Thursday, 24 July 2008

Done and Dusted...

Well, a few things to talk about today, first off thank you all so much for being there for me through this, you have wished me luck and love and prayers and it touches my heart. Mum and I were talking in the car on the way home from Melbourne today and we were chatting about the ways people try to cope with their illness. She was saying that different things help different people get through their diagnosis. As I went to say to her 'you know what has been a real help to me' she had started saying 'I know for you you'd be lost without the internet and your support people...' I really would you know, I said to her I am just so nurtured and loved you know mum. She thinks you're all wonderful too! Take today for instance, everyone came on line to wish me all the best, love and prayers. Before I walked out this morning to come to this appt, the emails of love and support were still coming in and it really was such a wonderful support. And it's always the same, no matter what I am going through you are always there for me and it really does make such a difference. I thought about all of you several times throughout the day and felt strengthened by your love and support.

Anyway the PET went like a breeze, especially because I was so exhausted from having been awake most of the night, that I slept through all of it. Yup, the entire thing from go to woe!!! Well, except for the putting in of the IV (shame I couldn't sleep through that too.) So, needless to say I didn't suffer from claustrophobia at all because I was sound asleep until I had finished and they woke me! Gosh when you guys pray for me, things really happen!

Anyway I won't have any results until at least next week and nothing final anyway because I still have to have an MRI before the surgeons will get together and discuss the results of all the tests put together. That will be a stressful waiting time won't it. Gosh, pretty much waiting on the news that will tell you whether you live or die and I don't know why I say 'pretty much' either because that is exactly what I am doing.

Next thing I wanted to share with you and ask your opinion on and has nothing to do with my PET scan at all, is this. Jack was at school today and got some nasty stomach cramps. He went and told his teacher that he wanted to go to the nurse as he has been taught to do, she brushed him off and told him to go and sit down and do his work. He did so. Later the cramps were back again and really bad so he had to go and ask her again. She told him to go and sit down and she'd think about it. Anyway she didn't let him go to the nurse and he got home today looking pale and sick, didn't eat any dinner and later in the evening complained of tummy cramps (which is the first I knew about this) and raced off to the toilet with diahorrea. He has been going ever since. Poor little darling. So, when I found out about what his teacher had said, my blood boiled, I was furious. I am feeling like going to see her on Monday and really voicing my disapproval. It's not the first time she has done things like this to Jack and I just want to let her have it! I won't because that won't get me anywhere but I really do want to say to her that it is not good enough and several things along that vein. Now, what I want to ask you guys is this...Am I overreacting, do you think she may have made that call based on what he looked like at the time, on how much energy he was using, how unwell he looked or do you think that she didn't want to know about it at all and was nasty? I don't know, part of me believes she just couldn't be bothered and I am going to have to let her know that that is not okay for my son to be treated that way. Anyway, please let me know what you think, I don't want to be too overprotective either.

Oh I still have a couple more things I wanted to tell you but Jack is needing me (he is really not too good), so I will just have to do another post tomorrow. Okay darlings, thank you again for all the love, support and prayers. Love you all. xx


  1. glad you were asleep through it all!
    yes, i would say something to the school. that makes my blood boil. little tummies hurt sometimes. whenever my daughter complains like that, it's usually a potty issue. she should have sent him to the nurse or called someone to take him in. that is inexcusable. what if he had an accident in class, how embarassed would he have been. as someone who suffered from tummy trouble as a teen but couldn't bear to use the dirty school restrooms, i feel his pain. yes, you should be absolutely saying something.

  2. Hi Jen, I am just so pleased that it is all over ~ and it went well.
    sending you much love XXX

  3. hi jen. i've been away for a while, but i'm glad to hear this scan went so well for you. i love it when i sleep through things like that. i love it that YOU slept through this thing you were dreading.

    and about the teacher...i would make sure that you do whatever you have to do to calm down and assume the very best about her motives, and then go talk to her and give her your perspective and expectations about how she should respond when your child has these kinds of needs. it's disturbing that he was not taken seriously and had to suffer like that. she needs to get that feedback...but how you deliver it might make the difference in whether she receives it, and that matters. but what am i going on about? of course you will respond with wisdom and courage because that's who you are. jack is so lucky to have a mom like you.

  4. Oh, my Dearest Jen ... how anxiously I await news of your test results.

    As I was gleaning some parts of this post to insert in your space on mine ... I had a young man here, working o my air-conditioner. And I read to him some of your post, as a testament to your lovely character and loving Spirit. he was quite impressed and said that he wants to subscribe to your blog on his computer at home. You have touched, yet another life! How I do love and admire all that You are!

    As to your question about how to respond to the Teachers treatment of Jack. The best course is something that a very wise and dear Friend taught me way before you were born. [smile] I am so OLD!! [grin] Michael J. O'Brien, Esq., said "When having any difficulty needing sorting out ... go DIRECTLY to God. Don't waste your time on the Arc-Angels." So, my darling, I share that sage advice with you. Go to the head of the school. Calmly lay out the details (as you know them.) And explain that you have confidence and trust in the fairness and judgment of that person in authority ... and would like to be informed (by the Head [the 'God' of that environment]) as to the solution to the matter. Then leave it there. (You have more than enough on your personal plate, to concern your beautiful Self with.) When you ask "do you think she may have made that call based on what he looked like at the time" ... you are asuming that the Teacher is qualified to make that decision. That is what they have a Nurse for! That is why the school invests in the provision of a medical person for. That is NOT the decision for the Teacher to make. There ... you have my view on thie matter.

  5. Dear, dear Jenni—First, I'm so happy that you slept through the whole thing! I think prayers do work and we are praying for much more than that!! Tears just came into my eyes when I read how our support means so much to you. I think we are just so lucky to know you and to be able to share your healing journey. May all the love and prayers that are coming to you from all over the world continue to strengthen you and wash the cancer away! There are so many ways forward, and I, for one, am keeping the faith!!

    As for Jack, I do hope he's feeling better. And, yes, I'd definitely let both the principal and the teacher know that if he's not feeling well you are requesting and expecting that he go to the nurse to be evaluated and rest, if necessary, until you can pick him up. This should be standard procedure, Id' think, so good to let the principal know.

    Jenni, keep smiling! Good things are coming!
    Sending love and hugs.

  6. The poor little love! I hope he is feeling better soon. I might ask the teacher about it and let her know what happened later in the day... but that is horrible that Jack had to go through that.

    So glad that the PET scan is over... but what a terrible long time to wait!! I will be sending you thoughts and prayers in the meantime...

  7. Sleeping through the scan was a bonus! The waiting afterwards and uncertainty is stressful - hand it over to your higher power and leave it there.
    Your poor little man - did the teacher know you were having a scan? It is stressful for Jack too - no wonder he had a tummy ache. I like John-Michael's thoughts - talk to the principal first especially as he is still unwell.

  8. Yay you! Oh, I'm relieved that this is over too. Just reading about your description made me claustrophobic. Eeeee!

    Praying over the wait... for whatever reason, just now I'm thinking about Ruth (OT) going to lay down at the feet of Boaz... waiting for him to wake... waiting to find out her fate. Would her life be redeemed or not. Spread out your blanket, Jen. Spread out your blanket. I know this sounds all crazy-like, but I think it's a word for you.


  9. I am glad the appointment went well... and am thinking of you as you wait for the verdict from their findings.

    Poor Jack, that is not good for the teacher to disregard him like that.

    My daughter had that happen once, she wasn't feeling well and went twice to tell the teacher and on the third time she vomited on the teachers shoes. She has not had to wait since then, hee hee.

  10. "God was with her" was the first thought that came to mind when you said you fell asleep during the pet scan. It gave me chills!!! I love it! God in action, Jen! Do you see how subtle He is, yet so perfect in His timing? He didn't design us to carry heavy burdens on our own strength or power. We are like power tools with dead batteries and the Holy Spirit gives us the "juice" to power up. You are not in this alone, girlfriend! God is sufficient to carry you through this suffering and will bring you closer to Him. We are here for you to use as sounding boards. So sound-away!!!
    I like John-Michael's response in dealing with Jack's (sounds lazy to me) teacher. Go to the top of the food chain! Is there any way to call her at home? That would really let her know of your sincerity and concern. I would put it in this way: "You know, (Mrs. Head Honcho), Jack was complaining of stomach cramps when he got home from school today and then came down with diarrhea. Were you aware of this as he said he mentioned it twice to (his teacher)? It concerns me because I wasn't informed of it while he was at school." It's hard to not want to accuse. It makes us feel better, but I would think of Jack and how she'll treat him afterwards, if you put her on the defensive. Some teachers have their favorites and unfortunately, it's not always our kids. Just kill her with kindness. It's very effective.
    Keep us posted on your results! Have a great weekend!

  11. Congrats on sleeping through the PET!! That's always a good thing, because they are pretty confining!! I also think that you should speak to the teacher and the princial. The teacher is NOT a nurse and it is not up to her to evaluate how your son feels!! Just like the nurse wouldn't go into the class and take over the teacher's job!! It could have been a more serious medical issue, and the teacher is not able to evaluate the student's health. I am a nurse, and in that situation, I would have wanted to be informed and able to examine the child myself!! If it was a minor issue, then by all means, send the student back to class, but again, let the nurse be the judge of that!! I think that if you let the principal know what happened, and phrase it diplomatically, it will work out to the benefit of all, and most of all, let the teacher know (and your son too) that you are there for him!!
    Take care!! Hope you get good results, from both the tests, and the school!!!!

  12. OH Jen....first of all my apologies for not being more in touch with you....I've been busy and not checking all the blogs I usually now I'm playing catch up !!!

    But let's talk about Jack for a moment....YES....I would be in that school so fast and not only would I talk to the teacher, I would talk to the principal as well !!!

    She basically ignored him...and if our kids don't feel safe in school when they are little...well, really what message is being sent??

    Would it have hurt her to send him to the nurse....really, my blood would have boiled too....and I really think that if parents don't speak up...that stuff like this will keep hanppening and happening !!

    What would have happened if he had had an accicent in the classroom ???? That would have scarred him for life !!!!

    Sorry I jumped in so fast and furiously..but I'm a momma bear out to protect any cubs !!!

  13. Jen,
    Sorry I wasn't able to come and wish you well for your test today, but believe me you were on my mind all day at work. I'm glad you slept through it and of course I am praying hard that all will turn out well and that you will have your surgery.
    Sending you hugs,

  14. Jen -

    Sending love to you and Jack. Hope you guys have a sweet weekend together.

    xo Jena

  15. Jenni,
    Good to know you slept during the scan. I can imagine the claustrophobia because I am a claustrophobic person! Comfortable to know you feel supported with our prayers, so good to know!
    About Jack and his teacher I think you should go to school and talk to her. She had really a nasty behavior. I was a teacher for 5 years and when a student complains we have to ask them what he or she is feeling and do what is right: allow them to go to the nurse or go with them after class. You're not being overprotective, that teacher needs to know Jack has a mother who cares and protects him. She has to behave in a different way in the future. It's my opinion.
    Nice weekend for you and both your boys. Hope Jack is ok now.
    Sending love,

  16. Yay! Glad the PET scan went well. I have my fingers crossed for some good results for you. I hope Jack is feeling better also. You should have a word to his teacher. If a child is feeling unwell, there is no harm in getting him checked out by the school nurse. She should know that. Grumble!

  17. I came to see how you did yesterday, and I am so happy you slept through the whole thing. Good for you!!! I'm still praying.

    I don't think you are being over-protective. I think I would go in, and ask her what her take on the situation was. When I child says they don't feel well, we should respond. There is some reason that they are saying it. Let us know if we need to go after her. ;-)