Sunday, 4 May 2008

We Went to the Zoo...

Yay, I made it. I got to go and I did really well, only had to stop and rest twice and one of those stops was just a very quick one. We LOVED it, so much fun, such a lovely day. Jack just soaked it up and I know he was thrilled that I was experiencing this with him. Every few minutes I would hear "mum, look at this, mum wow look at this", over and over, it was just delightful. I am so very glad I got to do this with Jack, I couldn't have done it without Lee's help though, she was amazing. She arrived early to help me with getting Jack ready, she cleaned up the kitchen for me while I tried to fix my wild crazy hair (which I won't have to worry about for much longer). She also arrived with soup and a beautiful 'pull apart' loaf with bacon and cheese on it so Jack and I could have it for dinner and I wouldn't have to cook a meal when we got home tired. So very thoughtful, no wonder she is such a very dear friend. We had decided the day before that we would buy our lunch at one of the cafes at the zoo. Instead she arrived with rolls all made up for us and a few bags of treats like chocolate eclairs, yum. So all in all my dear friends, it was quite a wonderful day. I hope you all did something lovely this weekend too. Take care of yourselves and each other.


  1. I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am reading this wonderful post. What happy pictures too. Lee is such a special friend. This is what God had in mind when he gave us friends. I know this memory will always be special to Jack. What a cutie pie he is. Thank you Jen for sharing your special day. I love you, debi

  2. And lucky Jack had a butterfly land on him (and stay long enough for a photo!!) What a wonderful day for you all - those are the days he will remember. Don't you love all the new areas out there. Lovely Lee is always so thoughful. I am sitting here with a silly big smile really happy for you all!!
    love and hugs
    K xx

  3. Oh, I am so happy to hear what a magical day you had!!! Wonderful. :)

  4. YAY Jen!!! I've been checking in to see if you were able to make it to the zoo and you did it... and had such a fantastic time, too. Good job, you! And Lee, what a doll... plus adorable Jack = perfect day :-)

    Cate from Cal

  5. Adorable message you put here Jen. I'm so happy your weekend was great with your beautiful Jack and your wonderful friend Lee. It's so good to have a friend like her. You deserve the best because you're really a lovely person.
    Stay with the angels dear,

  6. Thanks so much Debi. I really felt good for going and I actually felt a bit 'normal' for a while which did me the world of good. Jx

    You're gorgeous Karen, I'm picturing you sitting there with a big smile on your face! I actually had to get my butterfly to go onto Jack because none of them would land on him and my one just stayed with me for ages, even when he flew off he came back very quickly, he stayed with me all the way to the exit area. Before that though I put him on Jacks arm and Jack was thrilled as you can see by the photos. Anyway thanks Karen Jx

    Thanks so much Linda, it truly was a wonderful day Jx

    Thanks so much Cate, Jx

    Thanks to you also Bete, thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it, take care Jx

  7. I am thrilled that you were able to go and have a beautiful day. What a wonderful friend you have in Lee. There truly are angels among us. And your little guy looks so happy in the pictures. Just wonderful!

    Lisa L.

  8. So happy you got to go to the zoo! Your little Jack is just precious and I am touched every time I read your writings. What a beautiful person you are and I am praying for you daily!

  9. Oh, I am so happy for you both! This will be a memory he will treasure, I am sure.

    And can I add ... could he BE any cuter?

    May you have many, many, many more days like this!!

  10. SO glad you all had a wonderful day. You're doing a great job at making fantastic memories with Jack!!

    And I'm taking notes from Lee :)

  11. So happy to see you made it to the zoo and that you felt well enough to only have to rest twice. Wonderful! Such great memories for Jack. Sending you a great big hug. You are in my prayers dear.

  12. i am so happy you had a beautiful day with Jack!
    the pictures are so lovely and your friend sounds like a perfect one.

  13. So excited that you day went well. It sounds like an amazing adventure.
    It is wonderful when we have such very special people in our lifes to help us along the road!!!!!
    You know when a butterfly lands on you it means good luck!!!!
    So thankyou your day was amazing!!
    Nicky from Canada

  14. PS - meant to say thankful!!! your day was amazing

  15. Wow, your day at the zoo was wonderful!! So happy that you felt good to go AND enjoy it!! That makes me so happy:-) I bet little Jack was just soaking up every second with you. How special for both of you. I know you hear this all the time...but Jack is so beautiful!!(inside and out). His eyes look like they speak right down to his soul...just volumes. I'm praying that he gets to have many more special times with you. You are an amazing Mother!! And yes, I would have kept him home from school too...hee hee :-) Know Jen that I think and pray for you daily.

  16. Marvelous photos of Jack and the butterfly! Well done!

  17. Dearest Jen, I am so thrilled that your day was so wonderful and the smiles in the photos say it all.
    I am pleased that you were able to do this with your lovely son.
    A gorgeous day full of memories ~
    Take care my friend,
    Thinking of you always,
    Tabitha X

  18. Thanks to you Lisa, he does look happy in the photos doesn't he. He absolutely loved the butterflies. J x

    Dear Amy thank you so much, your words are so kind and sincere and I thank you for praying for me. Take care, hugs Jen x

    Dear Nancy, thank you so much, I do hope there are many more days like that one too. Hugs xx

  19. Yay, yay, yay! So happy you made it to the zoo with Jack! What a good friend you have. May this be one of many great days to come, dear Jen.
    Cathy in Boston

  20. Jen!!!! What a wonderful post!!! I am so glad to hear all this! And Jack will remember this, for the rest of his life. YAY!

  21. Oh ... I am so pleased that you were able to enjoy a "normal" day with your darling boy.


  22. So glad you had such a beautiful day my friend. Jack looks so grown up in some of those photos...what a beautiful big boy. So glad the weekend was everything wonderful.xoxo

  23. you made it, yeaaa. i am glad you guys had an awesome time. i was worried. i honestly was so it was a relief to see your blog posting. i was like wow. she did it. good for you guys. these are memories for a lifetime. priceless. take care, and man does that look like an awesome zoo to go visit. how wonderful also of your friend to cook and prepare things. she is definitely a keeper and may God always watch over her as well.

  24. Reading this brought a big smile to my face! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. I'm so happy you were able to go. I can see from the photos that Jack had a good time.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  25. Dear Jen,
    Oh, how happy I am for you that you were able to pull off this adventure for Jack that you had planned. Isn't it such a blessing to have friends who will make our dreams come true!? The wonder and excitement on Jack's face was worth it all, I bet! You are lucky lady! And a loved lady!

    Ruthie from California

  26. WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL pictures! Glad you all could share such fun moments together!! Much love to you;o)

  27. What a beautiful post! Your little boy's face is just shining with joy. I'm so happy for you Jen.

  28. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, I'm glad. Take care sweetie.

  29. Amazing! So glad you had this day.

  30. You know, no matter what happens, these beautiful memories will live on in the hearts of so very many of us.

    Cherishing the thought of you enjoying such a magical day.