Thursday, 13 March 2008

Such Inspiration....

Hi dear friends, today is just a quick post to ask you to do yourselves a favor and take a look at this video. It is from a show that was on Oprah a couple weeks ago which I thanks to a friend of mine, I caught and managed to watch. This guy just blew me away, he is awesome, well the video will speak for me - truly inspirational. I only wish the part that followed the speech that is shown on this video was also recorded as it was just as inspirational, it followed Dr Oz interviewing this amazing man, still just the speech he does is wonderful so please take a look. Here is the link:

Enjoy and I will post more soon. The next post is going to be on early signs of bowel cancer. For now, take care. xx


  1. A life's lesson, a beautiful and strong man.
    Thank you Jenni, again.

  2. I watched this clip and did little looking for more. I haven't found the entire Oprah episode yet but his original talk and another one about time management are on his website. I watched the entire time mgmt talk (76 min) and I was amazed. I've heard some of it before, but his perspective on what's really important, how hed gets things done day to day, really moved me. I'm looking forward to having enough time to listen to his original talk in its entirety. His spirit amazes me.

    As does yours. Thanks for sharing this video with me. It's had a number of positive impacts on me already.

    BIG HUG,

  3. Thats what Oprah would call an
    A HA!!moment. Something that immediately resonates within.. like a light bulb turning on.
    What an incredible speech, so simple really... Whats really important a lesson for all of us to learn. Sometimes its hard not to get caught up in things.It just takes a moment to reflect and see what really is important. enjoy life, love your family and fiiends and have FUN.


    Leeanne x

  4. Thanks for the link! Gaaah, crying again. :o) Shalet