Friday, 15 February 2008

Well You Should All Be Very Proud Of Yourselves...

I will tell you why, my dearest friend Lee, we have been best friends since secondary school, has sent me an email which I will show you in a moment. She hasn't ever left a comment on this blog, on any blog for that matter. The computer is not her forte, although she has many strengths, this tech stuff has never really attracted her, personally I think it's more that she doesn't have the patience to sit down long enough to bother to learn how to do it. Anyway, as the title suggests you should all feel very proud of yourselves as all your comments and support have even brought her out of the woodwork...and that's saying something. Here is her email to me tonight asking me to post this for her.

PLEASE - Can u add this to your Blog as their was no way I can put this into 300 characters!!! ( I know you won't want to as you will find it embarrassing - but I really want to let everyone know how much you appreciate their thoughts- unless I am way off the mark). Your computer inept friend. Lee
Every single comment means so much to Jen that I can't put the impact it has on her into words. Just know that each and every comment has helped her immensely. I hear the joy and amazement in her voice when she speaks about the many people who have simply just connected with her. In doing so you have touched her heart.
In true Jen spirit she can't believe so many people would take the time to give her their blessings, share their thoughts and feelings and offer her so much support and advice.
Jen doesn't realize how her honesty, strength and courage provide inspiration for all those around her.
-Lifting her spirits
-Making her laugh
-Making her cry (when she needed too)
-Giving her joy
-Offering her friendship, support,understanding, compassion and inspiration.
You have also injected some faith in humanity which equates to hope for her beautiful boys.
On a personal note you have also touched me and I must confess I read most of your comments through visually impaired, tear stained eyes - THANK YOU. Lee


  1. Lee's got it right (Hi Lee !). Jen, your honesty, strength and courage... not to mention beauty and generosity... provide inspiration! You lend courage, perhaps when you thought you didn't have a whole lot left to give.

    So glad to know you have so many life-giving relationships :)
    Peace to you...

  2. what a dear friend Lee is...and funny !
    I'm so glad we all helped to pull her out into this world of computers that we all she's part of the gang !
    She obviously loves you very much !

    And Jen, I don't know how I missed the whole music thing..{me smacking the side of my head} as I would have loved to have been part of that....your friends are amazing people with amazing souls.

    I do love Jack Johnson....if I had added a song, it probably would have been from him or Norah Jones.

    Friday Hugs to you dear one...

  3. Hi Jen,

    I agree with the other girls, but have to add THANK YOU for letting us comment on your blog, and for letting us into your heart. It is an honour to be part of The Comfy Place.

    Hey Lee, well done to you as well.

    Love to you Jen
    Deb Ross xxxx

  4. Welcome to Lee. :)
    I am glad to hear that these comments here reach you and bring you support, let you know you are indeed loved.
    And for what you bring to us?
    Well, there are no words. Except thank-you.

  5. Dear Jen, I'm not a blogger, but I read my daughter's blog on a regular basis. It was by reading the comments left to her that I came to know you. I simply can not come up with the words to express to you how you've touched my heart. I do believe that you were put on this earth for many, many of them being to educate the rest of us. What we have all learned from you about humility, faith, and undying love is a wonderful gift. You've opened our eyes, and I for one, will be eternally grateful. You have such a multitude of friends around the world, and we'll all be better people for having come to know you. I will certainly be keeping you in my prayers. May God bless you. Judy Stephens (Beth McWilliams's Mother)

  6. Hi Jen,

    I have been thinking of you ... what an amazing person you are. And Lee what a wonderful friend.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.


  7. Jen,
    Since the fist day I met you we clicked, but I suspect you click with a lot of people. You have an amazing ability to invite people into your life and make us feel like we've known you for ever.

    We are reaching out to you, but are lives are enriched by reading your story and each others comments. It's such a blessing that you continue to share with us.
    Keep the faith

  8. Dear Lee, so glad there are flesh and blood arms nearby that can embody our virtual embrace of Jen.


  9. What a dear friend you are, Lee, and it's we bloggers who owe the thanks.

    Also, Jen, I answered your question:

    And, to Beth, oh yes Jack Johnson is our all-time fave, too! Did you get the song "If I Could," Jen? The lyrics are profound and fitting.

    Hugs from California,

  10. Oops, the full link:

  11. She sounds like a good friend. And I'm glad that the comments help. Take care sweetie.

  12. I am so glad that ou have such a wonderful friend. She is pretty funny too LOl.

  13. Hi Jen (and Lee) sounds like you're both lucky have found a life long true friendship together! Friends are such gifts.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    (Lee...that was a special note!)

  14. Delurking to 1. say Hi 2. what a great friend you have in Lee.

    Now I can'remember how I came about your blog but I'm glad I did.

  15. I am so happy that you have Lee at your side dear Jen. Lee, welcome to this little online love fest--as you can tell we are all inspired by and adore your dear friend Jenni.
    Have a wonderful weekend both of you

  16. Hello Lee ( we have the same name!)- you and jen are just wonderful blessings and gift to each other.

    And to you Jen, im always in awe and have high admiration for the strenght as you gor and meet every sunrise and bade sunset with your loves.

    many hughs to you too..

  17. Dear Lee,
    What a sweet and inspiring message. It's so wonderful to see how the connections through computers are giving Jen some comfort and strength. How lucky she is to have such a lovely friend supporting her during this time. Thank you for your email and we will continue to keep Jen in our prayers.
    Jen - hugs to you on this blessed day.

    Jen at Sunnispace.

  18. Hi Jen,
    You are so lucky to have such a great friend from childhood. You, my dear, provide us with more than you realize. I pray for you everyday and know that your angels are watching over you. Have a wonderful weekend with your adorable son. Hugs from New York, Rosemary~

  19. Jen ~ I hope today is a good day for you. I continue to pray for God to take away the tumor. He puts you in my heart and mind daily and so my prayers go up throughout the day like little balloons toward heaven. Always thinking of you, praying for you, hoping for the very best for you.

  20. I love what Alexandra said about her prayers being like little balloons going toward heaven. Delurking. I thought I would write you from my blog. Such as it is. Thank you for the lovely letter and I loved hearing from you. You have some wonderful friends here. What a blessing.

  21. Hi Jen,
    Beth sent me (via a link from her blog) so I thought I would stop by. I plan to make it a habit. :) Hope you're having as good day. :)

  22. Sending love to both and all of you.

    xo Jena

  23. Hi Jen,
    It sounds like Lee is such a wonderful friend. You do give inspiration to people you might not realise just how much. It's comforting to know that you have that wonderful friendship and support in your life. xo

  24. Hi Jen! I am a friend of Beth's who suggested on her blog that we come by and visit you here! What a great warm and indeed "comfy place" it is!

  25. Your courage in the face of adversity is so inspiring. Thank you for letting me walk with you. Thank you for sharing Lee's comments
    K x

  26. Jen, you are an absolutely amazing person, I am drawn to your blog and hanging off every word. I cry and laugh and feel every word you write. You are inspiring to me, we are the same age and your blog constantly reminds me of what is great in my life, as you as just sooo elegant about your own adventures. You do give courage and inspiration and hope!
    Thankyou for opening a new part of my world for me!

  27. What a fun and comfy place you have here! It is my first visit to your wonderful blog. What a great friend you have in Lee. I truly understand how very important comments are. So glad I found you.

  28. Thanks for posting Lee's comments... what a gem of a friend she is - how blessed you are! I'm really glad to hear that everyone's good wishes help to boost your spirits. Of course, that's our intention but for some silly reason, I thought mine might not matter - just a newbie that's very touched by your journey.
    Thank you for sharing, Jen...
    And, I wish I'd known about the album for you - I (like everyone here) loves Jack - great song about Taylor and so many others. Hmm, Sarah McLachlan has some beauties, too.
    Let us know how your scan and doctor's visit goes, please.
    Thinking good things for you!