Friday, 2 May 2008

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy...

I was so touched to read your lovely comments about my son that I just had to share some more photos of him. Not all of them are recent obviously but just some of my random favorites. Thanks for indulging this proud, lovesick Mama...

The first few are Jack with his friend Sam, they had such a fun day together, I love how their happiness shows in these shots.

The next one is Jack running along a beach in Phillip Island. I love this because he looks so free and unencumbered, just running like a free spirit, so beautiful (it's even better enlarged.)

The next few are just photos I was taking of Jack testing out my new camera. I had him try on all types of hats. Doesn't he look just so cheeky? Hmmm full of mischief I think. We had such fun and I love these photos of him.

I love this last one as he looks so introspective. He is out in the backyard playing with his cars. He is so totally absorbed in the moment. Love that!

Again, thanks for letting me rant and rave about my boy.


  1. Definitely Yes, a beautiful child. Such utter joy in his eyes, thank you for continuing to share with us your thoughts, your joyful moments. It is obvious that your soul is loved by many of us around the world. And it was very obvious that we all think that you did the right thing by keeping Jack home to enjoy your good days with you this week! Anne

  2. It takes a beautiful mama to make a beautiful boy like that!

  3. I agree with the comments above ~ beautiful boy ~ beautiful mother.
    Love and prayers for you
    Tabitha X

  4. i've loved seeing all these photos of your lovely little boy. he's got the most amazing eyes. and you can see that this is a child who has been loved well.

    i'm sorry to hear about all of the questions and tensions you're struggling with. i know that you'll make the wisest choices available to you jen. whatever you decide, don't spend any time looking back. be where you are.

    love to you...

  5. He is definitely a glad you had some precious time what is in your heart and what you feel is best for your family. Lisa

  6. Dear Anne, he does look joyful doesn't he? I am also so glad that everyone thought I did the right thing in keeping the boy with me. Hugs Jen B xx

    Wilsonian you flatter me, I wish I had eyes like that why is the boys that get those lush long lashes? Thank you though you're a sweet one alright Jen B x

    Thanks so much Tabitha, you're pretty nice yourself. x

    Dear Terri, so nice to hear from you, thanks for the wisdom on not wasting time by looking back, very good advice indeed! Hugs J x

    Thank you too Lisa also great advice, to do what is in our hearts. Hugs J

  7. Just look at those eyes!!!!! What a handsome little man. If you go to my blog you'll see that I have the same theme complete with music. Give the little guy a squeeze from Samuel's Grandma Jean.

  8. sweet, sweet boy.
    he is so beautiful.
    thank you for letting us see these pictures, this face that lights up your heart.

  9. Ah sweet Jack...I love these photos. Thank you so much for sharing dear one...xoxox love

  10. Thank your for sharing your son, he is obviously much loved.

  11. Dear Jenni,
    This beautiful son reflexes (transmits) the love he receives from his beautiful and lovely mother! He is your reflexion.

  12. Thank you Miss Jean, I will go to your blog and I look forward to it. Take care and thanks for the support.

    Dearest Bella, so nice to hear from you again, my heart has been with you and I plan to write you soon, take care my friend. xx

    Thanks Bridge, I feel like going all Oh shucks kind of thing. lol.

    Dearest Meg, love to you my friend, I will be writing you very soon too. xx

    Thank you Jacqie, I can definitely say he IS much loved. x

    Thank you Bete, so nice to hear from you too. Take care. xx

  13. Beautiful photo - beautiful boy - beautiful YOU!


  14. He has exquisite eyes. I could look into them all day long!
    Ruthie from CA

  15. OK ... I have done a presumptuous thing! (And I am not going to apologize! [loving grin] I simply HAD TO let every one who visits my blog see you and Jack. So, without your permission, I went back through your posts and blatantly stole photos to share on my side-bar where I am sharing you with my world. (I really so hope that You don't mind)

    I am just so in Love with all of Who You are, My Darling Jen, that I want to celebrate You in every way that I can. (And you being "love-sick" with Jack is the only variety of "sick" that my Spirit will concede for You.)

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  17. He's so beautiful and full of life Jenn...Just like his mom. Much love to you sweet. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of the love you have for Jack. It's seen through all of these wonderful pictures;o)

  18. He is so beautiful, and clearly, so are you.

    Keep fighting, babe. I'm rooting for you.