Sunday, 13 July 2008

Just Another Layout...

Hi my dear blog family, hope you are all doing well. Yes I am just here to share another layout I finished last night, with you. I don't know whether I have many scrapbooking fans on this blog, I know you are one Karen and I guess you are Mama DB since you sent me scrapbook supplies (thank you so much again) but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. My point being that I am probably boring the rest of you senseless with my scrap layouts, still it is something I really enjoy and so I am compelled to put them on the blog even if it is only Karen and Danielle that are interested. Funny if you guys don't even like my pages anyway and so I am looking like a complete dill right now! Still, I am putting them up every time I do one, see that is one of the good things about having your very own blog, you can put what you like on there, lol!

Now in all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoy doing scrapping when I have the time and the inclination. It is very therapeutic and a great way for me to leave special notes and letters and photos and just memories for my boys. In case I can't have the surgery, you all know what I mean. So this one is about our little home. I just have a few photos on there that aren't the best, I have many nicer ones on my blog BUT my silly printer has died, well it's just the paper thingy, I have to take it back as it is still under warranty but of course I wanted to scrap then and there so I used the only photos I had of the house, which as I said are not the best, but they do the job and one day the boys will look back fondly at this cottage I am sure.
Anyway here it is, hope you
approve ; ) Take good care everyone. xx


  1. v. cute home. very nice. you've got talent. if it makes you happy and is therapeutic, that's good enough for us. thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE your layouts Jen!!!!!! And what's more so will the boys - they don't need perfect pictures. My girls go through my old layouts and love to read what is written on them. Had a major "block" lately but I'm working on a page right now.
    I find it therapeutic too - and its helped me through some pretty stressful times.
    love and hugs
    K xx

  3. i've been scrapbooking for 12 years...and i LOVE your layouts!! it's amazing how my photography has changed over the everytime i start to take a picture i think in terms of "what kind of a layout this could make"... :o)

    thanks for sharing them with us, you're very creative!! too bad i'm so far away...we could get together for an evening of scrapping! ...maybe someday...

  4. "Funny if you guys don't even like my pages anyway and so I am looking like a complete dill right now!"

    Oh, how I laughed at this! You couldn't look like a complete dill, if you wanted to. And I do love the home layout. I love looking at pictures of the homes I lived in growing up. Little details that I don't remember but see in the photographs. These are fabulous and I'm happy to see you enjoying yourself!

    Much love,

  5. Jen,
    I'm a long time scrapper, so I love seeing your creative LOs. They are great! Best of all, as you said, the boys will look back on them fondly.
    I just now read your last post and have to add my two cents. Through my experiences with life threatening illnesses (my father's brain tumor and my mother's brain aneurysm), I have found that people react in very unique, surprising, and sometimes disappointing ways. Like you, I'm a caregiver and wanted to help in any and every way I could. One of my brothers avoided my parents like the plague. One of his excuses? He didn't like hospitals! DUH! Who does? But I did what needed to be done because, in my opinion, love is something that we DO. But for various reasons not every one has the inner strength it takes to do that. My guess is that your sister loves you very much, she just hasn't figured out how to take care of you and herself at the same time. I hope she does soon. Not only will you be blessed, but she will be amazed at the blessings she get back!

  6. I am not a scrapper but I LOVE seeing your layouts--Its a joy to see the results of your creativity. It thrills me to see you with energy to do these things and I LOVE seeing the photos of your life.
    Keep posting them.

  7. I love to see your layouts. They give us a little peek into your life and let us learn more about you.
    I haven't scrapped in years but always know I need to get back to it as well. I do make cards from time to time...I like the instant gratification it brings!
    Thanks for sharing! Your pages are the birds on the wires!
    Here's a link to a few of my cards I've posted on my flicker pool:

  8. Jen, you're so funny!!! I love your pages!!! I guess we get so wrapped up in your daily grind with health issues we forget to comment on the sweet and loving scrapbook pages you post. I love blogs with pictures. No matter what you post, we love hearing from you and all about the little things that happen to you and your precious boys and family. Hope you're "feeling the love" from all of us. Even though some of us don't "know" you, I think I speak for all of us when I say we are now emotionally caught up in this with you! So thanks for pouring your heart out to perfect "strangers" who love you! ha.ha.

  9. P.S. May I scraplift the owl you made the other day? I love it!

  10. Well, dear Jen, I love these! And I'm a professional artist. Yu have a great sense of design and visual communication, not to mention your beautiful writing which is so extraordinary to move us all to come here. It's your heart that shines through everything you do. There's definitely no way you could ever be considered anything but truly interesting. I love your house—it's so full of charm. Look forward to seeing more! Love and hugs, always.

  11. jen...kat-in-texas could not have put it into words better when she said... "Hope you're "feeling the love" from all of us. Even though some of us don't "know" you, I think I speak for all of us when I say we are now emotionally caught up in this with you! So thanks for pouring your heart out to perfect "strangers" who love you!" (kat - that was perfect.)
    we DO love you jen, and so look forward to your updates and the intimate peeks you give us into your lovely world...

  12. love your scrapbook, and I am delighted about your optimis! You have a beautiful house and two gorgeous kids. It is a pleassure to read your blog.

  13. I love that you are sharing this with us.
    And I think your make some wow! lovely layouts.
    love you.

  14. LOVE the scrapbooking. Being creative is a therapy. So, you enjoy. Scrapbooking is big business in the U.S. Or scrapping as my girls say.

  15. Love the scrapbooking Jen. I am a big scrapper also, and there are no better ways to tell a story that carries on from generation to generation!!
    Nicky from Canada

  16. Looks lovely Jenna :) I'd do scrapbooking too, but to borrow a line from the Dennis the Menace cartoon strip, I'm too young to work with glue.

    I've just been looking at the piccies of the gipsy home with the tin roof - it would sound awesome in a hailstorm, although if you brought your Clydesdale inside out of the hail it might be a bit squeezie.

  17. Jen

    I haven't been by in awhile (another cancer scare (benign, praise God) and a week long visit from my Mom and Aunt. It's been fun catching up with you tonight. I love your scrapbooking pages. You're doing a wonderful job. I'm happy to "hear" the joy and positiviness in your posts.


  18. I love scrapbooking!

    I love that you are recording simple things like furniture in a room. I wish my mom would have done that in the houses I grew up in.

    These are lovely, Jen. I hope to see more.

  19. what you share with us is always beautiful and from the heart.....I don't scrapbook, I do artful journals instead, but really as long as we are all doing some arting to let our creative juices flow...that's all that matters!!
    big happy hugs to you......xoxo beth

  20. You do beautiful scrap art! I've never tried but i like paper art and scrap very much.
    Everything can happen, about your healing. I believe in it. Always thinking of you and sending LOVE :)

  21. I love your layout. Looks like you're having fun with it. That's the best part.

  22. I really admire people who can do pretty layouts like this! I am not so creative, but I sure think they are pretty! Nicely done!

  23. Hi Jen,
    Just dropping in to check on ya, and to say hello!