Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Wish me Luck and Love Please....

Hi dear ones, I am here selfishly reaching out to ask my readers and therefore friends to pray for me, think of me, light a candle for me, whatever is your way of projecting help and love, to me on Thursday the 24th of January. This is the day I go off to have exploratory surgery performed to try and source what is creating this debilitating pain in my body. It is only exploratory at this stage, however I need this Surgeon to be so diligent and to know where to look, where to be guided to. I think I have mentioned before that I am nervous about using this guy again as he performed the original surgery which seems to have led me down this road of pain and problems. However, my Mum diligently sourced an invaluable contact in this field who had told her that if she ever needed guidance or help in a surgical matter to not hesitate to phone him. He is very high up in the hierarchy of hospitals and surgeons over here. So the good news is I have names and access to the best of the best, however, I thought that since I am already booked in for this exploratory surgery I may as well go ahead with it and just see what my original surgeon has to say about it. He isn't going to try and correct anything major so I am not concerned that he will do anything to make me worse, just concerned that he will miss the problem all together, which don't laugh, he has done before... I just thought I'd go ahead as even though I have access now to better surgeons, time is still an issue and there will quite possibly be waiting involved. Anyway friends what I need from this surgery on Thursday are some answers. So if you do feel compelled to send your love and wishes then this is what is needed - answers. Take care and thank you for continuing to support me through this blog, I appreciate you all so very much, I will post again soon. Peace.

Reasons to Smile Today:

I have watched birds frolic (yes frolic) in the bird bath outside my kitchen window this morning.

My Mum bought me a much needed new phone, I love that she thought about me.

My eldest son is coming home for dinner and to spend the night. He is going to take care of Jack (youngest son) for me in the morning whilst I leave ridiculously early for surgery. I am planning dinner for tonight which is bringing me joy contemplating his (eldest son's) favorites.


  1. Sending you love, lighting a candle,
    hoping for the best.
    May this surgery give you some answers and help alleviate pain.
    thinking of you.
    much love.

  2. Will keep you in my prayers and hope the surgery will enable you to receive some relief from the pain.

  3. I'm thinking of you and God and the angels will be with you, I believe!

  4. My heart and thoughts are with you. The green candles are still burning. Good luck sweetie. We will talk soon.

  5. Jen -

    Sending light & may this surgeon's hands be well guided...

    xo Jena

  6. Hey Jen,

    I am always thinking of you. We have light a candle this morning for you.

    Love Deb xxx

  7. lighting a hopefull girl candle for you right now and sending thoughts of deep healing, inside and out, your way. xoxo