Saturday, 21 June 2008

Been Keeping Pretty Well....

Okay I've had to come back to the top to just explain to you what th photos are, the santa ones are Jack at 3 months old doing some photos for Xmas, more at the bottom, one of them is Jack's very first day of school, Jack and Jamie standing together - the long and the short of it! the round one is Jack as a baby and me leaning over him trying to make him laugh. Anyway I've had a pretty good run the past well almost 2 weeks now I guess. How great is that? Amazing and I am oh so grateful, I can't tell you the relief. I have had a couple hiccups but nothing compared to what was going on. The nerve pain is under control, I have a hit of it every night but I know how to treat it now before it gets too out of control mind you it involves taking 12-15 tablets and a hot pack and about an hour of nasty pain BUT it does go away in an hour where as I was having it before for hours on end and having to go to Hospice for Ketamine and stay in there so they could monitor me so this is a huge improvement. Then today I had terrible abdominal cramps and pain, high up and I pulled out my information list on Avastin and sure enough under the serious side affects was abdominal cramping and spasms and it said get medical attention urgently, so thank goodness my Doctor was available to me and came right over, he got me the medicine I needed and I slept for about 4 hours and was fine when I woke so that was short lived thankfully, if it comes back I know what to take for it. It is definitely caused by the Avastin from chemo so it is probably something that will bother me from time to time, still even that is nothing compared to what I was suffering. So all in all I am in a pretty good place.

You will be happy to know I have been dropping Jack to school every morning and also picking him up, which involves getting out of my car, going to his classroom and then to the playground before we head for home. I am managing to do this, good stuff huh! On Friday night I even managed to take Jack into the shops in Frankston and get him some new clothes and a game he'd been wanting for his playstation and a movie he'd been wanting too, it was good to spoil him a bit and to be able to walk around the shops pain free and just enjoy everything. Gosh I hope this lasts because it is just so hard to think of having to go back to that kind of pain and discomfort. I will try not to think about that because I can't do much about it anyway so I may as well focus on the good stuff and there's plenty of it right now.

Tomorrow is my nephews 4th birthday party so we are going to that, (as long as I'm okay of course), Jack is so excited, he loves his little cousins, so it promises to be a good day. He had his Dad over today for the day and they went on a long walk in the rain and then when they came back that was when I was in trouble with the pain so luckily David stayed and did Jack's bath and dinner and that is how I was able to sleep for so long. I was very grateful to him that's for sure.

Anyway that's about all I've got for you this post I think, I've been a bit slack over at the new blog mothers with cancer, I must get a move on and do a post or two over there as well. Okay, I'll leave it there, perhaps I'll add a few photos, they will be up the top before you even read this I guess won't they, I hate how blogger does that, I always want them at the bottom of the post, anyhoo, no biggy in the whole scheme of things. Take care my sweet friends and thank you for faithfully reading and caring about me, I appreciate it so very much. Hugs to you all xxx J


  1. Oh, I am so glad you are feeling better. What a joy it is to read your words this morning.
    Hugs ~

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  3. Hi! Glad to hear you are doing well. Sounds like that chat you had with the doctor went well and now he's much more responsive. No?

    The pictures are wonderful. Wow, Jamie is tall!

    You know how the photo html garble shoots to the top, just after you finish uploading the photo? You can just copy and past that garble where ever, in the post, you want the photo to appear. I usually type up my post and then upload each photo and move it as I need to.

    Hope this helps. It was great to hear how you are doing.


  4. Dear Jen, I am so happy knowing you have been feeling so much better and for such a long while. I hope you and Jack enjoy your day. My love to you, debi

  5. so wonderful that you're finding your way through the pain and discovering ways to obtain some relief. and i love the photos. you have a beautiful family jen.

  6. Love visiting your blog from my home in Tel Aviv (ISRAEL) now, and soon back in Atlanta (USA). You are a bright light whose power generates healing globally.

  7. Oh, I'm so happy to hear the cheer in your words. Thank our sweet Lord you're doing so well. I hope it continues.

    BTW...once you download photo, you can click on them and drag them down to where you want them to be.


  8. Hello!
    The news is good...joyous to hear! Love those photos of the boys. They are so precious!
    Take care, keep up and know how much we all care!

  9. Jen, I'm so happy to come hear and read that you are doing a bit better and having some good days.

    You make us all so proud of you.

  10. I am so glad that it is all becoming more manageable. Must have been such a treat to go shopping with Jack and just be able to do everyday things. Love the photos (you can just drag them down your post too if you want to move them) Jack had that gorgeous smile even as a baby. The one of Jack and Jamie reminds me of one of my son and and my step son together - now they are are a few inches different.
    Keep smiling Jen,
    love and hugs,
    K xx

  11. Your boys are beautiful. Jack has light and happiness in his eyes.

  12. wonderful Jen, hope the week ahead continues in the same fashion xox

  13. Dear Jen,

    I love seeing the photos of your very handsome boys! I am so glad that you are feeling better and are able to be out and about!


  14. Hi Jen,
    I haven't been on the computer to often, but nonetheless, I do think and pray for you always. I am so happy to hear you feel better. And all those photos are beautiful. You do have beautiful children. Hope you continue to do well! Love to you, Roemary~

  15. Good to know the pain is under control and you're able to pick up Jack and going shopping. It's also good to see Jamie's photo, he looks nice as sweet Jack is.
    Sending love,

  16. Hi Precious Jen! Such a relief to hear of your having this bit of respite from the pain Monster. I am encouraged by this new responsiveness by your physician and your new tactics in pain management. To think of you enjoying those moments with your boys is beyond lovely! You are Dear and always Near in my Spirit. I have you in my thoughts daily (and it is a nice presence!)

    If you would like a bit of "coaching" in that bothersome photo placement thingy ... just Email & I will happily oblige.

    I love You.

  17. this makes me so very happy to hear.
    And oh how tender and sweet these baby santa pictures are. :)
    love you.

  18. I'm so glad you're having some respite from pain and finding ways of managing it when it does strike. Long may that last! It's lovely to see those photos. - You can move them to where you want them in the post once you've uploaded them, you know. Just click and 'grab' the photo and move it down.

  19. What good news, dear Jenni! Wonderful and wondrous and just as it should be. So happy for you. And what beautiful boys you have! Truly. Sending love and all good wishes!

  20. I'm so glad that things are going well for you! I hope you had fun at the party ---and that the doctor was responsive to you! Sending good thoughts and positive energy from Ohio.

  21. So happy that ou are feeling good and are able to do some of the day to day stuff - especially the school stuff!!! That is always the best part of the day.
    So happy for you!!! Also glad you are finding ways to deal with the pain and that it has improved immensely.
    Hope you were able to do the party!!!
    God Bless
    Nicky From Canada

  22. Hi Sweetie:

    So glad to hear you are having some relief from the pain, and able to enjoy the "normalcy" of just being a Mommy!

    Hugs to you....

  23. Hi Jen ~ I love the photos ~ what lovely boys you have. So pleased to hear you are well.
    Sending lots of love and blessings to you ~ Tabitha XXXX

  24. I'm so happy and yet so teary eyed at the same time.
    beautiful handsome boys. i am so glad you are feeling better.

  25. and the baby shot is just priceless, all of them.

  26. Your boys are so cute, they're edible. And I am so happy to hear you're feeling better! It always just makes my day :)