Tuesday, 25 March 2008

While I've Been Away...You've Been 'Coming Together'.

While I've been away, the blogging world has not been resting on it's laurels. I have returned to numerous sweet and supportive emails, many, wonderful comments left for me here on my blog and low and behold, I find that some of my favorite people, Meg Casey, Bella, and Jen Lemen have been so very busy supporting me with more than just their usual beautiful comments and emails. They have been setting up an ebay auction to raise funds for me and my boys to help with the cost of treatment and things that are not covered like Acupuncture, which can really help me with pain management. They have asked their friends and friends of friends and family and family friends and pretty much anybody who will listen, to donate something to them to sell on ebay, all to help me out. I am so amazed and touched. I haven't ever experienced anything like this before and I am not sure how to deal with so much love and kindness. A part of me feels embarrassed and that I'm not worthy and don't deserve this sort of attention, the part of me that feels like that is the part of me that is getting beaten down into silence as their is nothing good to come from that kind of thinking. We can all use help at some time in our lives, we are none of us an island and I would like to be an example of how to graciously accept and allow people to help me and my family during what is the most heart wrenching time of my life. I am choosing to listen to the parts of me that know that people want to help, normal healthy people like to feel they can do something to ease another's suffering, it is something within the human spirit that is compelled to reach out when someone is doing it hard, I love this quality that we possess, it is so human and so beautiful. I will pass over to Bella and Meg now, this is the message on their blogs, I will just post as is on mine and ask you to please help them to help me and let me just say that I thank you from the very depths of my heart, I have needed each and every one of you, your comments and supportive emails have kept me going through some really tough days (not to mention nights) so I know their will be so very many of you helping my friends to help me as you have all been doing right along since the beginning, I am sure they will be overjoyed at the response, as I have been overjoyed at the size of your hearts and the kindness and love and prayers you already offer me on a daily basis.

Coming Together by Isabel Hoskins:

In the past weeks I’ve been sharing with you some of my friend, Jeni’s, story.

She is a single mom and has a six year old son, Jack. She has stage four colon cancer. She is funny and wise, honest and real, beautiful in every way. She is one of my real life heroes and I love her.

Jeni forever changed my heart and life in asking what I would do if I knew I only had one year to live.

And she is living this, not as idea, but a daily reality. Her honesty and courage and love have sent out ripples of change in people’s lives, as she continues to share her journey on her blog.

And now we are coming together to offer her a tangible expression of our care and love.
Myself, Jen Lemon, and Meg Casey are organizing a group of her friends to come together to raise funds to help pay for her treatment and those forms of care and pain management that will not be covered by insurance: acupuncture, massage,naturopath, etc.., as well as create a trust for her son. We are calling on all of you to join us, to come together in solidarity, to cook up some magic and in the most practical of ways.

We are going to be doing a charity auction, through ebay, and all money made will go directly to her care. We are hoping to launch the auction April 25 to take advantage of pre-mother's day shopping.

Here is how YOU can help.

  1. If you have or know someone who has, items/s that could be auctioned, we would be grateful for any donations. We are open to receiving all offerings. Some folks have already pledged to donate hand made items and art--handknit pieces, jewlrey,art etc. Others have offered things that perhaps they were getting ready to auction off themselves (that kitchen aid that you got as a wedding gift and have never used....). The only consideration is shipping costs. For example, if an item is heavy and expensive to ship, we just want to make sure it would earn enough money in the auction to balance this out. If you have an item to donate please email us back at weloveyoujen@gmail.com and let us know what it is and we can get you the information on where to ship the items. (We will handle the fulfillment from one central location in Chicago) We are asking that all the items be sent to us by April 18th so that we can photograph them and get them ready for shipping. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment here as well/
  2. Help us drum up donations. If you have like minded friends who you think might want to contribute please share this post with them. Also, if you have a blog, please help us by posting on your blog and sending potential donors to us here at this email. We are hoping to have many bloggers join us in publicizing the hunt for donations on March 25 and throughout this week.
  3. Help us publicize the auction itself. When the auction is up and running, I will post it on my blog here. Please let your friends and contacts know about it. Post about it if you can to help us drive traffic there.
  4. Got other ideas? Please email them to us at weloveyoujen at gmail dot com. We are doing this as a team and are hungry for new ideas, thoughts and are willing to take on other partners!
We are not a non-proft. We are just a group of women coming together to support one of our own. We are rallying behind Jen because the reality is it could be one of us and we strongly believe that this is what community does. But alas because we aren’t a non-profit we can’t offer a tax deduction for donations. We hope you, your friends or contacts still can help out anyway.

Of course, we ask that you continue to hold Jenni in your thoughts and prayers and continue to support her through leaving your comments and warm wishes on her blog.

We are continually amazed and inspired by what a small group of women and their friends can do. This is what love is, yes? This doing, this offering what we have, this coming together, knowing that we are not alone.


  1. Jen, My one concern about this project was would it cause you some discomfort or embarrassment to accept this help, and again you amaze me with your capacity to look a situation in the face and deal with it. Your graciousness and elegance of thought in accepting the wonderful gift your friends have planned is evidence of the incredible spirit that shines out of you. Blessings to you. I hope this project will lead to as much ease and comfort as it is possible for you to experience, and relieve you from worry about immediate financial needs.

    (PS... not sure if you had a chance to look, but I posted an attempt to answer your "What would you do...?" question on my blog.)

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  3. oops....sorry jen, i was signed in again as my shop, and not my blog :)

    i just wanted to say that i am so excited about this! you are so beautiful and so loved. i am off to get crack'in on some jewelry to donate.

    hugs to my wonderful friend,

  4. Hey, don't you get it? You're our hero.

  5. The gift is to the giver, too. We're grateful to be able to do something, anything. You're loved.

  6. If you don't mind a (((HUG))) from a stranger...


    There it is...


  7. How wonderful... and you ARE a wonderful example in so many ways. It is hard to accept help, but it's an exchange of love from both parties. I'll look to see if I've got anything to auction. Hugs!!

  8. Of course. You are in an embrace that spans time and miles.

  9. Just sending you good supportive vibes and some distance Reiki...

  10. What they are doing is so exciting and so wonderful,

    I posted about you a couple posts back...

    Sending you so much love,


  11. Awesome. The blogosphere is clearly a powerful tool.

    Off to do a little ebay shoppin'...

  12. This is sooo great Jen. I am so on board with this and isn't it so wonderful to see how loved you are from all over the world!!
    peace to your heart,

  13. take in all the love and let it nourish you. bless you jen.

  14. Today I found your beautiful blog and am so moved and heartened by your spirit which is wise and bright beyond measure. I believe your spirit will overcome. Acupuncture can help more than the pain—it restores the flow of vital healing energy. I'm so glad you've found it. I will donate a painting to the auction. Ten years ago I too was ill and the doctors told me I would not get better. But I have and I pray that you, dear Jeni, will too.

  15. Jen - just a note to say you're in my heart and thoughts.

    xo Jena

  16. Hi sweet friend!

    Our daughter is here visiting so my blog visiting time is limited, but I wanted to stop by and say "Hi" and let you know I'm passing on an award to you. I hope you're feeling better. I'm still sending up prayers for you.


  17. Jen

    Just popping in as well to say hi, how are you? Sending all the love and strength I can.


  18. Dear Jen, I discovered you and your blog today, by debra and Isabel. Just wanted to popp in and say hello and tell you that this is a great project for you!
    I send you my love, lots of energy and greetings from Paris

  19. Hi Jen,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you, and your lovely family and hoping you are all doing well. You are in my thoughts daily.

    Reader from Toronto

  20. thinking of you and blessing you as i type these words.