Saturday, 26 April 2008

hopeRevo Goes To Rwanda...

Ok guys, here I am always spouting forth about helping others in need and after just having finished my post from last night, I was checking out a couple of blogs that I love to catch up on and noticed Jen Lemen doing her darndest to help someone else hot off the heals from helping me out. So I won't go on about what she's up to here but I will post the link and I would love you to take a look and see whether there is anyway you would like to help this wonderful woman who is always helping others. This link is the one that explains to you what can be done, it is very simple and quite fun I should think, especially if you love any sort of card making, scrapbooking kind of craft which I do. So I am going to attempt to make one or two and she has a link where we can post photos of our work on Flickr if you would like to share. Please give this a go, I think we have to get a bit of a wriggle on though as I have come into the picture a little late in the game, still, let's see what we can do what do you say? I know I have access to some of the most beautiful, kind, sharing people on the internet so I think Jen can rest assured of some wonderful support from us. I personally thank you with all my heart (once again) and I would love to see some of what you have made. Take care my dear friends and I will be thinking of you all as I attempt to make some sweet cards.


  1. Oh my Jen, You are an Amazing woman, you are feeling energy from all of us around the world who are praying for you. An attempt at card making is a wonderful thought. Love and the friendship of women do make the world go round don't they. Anne in Virginia

  2. Everyday,always, you are in my thoughts.In my prayers.

  3. Dear Jen,
    Wow, this hope card thing has really taken off. I think I will try this here in town. Have you heard of "artist's trading cards?"
    My sister-in-law gave each of my kids one that she made (approximately a trading card size of card stock)....decorated it beautifully, along with a stack of blank same-sized cards for them to decorate and trade, or to send to someone. These encouraging notes would beautifully compliment these cards. Hmmm, I think we may have something here. I will try to place a few in the next week, and I will let you know. I don't think I can get them to Jen before she goes to Rwanda, but I can do something in my little corner of the world...that is all it takes!

    Love from California,

  4. Thinking of you and sending strength through the miles.

  5. I've been lurking for a few months now and wanted you to know you are in my prayers.

    Ginny in Ohio

  6. hey, how are you doing today.
    i am up a little late but not so much. kid refuses to go to bed as he starts school tomorrow after spring break.
    you are still always in my prayers.

  7. man, i just don't get this.
    i just really don't.
    i don't want you to die jen.
    i really don't.

    love, your stranger friend.

  8. Isn't awesome what JL is doing for Odette and the girls in Rowanda?

    I am very excited for her! (And for the girls)

    I hope you are resting now and that the AVastin will do its job.

    Peace and sweet dreams.

  9. Sweet Jen, I am hearing you for the first time through a note from Ali's blog. I cling to a great passage in the bible John 10:27-30. My assurance for life is in those words and I hope you can take comfort in them too. No matter what our lot in life, we have hope in eternal salvation through Christ who strengthens us. I pray you have peace in these uncertain times. I love your giving and serving spirit. You're life song will touch more lives than you know. Love to you and your family.

  10. This is my first time at your blog. I am so sorry for all that you are going through, especially in relation to your small son. I have an 8 year old and I cannot imagine facing leaving him. I will pray that you are given much more time to share your love with him. Hugs Lisa

  11. I too heard about you through Ali's blog. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your son. Jesus loves you both. Praying for healing, hope and life.

  12. Dear Jen..There is a non-toxic anti-tumor agent called SAFINUR
    Dr.Raquel Castellon from California has the patent. Her ph.# 1-714-532-4632. The website is then you click on Cancer Research and it takes you to the product SAFINUR. It has been used successfully on ALL TYPES and ALL STAGES of Cancer. It tricks the cancer cell into thinking it is glucose..and then once destroys the skeleton of the tumor
    Please, please contact them...even if you are on chemo can work!
    Please let the Fl.Friends of Midwives know if you start on it as I get their posts. God Bless You
    Rose Mary

  13. Hi Jen,
    Thinking of you everyday. Prayers and hugs to you. Lots of love, Rosemary~

  14. Jen,
    Just checking in on you to see how you are doing. I am praying that God is sustaining you and that all things are being done for your good. I pray that your pain in under control and that you are able to see/speak to Jack and Jamie and that you have special times with them.

    Ruthie from California

  15. I am so in awe of you & your strength as I read your blog posts. I am keeping you in my prayers & hoping that you find comfort in the days ahead. Your sons sound like wonderful boys & you a wonderful mom! Hoping that you are finding comfort in the many people that are wishing you well....xo chris

  16. Hi Jen,
    I am so glad to have found your blog through Janet's post at Housepeepers.

    How did the cards turn out? I bet they're beautiful. I'm off to take a look at the link you've got here on your post.

    Read your post below too - my prayers are with you and Jack.

  17. Jen,

    I found your blog through Ali's site as well and am amazed at the beauty of your words and actions-please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I hope that it is ok that I used your words as inspiration. I plan on sharing this gift with friends who are dear to me.

    You are an inspiration

    danielle d

  18. Hi Anne, thanks so much my dear and yes I do feel energy and love from all over the world, it is truly remarkable. Take care JEn x

    Hi Debi, thank you darling I appreciate it a lot. xx

    Hey Ruthie, I love this, it is such a wonderful idea isn't it? I know I would get a thrill out of finding a card with a positive message on just for me. So great. Take Care xx

  19. Thank you too dear Nancy, thank you for posting about the Auction on your blog Hugs Jen xx

  20. Rosemary, My uncle took Safinur and is now experiencing terrible neuropathy. It is not non-toxic. It is a very strong drug and it certainly needs a lot more testing to determine if it's even safe to take. As far as I know, it hasn't even had a proper human trial yet. So, beware of recommending it to people. There are many other types of natural cancer treatments out there that have been tested much, much more extensively with good results.