Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Can I Get Her Back Here Please...

I want to be brave like this woman right here. Now although she has just spent 6 days in hospital and then a further 4 in hospice (Palliative Care) she still looks like a fighter and she looks fairly happy inside. This is me (of course) back in 2006 I had been suffering from the debilitating pain that I have had recently. I was put into hospital by my Oncologist for a rest and for exploratory surgery, this is when they told me I had 3rd degree burns from the radiation and heaps of scar tissue and that I was a mess. This photo was taken just after I left the hospital and went to Hospice (Palliative Care). It is so nice there and they take such good care of you, nicer by far than hospital, they bring you in a DVD player and loan you movies, they bring you in all your meals, they let your family and friends in anytime and even stay for meals or the night if they like. It is such a supportive place. I think I should book myself in for a few days and deal with this pain as it isn't getting any better and I am so exhausted I cannot keep my eyes open whenever I sit down and stop for a while. Dangerous when driving. Anyway just thought I'd share and looking at myself here has made me feel more positive and reminds me of what a fighter I am. It's just that it's been going on for so long now that I am tired. I will pick myself up somehow and then find the strength and energy to fight this thing.


  1. You're beautiful, Jen.

    Is checking into Hospice an option? Nice to think of you being waited on.

    xo Jena

  2. I love this photo of you Jenni-and I think a good rest is in order. It will make a huge difference in the long run. Is it possible to check in for a few days?

  3. You look happy here. It would be nice to catch a break, wouldn't it? I hope you get the deserved rest that you need.

  4. Do it. Book yourself in. Take some creative stuff with you.
    Hospice staff are amazing people. Angels here among us, don't you think.
    How do you manage to look hot in that hospital photo???
    Take care

  5. What an awesome photo - I am sure that it does give you comfort and strength. It is full of optimism and positivity, just how it should be.