Thursday, 21 February 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Yes I've been tagged by Jena if I'm up to it. I think I can handle it, actually it' a bit of fun. Now the rules are: Pick up the nearest book, turn to page 123 and copy down the 5th sentence on that page and the 3 following sentences. Now tag at least 5 other people. There pretty simple huh? So here goes:

'That is your time to focus on getting well. This does not include the time you spend going out to Doctors and Therapists. It has been my experience with meditation practice that results can vary depending on the amount of time that you dedicate to it.'

There you go, it's a very interesting chapter too and I feel like writing the rest out but maybe I'll blog about the healing properties of meditation one day soon. The name of the book is 'Women of Silence'. For now I must tag five people so here goes: Meg, Wendy, Leanne, Karen, Carmel. Only if you feel up to it okay? No pressure.


  1. Jen - great to read your sentences... especially as I'm exploring/experiencing meditation more and more.

    I think of you every day with love and admiration.

    xo J

  2. Thanks Jen - all done even if I cheated and got the second closest book as Em's H2O book didn't have enough
    K x

  3. Jen I promise to do this tomorrow... I have found the book and the sentences and you will laugh when you read what they say! lets just say... apparently you have many lessons to teach me!!! (tis kinda spooky how "appropriate to my now it was) It has been a rough day today for me as my baby girl laura is now sick :( and I have been a bit busy with her.
    As always Big HUGS and love coming your way. Draw some of the strength I gain from you every time I sit to read your blogs... you can't possibly know just how much I gain from you.