Thursday, 8 May 2008

My Friend Meg...

Edited to say: It looks like they have been released. A little bird told me (Hi Beverly) that she googled this story and they have been released. Lets hope so, I will leave the links up for now just in case it turns out to be a falsehood but let's hope it's true. Hooray if it is. Meg will be thrilled, just off to her now to tell her the good news. Thanks everyone anyway I know you would have been wonderful if we'd needed you. I guess it's possible we still may so stand by and I will update as soon as I know anything more.

believe most of you know my dear friend Meg. Well she has written a post recently on a terribly sad story of an old couple who have lived in the USA for 35 years. They originally emigrated from Pakistan looking for a better life for themselves and their children. However, in what can only be a terrible mistake or a bunch of mistakes, they have been told they must return to Pakistan and leave the US for good. They organized to do so, he had a job waiting, they never got the chance to leave voluntarily as they were seized from their home by Emigration and Customs Enforcement and put in a detention center! The elderly couple have been separated, they can barely see their children, it is such a miscarriage of justice and Meg, my darling, good hearted Meg is trying to do something about it. Please go over to her site where she has the full story and also the link to an on line petition you can sign. The couple believe that if they make a case out of their story then others who are in similar, if not worse, situations may benefit. So again, please go and visit Meg's blog and sign the petition on the link she has uploaded to her site. Here is the link to Meg's post:

I have decided to post the link here for the petition site too:


  1. Jen, thanks for bringing this to our attention. While Googling about this, I saw that they were released. I pray that is true.

  2. Oh I pray it's true Beverly, thanks for alerting me, I will edit my blog post. Wow that was quick huh? They must have gotten their wrists slapped. Let's hope so, it was a disgraceful mistake. Hugs to you Bev and thanks again. x

  3. I hope it is true. Much love to you sweet;o)

  4. I will read more on it. I happen to be from Pakistan and been in the States 21 some years. But the memories of just flying in are so fresh. It's not easy to start over in a new country leaving all your childhood memories and friends behind. v. hard. i feel i have had the best of both worlds. i know all too well what crap people have gone through after certain global events and people being treated as if they are terrorists simply from being of a certain country.
    i can't believe Bush has people locked up in Guantanamo Bay for years, who have not even had lawyers. There are a lot of wrong things going on here. Sad really. And us Americans have turned the other way and not as concerned as we should be. bc guess what, you do not have to be a person from another country to be locked up like this. it could happen to any of us. thanks for enlightening your readers and bringing light to this issue. it's about basic human rights and that is the best we can do is to give another human his or her basic rights. so thank you jen.