Friday, 15 February 2008

This Lifts My Heart...

I have some wonderful friends who have got together and organized to make me an album. Not just any old album, no, the songs on this album are all handpicked by people that want to encourage me or say something to me throughout this journey I am on. My soul sister and Jen Lemen are behind this wonderful project, I don't know the names yet of who picked what songs and I don't have the album yet but it is on its way from the other side of the world. The dear ones tried to give me an itunes gift card but I couldn't claim it on my Australian itunes site because it was purchased at the American store. So this has caused them some trouble but today I received a paypal payment from my soulsister to allow me to purchase the songs from itunes Australia.

I am so touched by this, firstly, because I think there is something wonderful about having songs chosen for you by people that care about you, secondly, I love to think we are all able to listen to the same songs together, there is something so very supportive and healing in that, thirdly - music is food for my heart and soul. I adore music, it is like food to me or air to me. I am sad to admit that I haven't listened to, or sung anything, in an extremely long time and that is purely because it has been just to painful. Music can make me feel- like nothing else can and my own feelings have just been too much for me to cope with for a long time now. Singing used to bring me a release, it was my creative outlet, it was everything to me, there was a time I thought I would never ever be without music in my world morning, noon and night. However, perhaps it is time to 'face the music' (sorry) but you know it used to give me goosebumps and I know it was healing for me, even as a very young child I sang and emotions were healed. Perhaps I should, now more than ever, be singing my heart out every day. Well... I will give it a try, so you see, this gift of music that is being given to me, is possibly one of the most healing things that I could receive. I will listen to it even if the emotions rock me so hard that I can't stand up, I will listen to it because kind caring supportive people made this for me which means their hearts are in it, that is enough to make me want to listen. I may even sing along! I will listen to it because I know that if it has been so difficult for me, then there is something in it that I need to deal with, perhaps a way to let the pain out, even though that is scary it is probably very healthy and just what I need. Thank you my friends and by that I mean Jen and Meg and each and every person that responded by requesting a song for me. I will treasure this compilation each and every day.


  1. Jen, you inspire me to listen to the very song I offered up to you because the love is too sweet to skimp on. Now I will.

  2. May each song here bring a gift, and allow you to feel, to sing, to be, exactly where you are.
    love to you.

  3. what a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  4. music heals the weary soul...and sometimes we can forget that.

    i emailed you :)

    God Bless,

  5. Love, love, love to you on this day.

  6. Jen,
    May the songs sing in your heart and soul and help you heal. God bless and many hugs to you~ Rosemary~

  7. What a beautiful gift. I am honored that my song choice was added - I can't wait to listen to the songs Jen and Meg compiled for you; how cool that Meg has it on her site. You guys are awesome, and I am really awed by your strength and positive energy through everything. Jo in WI

  8. What a wonderful idea!