Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Simple Joys...

Look at these gorgeous babies! All ready to be planted into pots for my vegetable garden on the porch. I have used organic gardening soil, organic compost and organic mulch, some 'Seasol' and we are ready to plant. Every year I have had a gorgeous display of vegies mixed with beautiful colored flowers on my porch and everything grew there in abundance. My front porch gets all the sun, all day so everything that loves sun, ie, all vegetables, does very well there. I have a mix of smaller pots and massive, gigantic pots that I can plant an entire climbing bean plant crop. Not last season but the one before we have the most beautiful crop of beans, every night Jack was going out to the porch and picking beans for our dinner. Anyway, I haven't had anything growing on the porch for at least 12 months now and it is because of how sick I have been largely, also the drought hasn't helped as the thought of the extra work I would have had to have done just to get them watered was too much for me.

Anyway, these ones are certainly not going to be too much effort for me, I plan to have my porch looking lush and full of healthy and also pretty flowers and homegrown, organic vegies. People do get such a surprise when they see a pot that looks really pretty, they'll comment on it and go over to inspect it closer, always asking what it is you have planted and when you tell them oh some dill (herb that looks feathery with yellow flowers), some capsicums and some pansies, they get such a shock that vegies can look so pretty but they can and they do. So it is a lot of fun making them look pretty and then more fun when you can harvest your own home grown vegies. Jack loves going out to pick them as you can imagine, sometimes I wonder how many are actually going into my basket.


  1. oh i hope they grow in abundance again and bring you all kinds of joy and the satisfaction that comes with digging in the dirt. bless you sister.

  2. What a lovely thing to keep company with! I am growing herbs for the first time, myself (only one pot to start.) And I am eager to visit it each morning and enjoy the life happening there. Yours are beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with me, Jen. I feel like I am just next door.[smile]

    Lovingly ...

  3. Nothing better than growing and eating your own veges. Now I know what to do with my Mothers' Day Bunnings voucher.....
    Keep smmiling!
    love and hugs
    K xx

  4. How fun. I keep saying I'm going to grow some veggies this year but I have yet to get any to plant. I better hurry though or I won't get any.

    I hope yours grow and grow and give you lots of yummy meals.


  5. Wonderful, I am looking forward to seeing more pictures as they grow!!
    love and hugs to you my friend,
    Tabitha XX