Thursday, 13 March 2008

Prayer: Spiritual Intention In Action

Okay dear, patient readers, I know I said this post would be about the symptoms of early bowel cancer but I just have to share this with you all first as it is begging to be put down on this blog. It will show you how powerful and truly helpful what you are all doing for me, truly is. So forgive me for sneaking another post in but I will definitely get to the warning signs section very soon (probably next post but I don't want to promise just in case...). Anyway this is a piece from a book that I adore called 'Women of Silence' which I have written about before in this blog, about how this woman, Grace Adamson, actually gave my Mum this book to give to me etc, etc, I will post a link to it a bit further down but for now here goes:

"Prayer involves conscious intent. It is concentrating your thoughts or questions using fine-tuning, powered by intention. Prayer is asking the question and meditation is waiting for the answer. Sometimes it helps if you have a belief system; but I have known many people to be affected by prayer at a distance, without a belief and without them knowing that they were being prayed for! There is a lot of mystery in healing too! Sometimes prayer can be used as a one-to-one local healing session such as in the practice of laying on of hands. Prayer or touch with intention is very powerful indeed. At other times prayer can be used for distant or non-local healing when the person who is thought about, does not have to be present. The following abstract on the results of prayer was published in the respected and conventional Southern Medical Journal in 1988 (USA). The study demonstrates that there can be a marked effect on recovery through prayer power. The following is just one of many such studies that highlight a closing of the gap between science and healing!

Randolph Byrd MD, arranged for prayer healing to be sent to 192 patients on a coronary care unit, while another 201 patients served as control. This was done with a double blind design, where neither the patients nor the treating nor the evaluating physicians knew which patients were sent the healing and which were not. The patients were randomly assigned to either of these groups and no significant differences were noted between the groups on many variables. Highly significant effects were found in the treated group (the ones receiving the prayer healing),in which there were lower incidences of intubation/ventilation, use of antibiotics, cardiopulmonary arrest, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and the use of diuretics.''
Written by Grace Adamson, Women of Silence.

There you have it, isn't that wonderful, so please continue to pray for me and my little family here, it is really so powerful and it may just make the difference to this chemo working or not, I am definitely going to have faith that all the love and asking with intention (prayer) is going to help me. Indeed I believe it already has in so very many ways. I will perhaps do a post on all the wonderful, magical little moments and people that have crossed my path to make life so very much nicer and happier during this awful illness. So I know you pray for me as you tell me in your comments and emails, so just please keep it up, I appreciate it so very much and I will pray for all of you too and give thanks for you and your support. Thank you my dear friends, words seem so trite, my heart is full and swells with the love and gratitude I feel when I read your comments and emails and I tell you what, that has to be very healing and very powerful. Take care and more soon. xxx


  1. oh Jen....the prayers from me continue to come in heavy doses !!

    Can you feel them ? I know you can !!!

  2. Dear Jen,
    I have to put this excerpt of Grace Adamson "women of silence" in my blog. I really have to. And I must tell you that now I'm organizing myself to start sending you reiki on a regular basis. I've been organizing my own issues, my life was a bit in a mess but now everything is balanced.
    You're always in my daily prayers and your family too.
    Sending love

  3. Only to say that the right address of my blog is this one.

  4. Dear Jen, it is so wonderful to read this. I'm really glad that you are taking comfort and hope from all the prayers being said on your behalf. I will pray daily for your healing - body, mind and spirit, and for your family.

  5. Hello lovely Jen,
    You ask and you shall receive (you were getting them anyway!)prayers every day. I know they help. I am so glad that you feel them. You have touhed my heart more than you know.. Much love to you~Rosemary

  6. We don't need to know how it works - because there is too much evidence that it just does. You and your boys are always in my prayers
    K xx

  7. Sending you and yours lots of love and prayers for good health and comfort,

  8. This reminds me of the famous quote from Hamlet:

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

    Whenever I encounter something real, but beyond logical explanation, I think about how there is so much more to this universe than we understand. Sending prayers and conscious intent your way, Jen.

  9. Just a note to say I'm thinking of you every day. xo Jena

  10. My prayers continue. They never left.

  11. The prayers are still being said daily for you and your fam!

  12. As a cancer survivor, I believe with all my heart that prayers work and that the focused intention of my heart healed me.

    Although I haven't read through all your posts, I am impressed with your outlook. I do believe that your outlook is the single most important part of your journey, and it is one that can heal you.

    I send blessings of light and love to you.

  13. Jen;

    Since I first came across your blog, I ask my church congregation to pray for you each and every week. And you are in my thoughts and prayers far more often than that.


  14. still praying even now as i tap out these words...blowing a kiss across the ocean to you.

  15. Lifting you up in prayer,

    With love, Maithri

  16. I have seen proof of the power of prayer and distance healing. I am especially impressed with prayer circles, where many gather with the same intent. May your readers take your story to their congregations and create even more love and healing.

  17. All blessings and peace and grace and deep sleep be yours. I am thrilled to read the story of your son coming home. What a deep love he is showing to you and maturity in his desire to come be with you and Jack. May these days, weeks, months and years be the best ever.

    The prayers will continue, dear Jen. For as long as it takes.

  18. I, too will continue to send love and positive thoughts for you and your boys.

  19. That's an amazing statistic. You have so many people around the world praying for you, you lucky gal! :o) Shalet

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