Thursday, 17 July 2008

Gone Scrappin'!?!...

Hi my dear blog family, I know it's been a while. It's a bit strange but lately I have been having writers block! I don't know that it's actually fair to call it 'writer's block' as I am not really a writer, but how about 'bloggers block', that's more suitable. For some reason, my mind just freezes when I start to think about a post to blog about. I was doing it on the blog I author on (I should say am supposed to author on, I have done a grand total of 2 posts on it to date!), I just froze, couldn't think of anything I had worth writing about. Now, I know that is just silly because I used to have, at any one time, at least 15 things I could talk about for just one post. Anyway, perhaps it is temporary, I truly hope so, but in the meantime you may have to put up with some rather mundane posts from me, I am sorry but I can't just stop posting, can I? No, I would miss everyone too much so I will just keep posting until I come out the other side of this block.

Well, for now I have another scrapbook page to share with you. The title is 'Joyous' because it was a day of laughter and fun. My sister (the one that does talk to me) brought my nephews up to visit us and Jack and his cousin Tommy were just so entertaining and so very funny to both Liz (my sister) and I, I think it shows through in the photo's. I just had to do a layout about that day because it was such a happy memory. I hope you like it. Also, it was so lovely for me to be able to do a page that was a bit more feminine (sort of) because I so often only get to scrap boys pages! I really enjoyed doing this one, I love the blue in it and the sparkly pink title, I don't know if it shows but there is a tiny transparent butterfly on the title with a few teensy little flowers on it's wings. So sweet! Anyhow, here it is, hope you like...

So, whilst I haven't been great with blogging, I actually have been doing really well with scrapbooking. I have done 3 layouts in a week which is the most I've ever done I think. Anyway I am feeling really good about that because, as you all know, it means a lot to me to have these albums for my boys one day.

Now in other news, this is so weird, but you know how I asked your opinion on whether or not to send my sister (the one that doesn't talk to me) the email or not? Well, I read every comment and saw that you were all very much in agreement and I decided I would send it after all. Well, off I went to retrieve it from my drafts section of my email program, I couldn't find it, it wasn't there, so I thought, 'oh well, I'll check my outbox it's sure to be in there', nope not there either, starting to worry now but not too much as I figured, 'well if I did accidentally send it it doesn't matter because I had decided to anyway.' Not in my sent box either, I cannot find it anywhere, it's gone missing. I know I didn't delete it, I distinctly remember typing it and then saying to myself, keep this for later and think about it before you do anything rash. I know I would have put it in drafts or it would have gone in my outbox. The only other thing I can think of is that I accidentally sent it but then why isn't it in my sentbox??? So strange. It has made me wonder whether that is a very strong sign that I should NOT send her the email. What do you all think about that? I wish I could play that spooky, mysterious music right about now. You probably can do that on blogs these days, but I certainly don't know how to!?!

Okay my friends, love to know what you think about that one. Also, I was thinking, as I'm so stuck for ideas on what to blog about, I thought I'd ask you, my blog family, whether there's anything you'd like me to blog about, my thoughts on a topic, anything about my cancer, anything at all actually, don't be shy, I am more than happy to answer questions or give my opinions for what they are worth, so if you have any ideas, please let me know and maybe that will break my blogger drought. Take care my sweethearts, love to you all Jen B xxxx


  1. It's just good to hear from you. I'm glad you are feeling good. Take care!

    Nancy (North Carolina)

  2. Check your inbox for the email!!

    Some programs like Outlook Express do this with unsent items under some circumstances...


  3. Glad your doing good. Love the pages!!!
    I think I might be with you on the ooohhh music - maybe it is just a reason to think about it a little bit more before sending the email.
    God Bless
    Nicky from Canada

  4. Hi honey,

    Love your photography and your way with paper :) As for blog topics, I'm anxious to know the results of your Peter Mac exploratory surgery. I'd also like to read about your spirituality. Where do you get your amazing strength and optimism?



  5. Hi Jen,I love the page that you did it is great!!!
    I don't know what to suggest about the lost e mail ~ that kind of thing happens to me too!! ha ha!!
    Sending you love and hugsXXXX

  6. I know bloggers block and combine it with scrappers block - well that's were I've been lately. At least this week I have done a post and a layout. Love the letters you've used - what are they? The kids look so happy together.
    Maybe that email is one you needed to type but not necessarily to send. A support group I am in suggests writing letters if you need to get something off your chest then binning them.
    See you soon
    love and hugs
    K xx

  7. Hmmm... the case of the missing email certainly is curious! Maybe the timing is wrong... So happy you are on a creative roll. Feels great, huh?
    As for blogging suggestions, I'm with lahdeedah.

  8. love your scrapbooking, Jen. What treasures they must be!!

    I can understand that when you put your creative energy into one area you dry up a bit in another.....just go with whatever you want to do, I reckon.

  9. Wow...great job on this layout page!

    Hmmmmm....very curious about the missing e-mail?


  10. i've been to lose a lot of emails. and other things. ha.
    that is interesting. well, let's see what happens. obviously, do not stress out. i kinda feel like you are the best person to know what needs to be said and what doesn't.
    your pages are beautiful. the kids are so cute together.
    and your sister is very pretty.
    good looking family.
    take care of yourself. i'm up way too late today.

  11. Love the pages, Jen. So glad you're feeling groovy!

    That IS weird about the missing email to your other sis. I agree that it might be a sign and I'd probably wait until another sign appears to do something.

    Take good care,
    Cate in Cal

  12. i love those glittery letters in your layout. i'm sure it IS fun to scrap a little girly now and then when you have boys! i have two daughters, so i get to use all of the glittery, flowery pastels in my layouts all the time...but my two friends i scrap with have boys, so i can understand it would be fun to do something a little different now and then. do you have k & company in any of your stores? (your sparkly letters look like k & co's 'twinkle type'.) it's my favorite company for papers, etc...they have a new line that is called urban looks just like you and i would love to send you some of it. it's a little on the girly side...but i think you would enjoy it.

    about the lost email...i am usually big into thinking things must be a 'sign'...but in this case, i've lost emails that i've saved for later, and never found i'm not really sure i would say this is a sign NOT to send one to your sister. i think the worst part is having to stir up all of the emotion again when you have to rewrite it. (what has your other sister...the one who IS talking to you...had to say about the situation with the other sister? has she given you any advise?)

    jen...your blog posts are very entertaining - look at the size of your audience! we all love you...and would read with interest anything that you have to say! so don't fret over the writers block...
    i must confess that lately i have been holding my breath when i open your blog and begin to read a new post. i am filled with hope and anticipation to learn the results of your tests.
    love and prayers-

  13. sorry jen...i didn't realize my comment was so long until i posted it...oops! :o)

  14. Ah yes, bloggers block…been there many, many times. I, for one, enjoy reading whatever you write about, whether it’s serious or just day to day life stuff. Love your scrapbook page (especially the little butterfly).

  15. Dear Jen,

    I love reading your blog posts, whether they are about cancer or Jack or scrapbooking - so from my perspective: keep 'em coming! And yes, I would hold off on sending the email too, considering what happened.



    P.S. Could you email me your mailing address? I have a package I'd like to send you! My email is

  16. Jen, consider it a blessing you have nothing "important" to talk about! ha. I often gripe about my boring life until something "happens" and then I want to go back to the same old routine.
    I enjoy blogs written about everyday stuff. It's a learning experience for me a lot of the time. We're all learning from each other in this world, huh? You might not think something you have to say is special, but it may be just the thing someone on the other side of the world needs to hear that day! Just say what's on your mind or heart that day. We love to hear of routine stuff. No dog and pony show needed! ha.
    Seeing the picture of your sister makes me want to pray for God to soften the heart of your "estranged" sister so y'all can "get on" with your happy lives again. Makes no sense to stay bitter sometimes. She'll come around, just wait and see. Hug and a Smootch.

  17. You know, I think I would just send a copy of the scrapbook page you did (above) and a line to say how you wished she and you, too, could enjoy some time together. Doesn't accuse, just invites.

    Everyone has different reactions and don't always know how they could help, so they disappear through the not knowing.

  18. love you too!!!
    those photos are joyous!

  19. Great to see your beautiful scrapbook pages! Think Jeanie had a super idea. Meanwhile, sending big hugs across the ocean to you!!

  20. What a lovely page, I think the theme and colours really are very joyful... As for signs, I think the only sign you need to follow is your own instinct ;)

  21. I love it plus your doing something you love! Its okay to take a break or have a drought. We all do sometimes. Have a good day.

  22. Dear Jenni,
    Just to say that I'm always thinking of you and wishing you the best and praying!
    take care sweetie,

  23. jen,

    your page is joyous for sure! it made me sooo happy just to look at it! did you read SITD today? (july 21) oh wow, what a faith filled devotion! i thought of you sweetie.

    now for that missing email, that is really odd. you know, here is what i would do...can you call her up and invite her over to 'talk' face to face? if she refuses, then i would send a whole new letter...but not an email. i would type it up and print it out and send it in the 'real mail'. this way she has something she can 'hold in her hands'while she reads your words.... and imho, it just has more impact vs an email....

    just a thought of another way to handle this. and as for blogging ideas, i just love hearing old thing you have to say! you are my very favorite blogger!

    off to send you a nice chatty email sweet friend!


  24. hello, just joining in to see how you are doing, how you are feeling, any words from the surgeons. anxiously waiting about it. it is hard. take care of yourself, and enjoy the summer days. do you ever get to go swimming? i hope you do. i love the water.

  25. Hi Jen...I LOVE your srapbooking pages....what wonderful keepsakes for the future. So happy you are feeling well.

    Hugs to you,

  26. Just sending you my love my friend,

    To you and the family,

    Have a beautiful day,