Monday, 28 July 2008

MRI Tomorrow...

Yes, Tuesday is the day for my MRI and that is the last test I have to have before the surgeons make their decision. Nerve racking stuff but I am glad to be finished the tests.

This is just a very brief post, I think my last post was a bit long. Hardly anybody left a comment which is very unusual on this site so I can take a hint, I must have waffled on a bit much, I do that sometimes I know. It's okay, I'm not embarrassed.....much.... ; ) Anyway just a brief update, Jack is much better, he had today off school just to make really sure he'll be ready for tomorrow as I have to be in the city so I need him at school. He will be, he's fine but he will be taking a note to his teacher just reminding her to do the right thing. If he says he doesn't feel too good, she is to send him to the nurse pronto! Anyway, that will do, wish me luck for tomorrow and I will let you all know results when I have them. Oh, also I haven't forgotten that I said I would do a post on spirituality and what helps me get through the tough stuff, so that will be coming up soon. Okay, take care x


  1. You take care hun! Hope all goes well tomorrow, will be thinking of you.
    hugs and prayers
    K xx

  2. I have my fingers crossed for you, I hope everything goes really well. Take care! Linda @ Barefoot in the Park

  3. all the best for tomorrow Jen, I'll be thinking of you and sending out positive vibes in your direction.



  4. Sweet Jenni,
    Good luck for tomorrow! You know you're in my daily prayers and in my thoughts. Good to know darling Jack is ok now.
    Sending love and always here for you!

  5. Jen - best of luck tomorrow. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. And by the way, I adore your long posts - I looks forward to everything you have to say! So don't go shortening them. Okay? Hugs Lisa L.

  6. Good Luck and God Bless.
    Nicky from Canada

  7. Hey Jen. Glad to hear Jack is doing better. Thoughts and prayers go with you on the MRI.

  8. Jen,
    Best of luck tomorrow with your MRI. I will be praying hard for you!

  9. hope all goes smooth during the MRI. I'll be thinking of you.

    Glad Jack is doing better!


  10. Sorry. I didn't comment on the last couple of posts because I was pretty upset with Jack's teacher and didn't have anything positive to say. Thankfully many of your other readers were able to pass on some positive words of encouragement and advice :)
    Keeping you in my prayers... Hugs,

  11. Dear, dear Jenni—You never go on too long. Love reading every word you write. Sending big hugs and love. Prayers are going up for you every day!

  12. Sending lots of love your way. Good luck on the tests darling.

  13. Hey Jen, thinking of you today. Good luck with the MRI.
    KIM xxx

  14. I'm never quite sure if it's still today or already tomorrow there... lol... if that makes any sense. But I've been praying for you all along, and God's not bound by time, so I figure we're good. :)

  15. I SO hope the MRI goes well Jen - and that you get the go-ahead on the surgery. What a nerve-wracking, terrifying, surreal and lonely week this must be for you. As you said before - these are life and death decisions that are going to be made - I really can't imagine how you are feeling. Everything I can think of to say seems inadequate somehow. But I know you like to know that people are thinking of you - and we are, we definitely are. We're here - holding your hand virtually - and hoping, hoping, hoping for good stuff to happen.

  16. I'm praying for the news you need.

    And, don't feel bad about the lack of comments. I just have been so busy. But, you stay in my prayers.

  17. Hope all goes well for the MRI & the results r the best news. IYKWIM?
    Good luck
    (Jxx on the boxx)

  18. hey, we're here. haven't gone anywhere. how are you feeling, we are waiting with you. we enjoy your long posts, makes us feel good that you have the energy to write and are perhaps feeling chatty. nothing wrong with chatty!

  19. we were just 'cyber-listening' that's all!!!
    hope you got through the day ok and can treat yourself in some small way tonight. Cheering for you....

  20. Best of luck and good health tomorrow, Jen.

  21. Jen, I have been away for a bit, but just returning for a quiet read and catching up on your goodness, i am fuming over the teacher incident and i 100% agree with what JM said. you did the right thing by jack, as you always do, because you are just the best mother i have ever met. honestly, you are jen. with all that you have going on in your life right now, your mothers heart is the part of you that shines through all the time.

    i am praying for you and jack daily my dear friend. i miss you and i am off to send you a nice long email to catch up with you :)

  22. good luck with the last test...


  23. Dear Jen ~ my prayers are with you!
    I have been here with you, but seem to have a problem posting comments on the site!!
    love to you XXXXXXX

  24. Just a moment to saythat I am praying for you and will keep checking for the results. Thinking about you from Sunny California,

  25. Hi Jen,
    Just sending you good thoughts today w/your MRI. I hope you get wonderful news about all the things the docs can do. That is my prayer for you!
    Be well,
    Cate in Cal

  26. I've had trouble posting comments (it wouldn't let me comment on your last posting) but am trying again just to send best wishes on the test results.

  27. Best wishes from Iceland! Gerdur.

  28. Thinking of you, knowing how hard it is to be here, in the waiting space.
    Glad though that this round of tests is done.
    Sending you prayers and love. so much love.