Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Just a Quick Check In...

Just thought I'd post a brief update on the latest developments regarding the pain I've been suffering. Well I had my appointment yesterday with the Surgeon, it was brief and as I kind of expected, he wasn't telling me much until I have further tests. Basically, the pain could be from a tumour that is being aggravated by old radiotherapy damage (this is all according to him don't forget) or it could be an abscess that can be caused by scar tissue that has swollen and moved or something like that, or it could be that the site that was supposed to be stapled shut is coming apart - which he didn't seem to concerned about but whether because he is trying to avoid any responsibility I'm not sure. I will be looking into all of this so don't worry, just needed to hear what he had to say about it all first. Either way whatever it is, it is going to require exploratory surgery to be sure, for which I have to wait until February, in the whole scheme of things that is not so very long but when you realize that I am on enough pain medicine to drop a bull and my body is already getting immune to the amount I've started on, then it is quite some time away. Before I have the exploratory surgery I have to have a CT Scan and perhaps another PET Scan as well. I have these fairly regularly and they haven't changed in a while, they do show a mass there that just stays the same and has done for a couple of years. My Oncologist feels that whilst it could be a tumour, it also may not be as it is unusual for a tumour to sit still for so long without any change at all. However, it is not impossible and indeed could all of a sudden just start to change one day out of the blue and I am back with a cancerous tumour in the original spot that I had it removed from. Of course that would not be good! Anyway, the scan is just in case it does show any little change that may help the Surgeon to look in a certain area that he may otherwise neglected. I don't know but the way he put that did not fill me confidence. The whole visit with him actually, has left me a little dissatisfied and edgy (unless it's the drugs lol). I am not sure whether he is playing it all down as there has been some talk that I could sue him as he has done other damage as well, which I will go into another time, or whether he genuinely doesn't know, or, whether this type of thing happening is not all that unusual. Well, a bit of research will fix that and now that I have more of an idea of what I am looking for it will be interesting to see what I find in relation to other patients that have had this type of operation etc. Thank goodness for the Internet. I am also having some issues with this Surgeon as last time I was in this amount of pain, I had to go to hospital, have exploratory surgery, they told me there was absolutely nothing wrong except the fact that I have extensive and very severe radiation damage. Well, yes I do have extensive radiation damage, they likened it to third degree burns inside my body, but what they didn't bother to acknowledge or address is that there is something else going on as well and I think this time he is only admitting it as I have proof in the form of staples etc (which I kept). Anyway, I felt he was a bit false, it just didn't feel right so I am going with my gut on this one and I will get a second and, if necessary, even 3rd opinion. I get the feeling he is covering his butt (pardon the pun). Anyway that is the news thus far, I am off to see my lovely Oncologist Marie today about continuing support for pain and what that will entail etc. I am almost out of medication already so it will be good to go and get that side of things all organized. I have heaps to write about but not enough time just now so I will post again later. Also just want to thank the wonderful people that have left such kind comments and sent me emails, it truly does help and you know how I love getting comments, so thank you all and take care. xx


  1. It sounds as if you are taking good care, trusting your instincts, listening to yourself. This is worth so much, especially when navigating doctors and treatments and surgery.
    I had ovarian cancer last year. THough I am not in any way making comparisons, I just wanted to let you know that I admire your courage, your presence and perspective. You are living out loud. And it is stunning to witness.

  2. Hi Jen,

    I agres with Bella you are amazing I wish that I had the courage that you have.

    When I read you blog I am just so inspired by you. I can't wait to catch up with you and have a chat

    Love to you

    Deb Ross xxxxx