Monday, 21 April 2008

Love This...

I am reading a book that someone dear loaned to me called 'The Wheel of Life' by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. As I opened it for the first time, this jumped off the page at me:-

When we have done all the work we were sent to Earth to do, we are allowed to shed our body, which imprisons our soul like a cocoon encloses the future butterfly. And when the time is right, we can let go of it and we will be free of pain, free of fears and worries-free as a very beautiful butterfly, returning home to God... -from a letter to a child with cancer.


  1. Jen,
    That is beautiful. I'm so glad you found this to be meaningful to you.
    Wishing you comfort and peace today, as always...

  2. I love Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's work, and that quote is just so wonderful, it amazes me. I must borrow it! Jenni, that you are finding and reading books like this is a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing that.

  3. Beautifully said. I so do believe it too. Hope all is well sweet;o)

  4. Beautiful ~ Beautiful,
    Love and hugs today ~
    Warmest wishes,
    Tabitha XXXX

  5. What a beautiful and comforting image.

    Ruthie from California

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful quote, and your life with us. I have been reading Elizabeth Kubler-Ross for years, and always found her work very inspiring, but I have to say I have learnt and grown much more with your blog. Thanks for sharing your life and your brilliance with the world,

    Take care, As usual thinking of you all the way from Toronto, Canada

  7. that is just an awesome way to look at this. What a beautiful way to put everything into perspective.
    Sending much luv


  8. I read one of Elizabeth Kuble-Ross' books years ago and she is so wonderful.

  9. Lovely. That's very much the way I think about life and death.

    Thanks for sharing this today.


  10. What you need comes to you precisely where you are when you need it most.
    Love, Karen