Friday, 27 June 2008

More Interaction...

Hi my dear readers, I just really want to use this post to tell you that now I'm not suffering near as much pain, I am going to try and be a little more interactive with all of you. What I mean by that is I am going to try and respond to each and every comment in the comment section of my blog. Now, I hate to make a promise like this and then fail at it miserably, so for now let's just say it's a bit of trial and error but I really want to give it a shot. I often feel as though I don't give anything back when I receive such sweet and loving support. I so often feel as though I want to write to each of you individually but just haven't known how to go about it as it felt like such a mammoth task. However, as I say, now that I am feeling a bit better I think I could just about manage it, so, I'm going to give it my best shot. If on occasion I miss a couple of replies, please don't be offended or think that you are any less important in any way than other people that I may have responded to, all it will mean is that I ran out of time and/or energy and just couldn't keep up.

Anyway I'm kind of excited to open up the communication a bit more, I hope you are too. Let's see what happens and I will start as of now.

Take good care of yourselves and each other.

Things I'm Grateful for Today:

My friend Lee coming over tonight when I really feel like visiting with her.

My lovely ducted heating, it has been very chilly!

Oh the best one of all, the fact that my pain has lessened to almost non-existent. YAY!!!

Books, gosh I love to read and be taken into other worlds, to learn, to be inspired, I can't imagine a world without books and therefore authors. So grateful for that.

Fireplaces in Winter. Mine is only a fake gas one made to look real but it is still very cozy and sweet. It really does look real but I love actual real ones best, with the crackle and hiss of the wood and the aroma mmmmm.

Soups, casseroles, breads, really really good red wine (I only like the best ones unfortunately for my purse) that warms you as it slides down and makes you feel all pleasant and mellow - like the wine itself actually! Delicious and very indulgent.

Wintery walks rugged up with scarf and hat and boots.


  1. Jen, please don't feel like you owe us anything. I'm sure I am speaking for many that say that we check in regularly as your support system. We don't expect anything in return. Not even blog posts...

  2. P.S. Good Red Wine. Yummmm!

  3. It's just so wonderful to know you're feeling better. Praise God!


  4. It's so strange to read about you having winter when we're in the height of summer up here. It's a small world after all in some ways, but still very big. Glad you're feeling better!

  5. I guess you have no idea how much you give to your readers every time you share yourself in a post! It is very sweet and generous of you to want to give even more, but please don't feel like it's necessary! Many of us (most of us, I dare say) feel a connection to you even though we've never met you. That, I think, says a lot about the generous soul you are. Just take care of yourself. If that includes spending more time at The Comfy Place, so be it. You won't get any complaints from me. If not, that's OK too :)

  6. oooohhh warm casseroles, crusty bread AND red wine... hmmm you and I are one in the same miss Jen! I sooooooooo want to jump on a plane and get down there to visit with you now.... darn credit cards and bills... it just never ends!!!! (big sigh inserted here)
    My life has been a touch on the mental side in the past few days... ughhh. I was going to ph you tonight but now that I have read that Lee is coming to visit I will try you over the weekend maybe.
    Love to you sunshine


  7. I am so happy you are feeling a bit better and now the school holidays have started you will feel more like doing things with Jack. Might just have to arrange that coffee - I'm on hols in a week.
    I'm like you - if I am drinking red - it has to be good.
    laove and hugs

  8. Glad your having less pain!!! That is awesome. Have been unable to access the internet for 4 days (due to meetings) - but so happy that you are feeling better.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Nicky from Canada

  9. Hi, Jenni—So happy you are feeling well!! Good things are happening! Truly. You are so sweet to want to reply to our messages...please never feel you must. It's such an honor to know you as we do from far away, to know your brilliant, beautiful spirit and to be able to send you our love and prayers. Funny to think it's cold over's summer here! Keep warm, Jenni!

  10. So very glad you are feeling better but don't feel any obligation to answer if you aren't up for it!! Enjoy your better days in whatever fashion makes you feel best!

  11. Good to know you're almost off pain, it's wonderful news!!!
    I agree with Meredith: you don't owe us anything, we are your support system. Feel free to answer or not. You only have to know we are always with you, I believe I can speak for the rest of the beautiful people that come here always, and distance doesn't exist for those who care and love.
    Good red wine! Portuguese red wine is great! You have to try one of these days.
    Receive a huge and warm hug!

  12. So wonderful to hear that you are feeling better and almost totally pain free ~ that is just the best news ever!!
    I agree with the other comments ~ you already give so much Jen, and I would never expect more!!
    You are wonderful!
    love and hugs to you ~ Tabitha XXX

  13. Jen, all it takes to make me happy is to read that you are feeling less pain. Use this time for pleasure, and never give a second thought to worrying about responding to me.

    I just like to think about you on the other side of the world feeling better.

  14. I love your grateful list...those walks, fires and wines sound wonderful! We are just in the thick of summer here and I'm loving the wine spritzers, mojitos and just about anything else cold! Don't you worry about responding to everyone...we know you care just by reading your kind, thankful words here and I think everyone here is quite selfless in that aspect...we just want you to be happy and feeling well.
    Have a great weekend!

  15. I'm so pleased to hear that your pain is diminishing! Woohoo!

    Perhaps you could alleviate the guilt of not responding to every comment by committing to respond to a certain number of comments on each post. (Like 5 or 10) There are so many of us out here who love you and love to drop by with a kind word every now and then.

    There's so much love and good wishes for you, Jen Ballantyne, not having enough time in a day to respond to all of the people all over the world who wish you well...I hope that's a problem you have for a long time to come!!

  16. Just knowing that you're pain-free and feeling good fills me with happiness! Enjoy your weekend, sweetie, and don't respond to this! Instead, pour yourself a nice glass of that cozy red wine, curl up in front of your fireplace and enjoy this Friday night. Much love to you, Jenni!

  17. You inspire me to be a better mother, wife and person each day of my life. I found you through another blog and visit often to see how you are, and I am so glad that you are enjoying pain free days with your sons.

    Thank you for sharing your story :)


  18. So happy to know you're feeling good Jen! and have to agree on many of those things - I love wine, fires, wintery walks, yummy rich winter food....hmmm...and gas fires are pretty good too. I love the ease and convenience of my gas heater. Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. oh...and thankyou for friending me on Facebook - I haven't responded or done anything like that because I don't actually use it!I might check it out later in the week though.

  20. Awww shucks, thanks Meredith but I am so happy to do it, as long as I have time and health, but thanks, I know you don't expect anything in return but I just think it is respectful and nice to respond if you possibly can. Take care my loyal friend. xx I know, good red wine, delicious!

    Thanks Kat, you have been supporting me for so long now and I am so bad for not coming over to your blog more often, however the new me just might surprise you. J x

    I know, it's so weird reading about you all having Summer, so many of my friends and supporters are from the US so it is very odd. Thanks for your support too babe Jx

    Thank you dear Debbie, that is just such a lovely thing to say! You are a dear dear soul and I thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin. Take good care my dear J x

    More coming soon, I am just doing a bit here and there when I can grab a few moments.

  21. Just delurking. Glad to read your doing some better pain wise. Love the gratitude list.

  22. Dear Jen,

    Please dont worry about responding to my post! I am just so happy to read that you are almost pain free...that makes my day!



  23. Jen, you do not have to worry about responding. seriously. i visit here, bc this is a warm place to be. i go to a lot of blogs and now and then write, but this is where i feel comfortable and welcome. so i do get a lot out of it. i hope my comments have never been offensive or hurtful, i always word things v. carefully.
    but you've been too kind to say otherwise.
    i make prayers for you. i hope the sun continues to shine on your face and keep you happy and strong. your words always are so sincere, that i can't help but feel that you are loving us.

  24. Hey darling Carmel, I hope things are looking up for you at the moment I really do, just know that my heart is with you during this time. Jx

    Hey Karen, that sounds like a great plan, especially if Jack's at his Dad's, that is a good time for doing things like coffee get togethers. Jx

    Thanks dear Nicky, sounds like you've been busy at work. Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend, sounds like you deserve it. Hugs Jx

    Darling Cathy, I am so cozy warm in my little cottage, it's so tiny that the heating takes mere seconds to warm the entire space beautifully. I hope you are enjoying Summer (I love Summer). Take care my friend Jx

    Thank you Daphne, I will only commit to responding as long as I have both energy and relative health so don't worry my friend. Take Care Jx

    Darling Bete! So good to hear from you. I would LOVE to try Portuguese wine, especially if we could get together some day and have it together. Love to you Jx

    Oh sweet Tabitha, you are such a darling. I am really so happy to respond to such beautiful people, I actually enjoy and want to do it as long as strength allows which it does at the moment so I will indulge. Take care friend Jx

    Thanks dear Beverley, I will still make sure I have time for pleasure but honestly it is a pleasure to read all the comments and then respond to them. Love to you Jx

    2kids3martini's, I agree with you totally, I know everyone here is so selfless in everyway and I know no-one needs or expects anything from me but I want to so I will for now at least. Hope you are well sweet friend. Jx

    Emily, it is such a wonderful problem to have isn't it, I too hope that I have to worry about having enough time and energy to respond to all the beautiful people from all over the world that leave me supportive comments. Love to you dear girl Jx

    Dear Jill, will do honey, you take some of your own advice and curl up too oh hang on you're in Summer, okay well you pour yourself something deliciously cold and sit on the front porch or back patio and enjoy your weekend too. Love to you partner in blogging Jx

    Aurelia, welcome to my blog and I hope you continue to leave me a comment, the more the merrier. I am off to check out your blog in a few moments. Take care and again, welcome Jx

    Dear Rebecca, please don't bother responding because I hardly ever use it either, I just wanted to find a couple of friends that I had lost track of over the years (I found one of them by the way) but won't be using it I don't think, I have enough other things to do on my computer without adding that to it. Hope you are well sweetie, love to ya Jx

    Welcome Hopesrising, what a beautiful name! I am so glad you delurked, I will be checking out your blog very soon. Thank you my dear, take care Jx

    Dear Annie, it is a pleasure to respond to you, I only wish I had more time and I could speak to you all at length. Oh well this is better than nothing huh? Take care my friend Jx

    Muneera, you have NEVER EVER been offensive or hurtful, don't even think that for a second. You have been nothing but a delight to me and I want you to always speak your mind here, I respect that and alway have and will, this is (I hope) a place where we can all feel free to be real. Love ya Jx

    There, I've finished. For now anyway but it didn't take me too long and I've enjoyed it. Love to you all and please don't think it's too much bother to respond to any of you because it is a delight. Take care hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  25. I too am glad you are feeling better, I have been reading your story for a while and have left a few comments. You are..... I don't think there has been a word invented yet that discribes you. Living in NZ I am also in the middle of winter, Brrrrr.


  26. you're so beautiful it makes me want to cry. and sometimes i do. love to you sister.

  27. omg what happened there?? ok attempt no 2... (my only excuse is its midnight right now)
    Just for you Jen (well that and you are pretty much my only reader) I have returned to blogging.
    just letting you know.