Saturday, 9 February 2008

All Things Magical and Wonderful...

My dear dear readers and friends, I do not have the capacity to express how awe struck I am by your responses to my sad news and to my question, "What Would You Do...". I am so touched by the number of you that have gone out of your way, your comfort zones, your very busy schedules to stop and take the time to think this through and then write about it. I am so impressed with your courage in being open to do this, Meg, as you were the one I originally asked to do this I thank you so very much, you are so courageous and intuitive and a girl with such integrity that I wanted to know what you would do because I knew it would be things that I would be so inspired by and of course, I am. I have also felt comforted knowing that people are out there really thinking about what it would be like to have their last 12 months (roughly) right along with me, I have felt a part of something instead of feeling so lonely thinking about what it's going to be like.

Thank you dear Jen Lemen, Bella, Jena Strong, Gail
Karen for the beautiful and caring posts on your blogs, I am touched by all your kindness and support.

To everyone else that has had the absolute kindness and beauty of spirit to come and write something to me in my time of need and sadness, I thank you from my heart and soul. I don't know if you can imagine how supported I feel by these amazing comments from so many of you. I have smiled and felt warmth and love at a time when I desperately need to feel those things, they are healing so you have helped me immensely with your words. I will write a post very soon and update things for you and let you know where I am at in the midst of all of this and how I am traveling along this difficult path. Right now I am just going within mostly, reading all of the lovely inspiring comments and just enjoying my son, although I only have to look at him sometimes and my eyes fill with tears, oh such bitter sweet moments. Also I will share my answer to the question of how I will live for the next 12 months if I am lucky enough to have 12 months. Take Care dear ones and I truly, truly thank you so very much, you are all much appreciated. Love Jen B. xxx

I also felt like sharing some photos of my dear Jack, just because he is my son and I love him so very very much. Thank you for indulging me.


  1. I too have such beautiful boys. I wish you the best and I wish the best for your beautiful boys. You will be in my prayers:)

  2. Thank you, jen, for sharing these beautiful photos. They and your heartfelt, loving words are gifts to your readers.

  3. Gorgeous boy. Gorgeous Mom.

    I posted my answer to your question today.

    Much love to you,

    xo Jena

  4. my only son is also a "jack" and I think all "jacks" are special and beautiful !

    I think they have a personality that is strong, yet sweet and they are kind beyond measure.

    this honestly seems to be what I know about all the "jacks" I have met through the 16 years of raising my own !! Jack is a strong name and when you hear, it stands out in a room full of other boys.

    I goofed in my last comment to you...I said 12 things, instead of 12 months....but whichever way you look at it, it's just not right that this is something that you have to be thinking about.

    You are amazing with your ability to write and share your story with all of us, but as blogging sisters, we all have a very strong bond with each other.

    my prayers for you will continue every day !

  5. He is a knockout--such soulful eyes. Kiss that boy for me and then tell him to kiss you for me!

  6. Thank you for sharing your story with us...You seem so brave...

    I will be thinking of you.


  7. I am here, reading your posts (from Jan Lemen's site)... just know that there is another somebody out here in the world holding hope with you.

  8. these pictures are so amazing and beautiful! thank you for sharing them with us. we want to be in this journey with no matter what each day brings.

  9. Jen,
    I don't even remember how I got here, but I have become so absorbed in your story. Your bravery and courage simply astounds me. I am not much of a prayer, but I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and will come back often to check in.

    PS. Jack is a very handsome boy.

  10. Hi Jen

    I visited you for the first time last night via Toddler Planet. I read quite a lot of your posts and left without leaving a comment. My heart was overflowing, my eyes full of tears and my mind unable to think what to say. I'm really no better tonight. But, I want you to know that I truly care. I care deeply for you and will be praying for you and your family daily. I will visit you and go through this journey with you. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I know how scared I was. My diagnosis is wonderful and I'm living my days as joyously as I can. I haven't really thought about your question, but I will and I will try to put it down on paper soon. And when I do, I'll let you know. But for now, I hope you feel the love and caring from all of us out here in the "Land of Blog". You are not alone. God holds us all in the palm of His hand. This visual has helped me more than I can ever describe. I hope you know this and it comforts you too.

    Hugs to you sweet friend!

    Isaiah 41:10
    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    Psalm 56:3
    What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

  11. Hi Jen,
    You are both so beautiful, I am glad you shared the photos of your dear little sweet faced Jack.
    I can't imagine what you are going through and when I try to it brings me to tears. I am having trouble thinking of things I would do in 12 months, you are amazing and have such clarity.
    You're in my prayers and thoughts,
    Natasha xo

  12. Dear Jen, i have happened upon your blog (via Jen Lemen, I think), and feel I want to reach out, to say something that will bring comfort, but words fail me here. Your writing - about the word Survivor, about your beautiful little boy, moves me hugely. I thank God that my son is 21 now, grown and independent. I will be praying for you all. You remind me to value what time I have, for none of us really know how much is left to us. Thank you for sharing so openly.

  13. Jack just glows, all sparkly.. and by the pictures I've seen so far of you, he comes by it honestly.

    Love to you tonight from nova scotia,

  14. Hello Jen,

    Bella led me to your pathways and i am so glad. How beautiful and moving this picture of your son! i am not yet a mother but i also have a profound love for my two growing nephews and i hope to be with them, grow old with them.

    I look forward to many more of your beuatiful photos and words. Sending you positive energy and prayers as you walk thsi all through.


  15. He's beautiful, Jen. Beautiful. I love the one of him on the swing.

  16. Hello Jen,

    I am truly praying that God will send you a miracle today. What a beautiful little boy you have.

    I am holding onto hope with you. Much love and prayers, Heather

  17. My mom died years ago and to the best of my knowledge she rarely shared photos of me or wrote about me. I don't know of any stories she shared about me with friends. Not to say she didn't do any of those things, but they are unknown to me anyway.

    It will mean a lot to your son, perhaps, that you show him off, post pictures, share him with the world. Right or wrong, I think it gives us all some comfort to know our parents were that proud of us. So you post as many pictures as you wish. We're not indulging as much as encouraging.

    He's a beautiful boy.

  18. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful son and beautiful Mum!! I could not find the right words to write reading about your diagnosis, nothing seems enough in the face of what you are going through. You are an amazing lady and are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to lots more photos of your gorgeous little Jack!

  19. I think you a wonderful little boy! He has the brightest eyes! I am praying for you and your family. God is good and miracles happen. I am a widow and if I had 12 months to live, I would spend them making even more special memories with my daughters, their families, my wonderful friends and all those whom I love and who love me.

  20. I love your photos. They show so much love. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  21. I came here from Jen Lemen. I'm so sorry that this happening to you. Your son is beautiful. I know that leaving my children behind would be the hardest thing for me to do, if I was dying. I plan on writing a post on what I would do if I only had 12 months left to live.

    I don't know if you're interested but there is a man by the name of Randy Pausch who is dying of pancreatic cancer. He gave a final lecture to his students. This is a clip from the Oprah show.

    Take care and I'm sending a hug and prayer to you.

  22. he is gorgeous. And spirited. you can see this in the pictures.
    I posted my answer to your question today.
    Thank-you for inviting us to consider this. It has changed me.
    I'm here, for whatever each day brings.