, I will be sure to post photos as soon as I can I promise. xx

    Hi dear Nicky, yes I will post photos very soon. Hugs xxx

    That's a lovely story Mama DB good for your mum, I know that dogs/animals are just so healing - do you know they can even smell cancer. I saw it on 60 minutes, these dogs were trained to smell cancer but only because so many people had said their dogs saved their lives by smelling where the cancer was before it got too big to cure, it was an amazing story. love to you sweetie xxx PS:Lots of scrapping opportunities with cute puppy photos huh???

    Dear Emily, obviously you have very good taste and are extremely intelligent lol - I'm not biased at all....xxx

    Hi Debbie, he is 10 weeks old so quite old for a pup, he was the only one left out of seven apparently so he must have been the runt of the litter but as David said, people are just stupid...(how cute is that he's not biased either lol)I said, saving the best to last, he was waiting for us to come for him, he just thought 'about time' when he first saw us, I am sure I was meant to have this little guy. xxx

    Aren't they just Witchypoo? They are so delightful and loving you can't help but feel better right away. Take care hun, thanks for visiting xxx

    Thanks Lisa L. it is indeed wonderful news isn't it. I'm still excited over it and I've had him for three days now. He is just so adorable. Hugs xx

    Daphne, you are so cute with your yay and hoorah, puppy should be very flattered! I will certainly post photos asap. Hugs xxx

    Thank you Nancy, for the prayers and the friendship. Photos to follow xxx

  21. Jen - I'm so glad you got a puppy. My 4-legged little buddy has been there for me through thick and thin as I know your little guy will be for you. When you wake up in the p.m. to take your pain meds and have to wait for them to "kick in" you will have your pup to "help" you through. And the unconditional love they freely give is truly an amazing thing. Yay for you!

    Love, Sheila from west Michigan

  22. a puppy! there aren't too many things sweeter in this world than babies and puppies. since one of my girls is off to college and the other is getting married in december i know i would be so lost with out my dog to take care of and love. i'm so happy that you and the boys have this little ball of love in your lives. it's so good to hear you this excited jen. i can't wait for a name and pictures!! sending love your way...

  23. My Mum grew up with cavelliers and has always said what wonderful, affectionate animals they are. What is the puppy's name?

  24. Jen,
    You have a new 4 legs friend - such a good thing, they are our best friends, they fill our lives with joy and show us the true inconditional love. I'm sure the Universe conspired for you to find the perfect puppy that matches you - the connection you talk about... The Universe watch us every second in life and knows our needs...
    Take care darling, you deserve all the love and care.

  25. Oh Jen! I'm so excited for you and Jack. I can't wait to see photos and you must tell us his name.


  26. Sounds like he is just what the doctor ordered. Can't wait to see the photos.


    Leeanne x

  27. awwwwwwww.
    i love puppies. then they grow on you.
    can't wait to see the photos.
    you shouldn't have to cringe at how someone would respond. i would hope that they always respond to you kindly as human beings should to each other. alas, that is not always the case.

  28. Jen-- so glad you are finding comfort with the new puppy. ((hugs))

  29. so glad to hear that you're enjoying the new member of your family. a puppy can be just the thing. hope he brings you many unexpected blessings...

  30. So glad you've found a new friend and companion to help you along this journey.

  31. Oh, they are the sweetest little dogs! Sounds like he is the right one for you too. I'm so happy that he is bringing you joy.
    Take care

  32. Jen,

    So glad to hear of your beautiful new companion. Great experience for Jack too. Have fun!

  33. so glad you are feeling a bit better and have joy in your puppy.

  34. Puppies are the best! Much better than chemo. Loving this.

  35. I cannt wait to see a picture of your new furry little friend!