Monday, 5 May 2008

Love Definitely Lives Here...

I just want/need to say to all of you who read my blog and comment and email and support me, THANK YOU. The beauty in your reactions to me being able to spend the day at the zoo with my son (and my friend Lee but it was mainly about Jack and I making memories) has brought tears to my eyes several times. You are all so beautiful that I am having trouble expressing how much you all mean to me and how very lucky I am to have such an amazing group of people looking out for me, following my posts to see how I am because you care, worrying if I don't post for a while because you are all hoping that I am okay, commiserating with me when bad things happen like the intense pain I was in for so long, celebrating with me when it eased, being so hopeful for me - hopeful that I would be well enough to get to the zoo with Jack because you knew what it meant to me and what it would mean to him one day, and then elated because I did go and I did enjoy and I was okay! You are the most beautiful bunch of people that anyone could have as friends even though I haven't ever met you - it doesn't seem to matter, I feel like I am surrounded by friends who look out for me. Oh I forgot to mention that you even try and raise money for me to help out Jack and I as I am a single mum and doing it fairly tough ( EBay Auction I'm talking about) also some of you donated money I just am blown away and so touched and honoured to call you friends and I really have come to think of you as friends because you are consistent in your messages to me, I never feel left alone, every time I come to the computer someone has left a lovely message for me. I mean really that is amazing isn't it. Someone I haven't met but nevertheless someone who truly cares. I just feel so blessed and I wanted to say it to you to make sure you know how I feel, I am not sure if I could ever tell you exactly how much you have all come to mean to me, (I would run out of room on the blog lol) anyway this is my attempt to tell you and I hope you feel the love and appreciation in your hearts from me because I really want you to. Okay enough for now, I have said my piece, I love you and will check in very soon. Take care of yourselves and each other xxx


  1. What a sweet post! It's always a joy to visit you. Your positive attitude and bravery is amazing. You're easy to love my sweet friend. I'm praying for you and lifting you up daily.


  2. Just want to make sure you're feeling well,my friend. Love definitely lives here. That's why we all check back!

  3. Well as that song says - "that's what friends are for"

    My 16yo thought I was nuts driving to Dandenong watching the black clouds and telling them not to go anywhere near the city so it wouldn't rain at the zoo while you were there. She thinks I have a screw loose most of the time so whats

    Love and hugs
    K xx

  4. Don't you know that it is we who are blessed by you? You are pure love and sunshine. With all you suffer you worry about others and keep so positive. You are a gift from God.

  5. You are a very special person Jen and I too feel blessed to have you as a 'friend' ~ even though we have never met ~ hope you are well.
    Sending much love to you today,
    Tabitha XXXXX

  6. Don't underestimate your role in this, lovely Jen.
    You bring out in us our best selves.
    If that's not a gift... can't imagine what is.

  7. I'm fairly new to your blog. Just sending your my thoughts and prayers....... and lots of hugs!

  8. You're welcome. And thank You for reaching out to the world and in doing so uniting all of us in the love and caring of you. Life is truly about relationships. I loved all the wonderful pictures of your trip to the zoo, what a beautiful day for all of you! Thinking of you and praying for you, Anne (Virginia)

  9. You my dear are the lovely soul. Blessings to you and Jack. May you have many more wonderful days with Jack.

  10. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago through Ali. I have now gone back to read when you first began to post to the present.

    It has taken me a while, but I do want to leave you a message. I am so touched by your experience. I lost a dear fried to colon cancer last October His name was Rey, and he was 41. I wish the two of you could have known each other. I know you would have seen what a dear person he was because I have now learned what an amazing woman you are.

    God has given you this amazing love and ability to love that you have decided to share with all of us. You have touched my heart in a way that I can see you have done to all who have come to love you.

    Your sons are so blessed to have you as their mother. You have found your rope, and you are hanging on. I know God will show you the way.

    I will continue to check in on you, and please know that you stay in my prayers.

  11. Many hugs to you, Jen! Wishing you even more wonderful memory-making with your loved ones this week!

    All the best,

  12. You are always so is you that I should thank...your blog inspires me to be a better person and see the bright side of things...just wish I could do more to make things easier for you. Hugs Lisa

  13. The most natural, comfortable, easy, and gentle thing in life ... is to allow myself to love the Lovely. What could be more Right than to permit the spontaneous Love response to You, My Dear Lovable Jen?

    Thank You, sweet Friend, for "weathering" my unbridled expressions of adoration and respectful admiration. To hold back any of the passion that you inspire would be to have no place for all that You create tomorrow. So, I give all of today's to You today!

    I am honored and pleased to be Your loving Servant.

  14. My partner and I check in daily to see how you are doing, sending prayers and thoughts across the ocean... so glad you were able to go to the zoo with your son. We celebrated with you!

  15. You are an amazing positive in the face of so much pain. We can all learn from you.

    Hugs from Canada!

  16. Wonderful post sweet. You have many that love and care for you. It's so uplifting to share in the feeling of love;o)

  17. PS: The pictures on John-Michaels blog??? BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  18. What a wonderful post - you have many angels looking out for you because of the special person that you are!!!
    You are in our prayers.
    Nicky from Canada

  19. I agree with Karen "That's what friends are for".
    You are a lovely person Jenni and you deserve all the love the world can send to you!
    The Angels are with you and with your boys!

  20. I was away for a few days, and was so happy when I checked in tonight on my return to see what fun you and Jack had at the zoo, and to read this beautiful post. Your photos of that outing are a treat indeed. Yes, there is love here, most definitely, and you are at the centre of it, Jen. You inspire it, and you give it out. Blessings on you, my friend.

  21. Yes dear Jen, love lives here because you cultivate it, share it, express it and embrace it. Words cannot express how happy I am that you are feeling better...xoxo

  22. I'm not sure how I found your site, but I've been checking up on it regularly for a month or so and it really brightens my day when you are doing well. I hope things continue to improve for you, and please know that there are people all over the world wishing you the best. Your son is lucky to have you!

  23. Hi Jen,
    You are loved more than you know! What wonderful photos of Jack. You are so awesome Jen and deserve all the joys of your family and all the love and prayers being sent your way. Not a day goes by that I don't think and pray for you. Hugs and love, Rosemary~

  24. Loud and clear, Jeni, loud and clear.

  25. Jen,
    We are privileged to love you and to lift up your spirits. You give so much to your bloggy friends...more than you will ever know. You give the gift of perspective, too...that is a wonderful thing.

  26. Jen,
    We are privileged to love you and to lift up your spirits. You give so much to your bloggy friends...more than you will ever know. You give the gift of perspective, too...that is a wonderful thing.

  27. Thank you Jen for your beautiful and insightful writing and your great teachings. I hope I can give you back as much as you give me!

  28. the zoo trip looked fabulous !!!

    and don't ever forget that we are all out here, thinking of you and sending prayers your way !!!

    and YOU are the reason we are all still're an amazing imspiration !!!

  29. I've not been for a while and it was such fun seeing all the photos you posted and hearing it was a good day! Here's to many more!! **sending wishes **

  30. I just wanted to leave a note to say that I think of you each day. I'm glad that you got to go to the zoo with your boy.

  31. *this email is for everyone reading Jen's posts*

    dear Jen,

    as one of your everyday readers, friend in prayer, thinking of you daily, i have a request. this is HUGE to ask of you...but i think you will love it.

    as a 'lurker', who come to read, and then just leave, cause no words can express how much i want to do something for you...i just thought today, enough. just ask.

    Readers - i'm sure you all feel the same...and just imagine you are Jen...

    every week you receive love mail through the post....small freshly baked food though)....maybe!

    I'm also certain that some of you have been wondering how you can do something for Jen to brighten up her day...and this is where the lists come in...cause it is all about HER! Making her smile...or giggle...or laugh! xx

    Ahhhh...Jen, just thinking you said there will never be a way to thank everybody..there is a way...please write a post for us about the following (but just when you feel up for it):

    pretty please...when you feel up to it...

    sit down....
    close your eyes....
    and think....
    i would love....and then name them all! :-)

    make a list of:
    1) things that brighten up your day
    2) make your life easier
    3) things you adore! love! desire!
    4) your postal address
    5) things that will cheer you up
    6) do you like jellie babies? what is your favourite sweets? for when you feel like them

    This can be quite fun! And a positive feeling?...

    if you want to...
    BUT one rule...NO thank you's! it's our turn...just breathe out....and receive all the love!

    and lists must be of THINGS....we can include something for little Jack as well...but this is mostly for YOU!

    I would like to say that this is purely an invitation from myself, and I'm sure the readers as well, for you to tell us what we can do for you. We are all praying...did tell everyone about the auction - but that is for Jack...we want to do this for YOU. Every girl have to be spoiled every now and then?!

    Everybody reading, if you would love to send something small (or BIG) for Jen herself..please just leave a little comment just saying SURPRISE!

    Jen...I dare you to make lists for us!

    You can just surprise yourself! :-0)

    have a beautiful, restful day...xx

  32. Jen, I've been thinking of you today. One more of the many prayers going up for you and Jack. THANK YOU for sharing your deep love for him, for life, for friends, with all of us. May the Source of that love wash over you, heal you and bring you joy today. ~Amber

  33. just checking in on you my sweet jen, i am holding you close in my prayers,
    all my love,

  34. I love you, I love you, I love.
    there is nothing else to say.
    my heart holds you close.

  35. you're teaching us something everyday, each time we visit too.
    we refuse to be passersby in your life. We are guests, who come to your home, to talk, to share, to learn something.
    I've learned from you that the human spirit is brave and alive and vibrant and that it can overcome pain and sadness and still teach and be of benefit to others. to be a a great thing.
    so you my friend, are definitely teaching us. hope you are feeling good.
    hugs to you.

  36. periwinkle - i like the idea. would love to know what you - Jen - like!

  37. I just found your blog and I want you to know you will be in my prayers. Such a sweet thing to take your little one to the zoo! I'll be checking back often, but please know you have one more friend out here thinking and praying for you!