Friday, 2 May 2008

We're Going to the Zoo...

Yes I am going to attempt to go to the zoo tomorrow with Jack and my dear friend Lee (you remember Lee). She was here the other night and somehow our conversation turned to animals and zoos and we realized Jack couldn't remember having been to the zoo. He has been, a couple of times, but he can't remember as he was a lot younger. So when Jack went off to have a play, Lee and I had a talk and decided we would give it a try. I rang up today and booked a wheelchair and Lee will push me some of the way. Jack can also have a go in it when he gets tired. I feel a bit funny about having a wheelchair but I am not really up to walking round the entire zoo at the moment so at least this is a way that I can still take my son out for the day. He is SO excited. We went online and looked up the zoo and he found a map and planned our way round, he spent ages on there checking out everything to do with the zoo. He is so thrilled that I am doing it with him as I haven't done anything like this with him in a long time. Gosh I hope nothing stops me going. We have a back up plan just in case I get into severe pain or something which would stop me going and that is that Lee will still take Jack (bless her) and I promise I will come another time, as soon as I am able. He is okay with that but of course so badly wants me to come with them and I so badly want to be able to go with them. Anyway I will certainly give it my best shot. I will, of course, be taking my camera so hopefully will have some fun shots to share with you all when we get back. So wish me luck my friends and here's to a day spent in healing with my son and friends with laughter and gorgeous animals and butterflies and all things wondrous. Take good care of yourselves and each other. Love to you all.


  1. i will pray that NOTHING will hinder your journey to the zoo with Sir Jack.

  2. I pray that you will have strength to go to the zoo and enjoy it thoroughly with your beautiful, beautiful boy. Peace to you on this painful phase of your journey. Wave at an elephant for me - they are my favorite animals, followed closely by giraffes.

  3. Dear Jenni—Have a wonderful, wondrous time! And, yes, this is so healing to do good, fun things with your beloved sons and friends. And to be in nature with animals. All so good. Sending much love and good wishes from across the world to you.

  4. Glad you're feeling better and up for a zoo trip. Sounds like you're really enjoying you r time with Jack lately, great stuff.

    Take care....

  5. Will say lots of prayers and hope that you are strong enough to go to the Zoo for your special day. Enjoy your lovely boy and how special this day will be for you all!!! Get lots of pictures!!!
    Love and blessings from Canada

  6. Thanks Amy, appreciate it a LOT. I really want to do this with Jack.

    Thank you Gail, Jack's favorite are the giraffes! He is so excited.

    Thanks Cathy, it will be a healing thing to do won't it. I'm a bit nervous about getting into pain but hey, you gotta live a little right?

    Hey Donna, I am enjoying my time with Jack lately, I am blessed I still have this time with him so I want to make the most of it that's for sure. x

    Hi Nicky, thanks for the prayers and I will be sure and get lots of pictures because they will make great memories for Jack one day.

  7. Hi Jen,
    That trip to the zoo sounds fantastic, just what you both need.
    I pray that you are well and that you have a day full of laughter and wonderful memories.
    I look forward to seeing the photos ~ I love the zoo!!
    love and hugs,
    Tabitha XXX

  8. I will pray hard that your best day in a long time will be the day you're going to the zoo. I'm sure Jack is over the moon excited! Have a wonderful time and then show us the photos.


  9. Jenni - a zoo is a wonderful place to visit. i hope it is a memorable time for both of you. loved the pictures you posted. he is indeed a beautiful boy. my prayers are always with you.
    God willing, everything will turn out great. i hope the sun shines wherever you three take a step.
    have fun. enjoy the day!

  10. Dear Tabitha, thank you my dear, I love the zoo too and so much fun to see Jack's face and see it through his eyes. It has been a long time since he's been so it will be like the first time again for him. Last time they gave the elephants a paintbrush (held in their trunk) and they 'painted' pictures so I hope they will do that today so Jack could see it. Love to you my friend x

    Hi dear Kat, nice to hear from you, thank you for your prayers for us and yes you are correct, Jack IS over the moon excited, so nice to see it does my heart good. Yes I will DEFINITELY show pictures of our day. Love to you xx

    Oh dear Muneera, thanks so much that's lovely of you, I don't know whether we'll see the sun but it is not expected to rain so that's something. We are so excited. Love to you xx

  11. Hope you have a great time Jen, the zoo is so lovely now - I seem to always gravitate to the Japanese gardens but with Jack there the giraffes and elephant walk might be more popular! Jack will love the new orangatan house too. Can you tell I LOVE the Melbourne
    Looking forward to some lovely photos of the 3 of you!
    love & hugs
    K XXX

  12. Jen,
    This is HOMESCHOOLING at its BEST!!! The excitement of going to the zoo for a field trip, leads to an Internet search (technology), map and geography skills (map of the zoo and planning your way around, where do each of these animals live when not in captivity?), learning everything to do with the zoo (science: habitats, animal behavior, what do they eat?). Kids are born self-teachers when they are passionate about something! Excellent!!!

    Below is the email that I penned to your previous post (actually 2 posts ago), but hadn’t quite finished it and had somewhere to run so I saved it to post at a later time….

    Dearest Jen,
    What wise comments have been offered....lots of choices...only you know which one is right for you and Jack. Only you, truly know the exact circumstances and situation of each day. Being with Jack is so very important....especially on days when you feel well enough to interact and be with him, read to him, make play dough with him, laugh and giggle with him. Especially when you know the reality of your future (well, all of our futures, but like you said, you have the knowledge that your "day" may come sooner than later). I think this surge of energy was a blessing to you so that you could spend some good days with Jack. Jack is a smart boy....he is 6?, 7?. He has been with you since the beginning of this illness and he knows that you have not been well... I think that kids are comforted by talking about things, on their level of course, but they really can understand and absorb deep, deep issues and realities about life...and this includes death.

    You have the privilege of this awesome time to do just what you are doing: spending time with Jack and building memories of the two of you together for him, as well as preparing Jack for the day when you will no longer be with him physically on this assure him that he will continue to be cared for and loved and safe in this world....he has many people that love him....and that your love will always be with him...he will always carry your love with him.

    I homeschool and I would not worry about Jack "missing out" or getting behind. At his age, if you just read books read to him and he reads what he can to you....and he has some time outside to explore, he will be fine with his academics.

    Love to you, Jen

    We continue to pray for you and to think of you often throughout the day.

    Ruthie from California

  13. Hi Jen,
    I too pray that you have a wonderful, fabulous love and fun filled day!! I am so happy for you and Jack! Hugs and love, Rosemary~

  14. Dear Sweet Jen, I am so thrilled that you and Jack will have this fun day together. What a wonderful idea.You are such a loving and thoughtful mom. Jack is so blessed to have you. I think you will make it. I know there will be many many prayers being said. May God be with you and lift you up when you feel weak or in pain. My love to you sweet one. debi

  15. Jen, I remember going to the zoo when I was 3, and the giraffes were so amazing to me! I pray that this will be an amazing day for you and Jack and that the memories of this day will stay with Jack for the rest of his life.



  16. Wishing you strength and joy for tomorrow's visit to the zoo - how fun and fabulous with Jack and the most excellent Lee, too!
    Can't wait to see your pictures - I'm sure they'll be sensational!

    Thanks for the info on and Pangea Day and the artist, too... I'm headed there now. I love the Ted conferences - found that site a few years ago accidentally while searching for United Air's Ted airlines - a happy detour.

    So happy you're getting out and about and enjoying life these days as much as you can. Wishing you continued success, health and healing prayers for you as always.

  17. OOPS!! (I posted this "comment" on your previous post with one that I left there intentionally. 'Just moved it here [where I intended it originally.])

    What a wonderful idea! how I do hope that it worked out as hoped for by you and Jack.

    I am anxious to hear about it Jen.

    Loving all of YOU!! (Heart, Soul, and Mind)

  18. Jen

    Ohhh I do hope you managed that trip to the Melb Zoo. I took Laura there a few years ago when I had her there for a visit to the Children's Hospital. What a awesome way to spend a day... I could have spent soooo much more time there it's just lovely. I will upload my pictures from melbourne onto my photobucket page so we can compare.
    Love you


  19. hello again
    Well it has taken half the morning but I finally managed to get my melb pictures to upload to my photobucket. I hope your trip was as wonderful as mine... I can't wait to get back to that zoo one day
    My photo's are at
    there are other shots there of my day to day... even a album of one the of the shows I have done.