Monday, 9 June 2008

A New Blog

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well today and feeling happy or at least content. I am still doing okay, actually for the first time in about a month I went out under my own steam yesterday. It was so nice to be independent again, I had forgotten what it was like and I so need that in my life, it makes me feel good. Anyway I am up nice and early this morning, a little bit sore it's true and I am trying not to panic, it's nothing unbearable but just the fact that it's there at all bothers me.

Anyway, that's not why I am here, I am here nice and early on this Monday morning, which is a public holiday here in Australia (yay), to officially introduce you to a new blog I have been invited to author on. The blog is called Mothers with Cancer and it is a place where you can read inspiring, true stories of women trying to raise children, also fighting for their lives against cancer. There are about 12 of us I think so far and there are some amazing stories to read. So if you know anyone battling cancer, or anyone just diagnosed or anyone that is caring for someone with cancer, you know where to send them. It will be a wonderful support I believe, it is not just women blogging about their experience, it also has resources on there, ideas on where to shop, a forum, it will truly be a place that I think women with children will gain much in support, strength and ideas to help themselves. So, having said all that, come and visit me over there via the link above or the link in my side bar. I have blogged my entire story so far from the moment I felt ill up till now. It is a story a lot of you may not already know in detail as I haven't actually blogged about it in full here before.

I am in very good company over there with some amazing women and stories. Of course this will continue to be my main blog and I will post over at the new one probably once a week. Anyway I would be touched if you would stop by to welcome me over there at my new part time place. More soon about where I am at right now and some other stuff I want to share. Take good care my dear friends, of yourselves and each other.

I also want to give a shout out to Mama DB for wanting to send me some scrapbooking supplies. Thank you so very much my dear, I am really appreciative of that and would LOVE them to inspire me to get creating more. Thanks again my friend.

Things I am Grateful For Today

Seeing sunrise this morning, it was just so very beautiful and calming.

My Jack getting up nice and early so he will be tired nice and early tonight.

Scrapbooking and my scrapbooking studio/shed.

Meeting some amazing women at the new blog.

Being asked to author on the new blog and be a part of it.


  1. Jen, I'm so proud of you. And, I'm going over to look right now.

    Be strong, sweet girl.

  2. It's a fabulous new forum - and I am pleased you are going to contribute. I have been following Susan's (Whymommy)story for a long time - she is another inspriring survivor.

    How good for you to get out by yourself - we all need that.

    love and hugs
    Karen xx

  3. Jen,
    I'm so happy for you. I've been to the new blog and read the touching stories there. I didn't know your whole story and it's an amazing testament to who you are as a woman, mother and human being. I feel so priveleged to know you here and keep sending you my best healing and comforting thoughts as you continue on this journey. Wish you were closer so we could meet, hang out, and discuss crafty things!
    Take care and as always, keep positive and focusing on the love around you!

  4. i did check it out. just hurts to read of women who are mothers to young children.
    just breaks my heart.
    whoa, just saw lightning. better go log off here.
    you take care of yourself. have many more great sunrises. i never get to see either from my place. too many trees and the highway and no scenic beauty. take a picture for us so we can share the moment with you online! i'd love to see a sunset in australia!

  5. Congrats dear Jen. So glad you are sharing yourself and your beautiful inspiring story with the world in this way. Its wonderful!

  6. Yay, you're back! Read the new blog - thanks for your story and the group of women sound fantastic and really supportive, how wonderful for you all, and us, too.

    So happy to hear that the pain/infection seems to be under better control. Whew.

    Be well, take good care!
    Cate in Cal

  7. Great happy for you that you have this support network. I am going over there right now!


  8. Hi there Delightful! I got so caught up in stealing away your words and translating them into temptations to lure my readers to this, as well as your new, site ... that I nearly forgot to pop in and remind you that I love you so!

    I am enjoying and celebrating the fresh music in your Voice, Jen, my Darling Friend. I pray this will be a week of further improvements and joys for You.

  9. Looking forward to reading you in your new space.

  10. Hi Jen, that is just wonderful, I am going to go and have a look, well done for doing this!!
    love and hugs Tabitha XX